Twist of Fate Monday update 6 April 2020


Twist of Fate Monday update 6 April 2020

Pragya looking at Suresh who is asleep after a drink and remembers him telling that he likes him and asking to marry him. Dil mera poochraha hai tujhse…… song plays in the background. She goes near him and helps him sleep properly. She remembers how Suresh takes care of her. Suresh holds her hand in sleep. She falls on him and looks at him romantically. Sarla calls Pragya. Pragya hears her and takes her hand out from Suresh. Sarla and Madhavi come and see her with Suresh. She gets shy and goes out. Madhavi says she takes care of Suresh very well. Sarla says we should get them engaged day after tomorrow and asks her to speak to Suresh.

Suresh is still sleeping in the morning. Bulbul gets a call. Pragya picks a call, it is Purab on the other side who asks Pragya to tell Bulbul to come to office soon. Bulbul says Purab is an womanizer and is always many women. She works for him just to fulfill her dreams.

Pragya says Bulbul that she has grown up now and asks her to wait for her true love. Bulbul says not to worry, her love will not be like Purab. She hears a snoring sound and ask who is snoring. Pragya says Sursh is sleeping and snoring. Suresh wakes up and sees Bulbul. Bulbul says her life partner will not be like Suresh at least. Pragya says her boss called her to officed and asks her to go. Suresh wakes up and remembers telling I love you to Bulbul. He thinks what would Bulbul have told, he will go and ask herself. He comes out and sees Sarla and Madhavi buying sarees. Madhavi sees Rachna on phone and asks her to select the sarees. Pragya sees Suresh out and gets shy. Suresh asks Pragya to give her some water. He drinks water and says he is feeling headache. He says Bulbul forcefully made him drink. She says she knows what Bulbul did and what he did. He asks she got to know everything and asks if she not angry and is very happy. She says she is not angry and is very happy. He asks if Bulbul is happy. She says even she is happy. Suresh gets happy and says he wants to speak to Bulbul once as her life will change. Pragya says her life will change as she is very close to her. Suresh says Bulbul will have to leave without her, it will be difficult for her. Pragya says it is difficult, but she will manage. Suresh says he knows how strong Bulbul is, but he wants to talk to her once. Pragya thinks Sursh thinks of not only her, but of her whole family. She is very luck to get Suresh.

Purab asks his staff that they are going to Delhi on work. Staff says she cannot go as it is her marriage. Bulbul comes there with file. Purab says Bulbul we will go to Delhi. Bulbul says she cannot come as she has engagment at home. Purab get angry and says she has to come with him if she has to work. Bulbul gets angry. She sees his phone ringing and sees the caller’s name as “not to pick the phone.” Purab comes and picks his call.

Madhavi meets Suresh and says you proposed her and what is his decision. He says he will ask her and tell. Madhavi says he has become joru ka ghulam already. She says she is thinking of his engagement tomorrow and asks him to check with her/Pragya and tell. Suresh sees Bulbul coming home and smiles. He comes home and sees Bulbul dancing with daadi on Abhi’s song Rockstar….. He thinks he will clear the confusion after speaking to Bulbul. He goes to her room and says hi. She thinks what happened to him. She asks whom he is searching for. He says he came to talk to her and says yesterday night. Bulbul says she would have killed him if he had not proposed her. Suresh says if she is happy. She says she is very happy that he proposed.

Suresh says Bulbul mom wants engagement tomorrow. Bulbul says she has to go with her boss to Delhi and says we will get engagement done tomorrow. Suresh says she will inform his mom. Bulbul congrats him. He says same to you and looks at her romantically. He thinks she is looking very happy, he will keep her happy always like this. Aa tujhme bitaoon ratiya….. song plays in the background.

Sarla asks Pragya to say yes for engagement and jokes she has to rethink about Suresh. Pragya says she likes him and hugs. Pragya gets emotional.

Abhi’s daadi applies oil on his scalp. She asks him why does he make such songs that he gets headaches. He says his album is getting very good response and money is raining. Daadi asks him not to be too happy and says he should get a life partner as she won’t be with him always. She says she wants him to get married to a girl who will care for him than his money.

Suresh informs Madhavi that he is ready for engagement. Madhavi gets happy and hugs him. He says engagemet should happen tomorrow. Madhavi says it will be done according to his wishes. Suresh goes near Pragya and asks if she is happy. She shyingly says she is very happy. He smiles and goes from there.

Suresh playing chess with Arvind. He goes out and opens window. Aravind why he wants to say goodnight to Pragya now. Suresh says Pragya is his supoort and he can see Bulbul as well. Pragya tries to come near the window, but Bulbul stops her. She comes near the window. Suresh sees her and says good night. He starts smiling looking at her. Bulbul plays Abhi’s rockstar song and starts dancing. Suresh sees her dancing and smiles. He says even this song is sounding good today. Bulbul sees Suresh dancing on the song and says Pragya that he is dancing due to her love.

Suresh comes to the marriage hall and sees servants not working. He scolds them to work fast, else he will cut their salary. Servants start working fast. He asks Sarla to sit and he will work. Sarla says he used to work for her as her son, but now he is becoming her daamad. He says he is working for Bulbul’s sake as she is going to Delhi tonight. Sarla thinks when he is so much worried about Bulbul, he will take care of Pragya more than that, Pragya is luck to have him.

Racha sees Madhavi and drops her mobile. Madhavi asks Rachna why is she nervous and says she will asks Sarla to console her. Sarla comes there. Madhavi says Rachna is nervous and what about Pragya. Sarla says Pragya is very happy. Madhavi says even Suresh is happy. They both go out. Rachna calls her boyfriend and says it is her engagement today and she is calling her last time, she will not see his face again. Pragya hears her conversation and asks her to tell the truth. Racha tells her about her boyfriend. Pragya says her boyfriend betrayed him and says every guy is not like Suresh and lucky like Pragya. Pragya says it is good that she is marrying without any issues.

Abhi ses his brother fighting with his fiance. Abhi goes down and tries to console her. His brother says he cannot handle this girl. His fiance says he asked me bring a drink. Abhi asks them to stop fighting and asks Abhi what is the matter. His brother says his mom convinced him to marry as girl is very rich and she compares him with Abhi, every memeber of this house compares themselves with you. Abhi says she is right, he likes money and so does she. He says his brother that he does not have talent and should marry her fiance and get all her money. It does not matter if she brings him drink or not, he should hire secretaries with her father’s money and enjoy. He goes to Sukruti/brother’s fiance and praises his brother. She gets fooled with his words. Sukruti agrees and agrees for the marriage. Tajyi asks how did he do that. Abhi says it is simple, with money anybody compromises, and she knows that better.

Pragya tries to console Rachna and says god has something better for her, love finds oneself soon and asks Racha to give her life a chance and not to cry. Rachna hugs her and says Sursh is lucky to have her. Pragya says she is lucky to have Suresh.

Abhi tells daadi that with money, everything can be bought. His brother saw his fiance’s money and she saw his talent. There is no meaning for love, only money matters. Daadi says only people matters. Abhi says lets see your people will help or my money.

Bulbul asks Suresh why is he working. Suresh says he has to do it as people are stealing his money. Bulbul says it looks like engagemtn will be delayed looking at the condition of marriage hall. Suresh says it will be on time. Suresh looks at her. Bulbul asks why is he looking at her. He says he is thinking about last night and says it is good she gave daadi’s cough syrup, else he would not have proposed world’s beautiful girl. They both start decorating the flowers. Suresh looks at her romantically. Tu ne chuaa… song plays in the background. Suresh falls in aata/flour. Bulbul and everybody laughs. Suresh looks at Bulbul. She says he is looking cute and goes form there. He watches her going.

Sarla comes and sees Pragya getting ready for the engagement. She gets emotional looking at her and says this time they know the guy and his family and everything will be good. Daadi comes and asks them to get ready fast as it is getting late. Bulbul says Suresh proposed Pragya because of her and says she will take Pragya out for engagement. Sarla gives her engagement ring and asks her to give it herself to Suresh.

Rachna’s groom his family come. Sarlka and Rachna greet them. Bulbul sees Suresh and shows him to Pragya. He jokes he ruined her gifted dress. Pragya says he is looking handsome. Rachana says we will get Suresh engaged as he is elder than Rachna. Bulbul brings Pragya. Suresh looks at Bulbul romantically. Madhavi asks panditji to start the rituals. Panditji starts ritual and tells with engagement ring, their heart will be united and asks Pragya and Suresh to exhange the rings. Bulbul gives ring to Pragya and calls Suresh jijaji. Suresh is shocked to hear that andtakes his hand out.

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