Twist of Fate Monday Update 28 December 2020


Twist of Fate Monday Update 28 December 2020

Doctor informing Pragya that Abhi is no more and died before he was taken to hospital. He asks ward boy to fill the form and mention brought dead on arrival. Pragya is shattered and looks at Abhi. Banjar Hai Sab Banjar Hai plays…………………She recalls Abhi making her wear chunari, their marriage etc. a fb is shown of the same while the song continues to play. Ward boy brings white bed sheet and covers on him.

Pragya says no, and asks Doctor to check him again. Doctor says we have checked him. Pragya says he is just unconscious and will be fine if you treat him. She touches his face and asks him to wake up. She says I can’t wait any longer. Doctor asks other Doctor to come. Pragya asks him to give him shock therapy and revive his heart. Doctor says he is dead, you
can’t understand. Pragya says he can’t die and asks him to treat him. Doctor says we are doctor, and not God. Pragya says I have felt his heart beat. Doctor says we have to see other patients also.

Pragya folds her hands and asks him to try to revive him once. Doctor checks and says no heart beat, no pulse…we are sorry at your loss. Dadi asks Mitali to drive fast. Mitali asks her not to worry. Dadi sees Om in the car about to slip. She says it is a bad sign. Mitali says nothing will happen. Nurse brings injection. Doctor says he is dead, and asks her to do the paper work. Pragya asks Abhi to wake up, says you are a liar. She says you have promised to be with me, then how can you go….I won’t let you go. She says I was fighting with everyone, and says I know you will not leave me….she asks him not to do thus and cries. She says I am very much scared, don’t joke, please open your eyes. She tells that she has applied kumkum and worn mangalsutra after many days, which will not let him go. Doctor says case is closed. Dr. Jatin says this is not case, but a life of someone. He says we have to respect her emotions. Pragya asks Abhi to get up. Nurse asks her to calm down.

Pragya says he has to get up… Pragya says I won’t let him die even if he wants. She asks where is that injection. Nurse says this injection is to be given to heart, but now nothing can happen as he is dead already. Pragya gives him injection in his chest. She asks him to get up, and says you can’t leave me after asking me to wait, how can you forget that I am your life. She asks him to take her with her and hugs him. She then feels his heart heat…..and informs Nurse. Nurse says what you are saying? Pragya says I am saying truth and asks her to check. Nurse checks him and goes out to inform Doctor that the patient is alive. Doctor says impossible he can’t be alive. Nurse says I have checked his injection and tells that Pragya gave him injection and then his heart beat started. Doctor is shocked and goes inside to check Abhi. He asks Nurse to shift patient to OT. He tells Pragya that they will try to make Patient alright, and says it is not less than a miracle. Pragya smiles cryingly.

Tanu and Aaliya are tensed. Tanu says Abhi was not here, and that’s why we made plan. She says may be Abhi was with Pragya in that bungalow and got to know all the truth. Aaliya says I don’t know. I called home and Robin said that everyone went to hospital. She says we shall go to hospital. Tanu asks have you gone mad? She says Abhi will get us arrested and says he will not leave me. She asks her not to go. Aaliya asks her to shut up and says he is my brother, I can harm him, but can’t see him death. She says he sent me to Australia so that I can learn from my mistakes. Tanu also cries, Aaliya says my brother is fighting with death and life and says I am going there. Tanu follows her. Pragya looks at Abhi from outside the OT door. Abhi is operated by the doctors. Yaar Milade Saiyya plays…………………Nurse comes out. Pragya asks how is his condition. Nurse says he is critical. Doctor asks her to bring patient report. Pragya asks if he is fine. Doctor tells that it is your love who will bring him back to his senses, just as he came back to life. He tells about Sati Savitri story and says what we are doing is medical science, but what you have done is a miracle. He asks her to have strength.

Pragya prays to God and asks him to bring him back to life.
Purab, Dadi, Akash, Mitali and Raj reach hospital. They enquire about Abhi. Pragya comes running to Dadi and hugs her. Dadi asks how is he? Is he fine? Pragya says he is wounded and had blood loss. She says Doctors are operating on him. Raj says he was in Delhi naa. Dadi asks if you both have fought? Pragya tells that they were happy in the bungalow and tells that he went to bring breakfast for her. She tells that she got a call that someone failed her car brakes to kill her, and then accident happened while he was talking to me. She says I reached there and brought him here. Dadi prays for Abhi. Purab asks her not to cry. Raj asks Dadi not to worry and says he will be fine. Mitali says he will be fine and cries. Purab signs Pragya that he want to talk to her. Pragya wonders what he wants to say.

Aaliya and Tanu come to the hospital and ask about Abhi. Pragya tells that he had an accident and is in the OT now. They go there. Purab asks Pragya, why did you tell them? Pragya says Aaliya is Abhi’s sister. Purab says they are the reason for Abhi’s condition. He takes her to side and tells that Tanu, Aaliya and Nikhil have failed the car brakes and landed him here. Aaliya asks Dadi to tell how is Abhi? Dadi ignores her. Aaliya tries to ask Mitali and others. Nurse comes out. Tanu asks how is Abhi? Nurse says he is critical. Tanu orders her to call doctor out and says she will talk to him. Nurse asks if this is a joke, doctor is operating. She asks them to maintain silence. Pragya comes back to Aaliya and Tanu. She slaps Tanu and Aaliya. They are shocked. She says Abhi
is in hospital because of you both…and asks them to get out. Sarla is worried for Pragya and Abhi. Purab informs her that Abhi met with a serious accident and asks her to come there. Sarla cries badly hearing about him. Beeji tells that we shall go there and asks her to come.

Pragya holds Aaliya’s hand and asks her to get out. Aaliya asks what do you want? Pragya asks what do you want? She says I don’t understand how can a sister do this with her brother who is so loving and protective. She says he was ready to ruin his life and married me for your revenge. She says all my problems are because of me, shall I murder you? Aaliya is shocked. Pragya says your destiny is so good and have a family. You tried to kill him. Tanu says we didn’t come here to hear your lecture, but to see Abhi. Pragya says you came here to see that if he is dead or alive. Tanu asks her to stop nonsense and says we care for him. Pragya says you would have told him that the baby is not of him, and was partying with Nikhil and planned his death. Aaliya says how can I kill my brother? Pragya says you have failed my car’s brakes to kill me. Aaliya accepts to their crime and says we didn’t know that bhai was with you…Tanu recalls hearing Dadi and Purab’s conversation.

Aaliya says this is just a coincidence. She says you should had been in that car, but your destiny is good and you was saved, but he met with an accident. Pragya cries and says my destiny was bad……Purab consoles her. Pragya says I should have died. Purab says they can’t feel any emotion or see your pain. Pragya says I don’t know what you people are feeling, but you will now feel what I will give you. She says I will punish you for doing wrong with Abhi. Aaliya feels bad for Abhi, but Tanu stands carefree. Nurse comes out and says operation is done. Doctor comes out and says he is out of danger now. Pragya thanks him. Doctor tells we have failed, and declared him dead, but you brought him back to life. He tells that they have put many stitches as the wounds are many. He tells Dadi that she is lucky to have bahu like her.

Pragya, Purab and Raj insist to meet him. Doctor allows only Pragya to meet him after he gets consciousness. Pragya thanks him. She comes to ward…..Tere liye duniya chod di hai song plays……………..She sits at his bed side. Sarla and Beeji reach there and ask Dadi about Abhi. Dadi says if Abhi is alive, then he is alive because of Pragya. She says Pragya’s love and strength gave him new life and praises Sarla’s teachings. Dadi praises Pragya. Sarla says our kids are with us. Dadi says they will be together always and prays to God to unite them. Sarla says I pray for their safety and unity. Beeji asks where is Pragya. Dadi says she went to see Abhi in OT.

Pragya tells Abhi how can you heart stop beating..she holds his hand….and cries. Tu Meri Jaan Hai plays…………..

Pragya sitting at Abhi’s bedside, and recalls all the happy moments between them. A fb is shown. Milade Saiyya plays…………….Tanu are talking to Nikhil on phone. Nikhil thinks to run away from there. Tanu says Abhi haven’t gained consciousness yet and just had surgery. She tells him that Aaliya has changed and have become a caring sister now. She tells Aaliya even fought with Pragya to see Abhi and says that Aaliya will not leave you. Nikhil says it was not my mistake and tells that you said that Pragya is alone and when I checked, she was alone.
Tanu asks him not to come there. Nikhil thinks Abhi will ruin my career if he gains consciousness and gets worried thinking what to do? Purab tells Dadi that Abhi will gain consciousness in sometime and goes to bring

injection. Dadi and Beeji are happy.
Aaliya asks Purab, when will Abhi gain consciousness? Purab asks what does she wants? If she wants to fool Abhi with her fake tears. Aaliya says I didn’t want to kill you. Purab says I know you tried to kill Pragya, but Abhi sat on that car. She says you know well that he can’t live without Pragya, and says if anything would have happen to her, then he would have died indirectly. He says I know you are acting and everyone also know. He says Bulbul have saved me from you, else I would have married you. He thanks God for sending Bulbul in his hand. He says once Abhi gains consciousness, all the misunderstandings will be cleared. He asks her to think about herself. Aaliya says you are taking it personal. Purab says I am not taking it personal, and says you are selfish woman. He says when we all have left you, your so called friends will also leave you one day. He asks her never to show her face to Abhi, stay away from him. He asks her to do a favor and stay away from Abhi and him.

Pragya tells you will be fine once you gains consciousness. She says everything will be good, our relation also…there will be no pain, and says God has returned her happiness. She says all your wishes will come true and we will celebrate all occasions together. She tells we will have a daughter named Abhigya just as you wants, and says I have a son just like you. She asks him to get well soon, and come home. She says you have to start work too and perform in concerts. She reminisces how he applied color on her during holi. A fb is shown…..Tu Meri Jaan Hai plays………….She talks to him while he is still unconscious, and then she sleeps near him. Pragya asks Sarla to go home and take rest. Sarla asks her to have food else she will get unwell. Aaliya looks at her and goes. Pragya thanks God for saving Abhi. Sarla says you have suffered a lot to get him.

Pragya is happy and says I am happy that my kumkum is with me. She asks Beeji and Sarla to go home, take rest and come later. Sarla insists to see Abhi once he gains consciousness and then leave. Pragya asks her to come later. They leave after blessing her for happiness. Pragya prays to God and take the fallen flower as Prasad, and thank God. Tanu tells Aaliya that we shall not stay here and says lets go. Aaliya says I want to meet Bhai. Once he gains consciousness, I will meet him and then leave. Tanu says what do you think that he will hug you….he will not leave you and asks her to come in her senses. Aaliya asks her to stop chewing her brain. Tanu says it seems you have an idea to get away from Abhi’s anger. Aaliya says you are right and says she will give her injection to make her slip into coma. Tanu thinks what to do, she thinks she can’t leave aaliya alone.

Pragya tells Abhi that she got his dream and he was trying to say something….Suddenly Abhi holds her hand. Pragya gets emotional and calls Nurse. Nurse says you will bring him in senses with your love.

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