Twist of Fate Monday Update 25 February 2019

Simonika says she is not married and can’t leave her mother. Pragya says whenever Abhi was attacked, you was near him. Simonika says I got related to you emotionally and thought of myself as your young sister and tried to help you. She says I am upset with you, but I understand that you have love for Abhi and that’s why reacted this way. She says she knows how one feels when loved ones is gone forever and says I can understand your tension. She says I will come with you to Police station. Pragya says sorry and tells that she doubted on her because of Jyoti. She says may be your lookalike had went to Jyoti’s clinic.

Simonika asks her to sit and says she will get water for her. Pragya apologizes to her and goes. Simonika smirks. Pragya takes auto. Simonika thinks it is not easy to defeat me, I am Simonika Dushyant Rana. She recalls Doctor suspecting her, Pragya telling that Disha is from Haryana also. She then thinks to solve her questions, and sees Pragya following her. Old woman comes and asks if she has fooled her boss. Simonika says you have given her sadma and calls her sasumaa. She is Dushyant’s mother. Simonika says I won’t let her come out of shock.

Pragya comes home and tells Abhi that she went to drop Simonika. Abhi reminds of her promise and gets romantic with her. He hides with Pragya seeing Dasi. Dasi comes searching Pragya and goes. Pragya says she would have died. Abhi says I need 2 hours. Pragya says I will not give. Abhi says I have kept staff room vacated. He takes her there and says he asked Servants not to disturb them. Pragya says can you stay here. Abhi says he is happy to be with her and was used to stay in chawl before. They romance with each other, but just then Abhi shakes up and tells that bed bug is biting him. He asks her to scratch her back. Pragya asks him to get up and says there are bed bugs on bed. He tries to kiss her when Dasi comes there. Pragya gets shy and goes home. She sees someone hiding and sees Sangram. Sangram says my dhoti is stuck. Pragya thinks if she is doubting him unnecessarily.

Purab, Disha, Dadi and Dasi plan a play. Dasi says tomorrow is March 11. Pragya says it is his birthday. Sangram hears them and thinks he will be happy to see disha. Purab says abhi will get surprise, but he will get shock before that. Dadi says we will not wish him in day time. Pragya says he will feel bad. Disha asks Pragya to support them. Mitali asks pragya not to tell Abhi. Disha and Purab convince her.

Simonika and Dushyant’s mum drink wine. Dushyant’s mum says they have fooled pragya. Sangram calls Simonika and tells about Abhi’s birthday party. Simonika says I will make the party as their last day. Pragya says how we will do the arrangements. Purab says Disha and I will do the arrangements. Purab says I will get him engaged in meeting. Disha says he will understand. Pragya says we can tell that it is Disha’s birthday. Disha says she won’t miss the arrangements. Dadi and Dasi blesses her.

Simonika coming to meet Pragya in night. Pragya says sorry and feels guilty for doubting her. Simonika says its ok and says she came to talk to her about something. She says you shall not tell anyone about Munni or Pragya’s matter and says if your enemy comes to know this, then they can harm Munni. Pragya says you are right and thanks her. Simonika says you gave me job, it is my responsibility to take care of you. She thinks trust is to break and comes to Sangram’s rooms. She wakes him up and says she came for pitch reading about tomorrow final match. She tells him tomorrow is special day for her, as she got married to her husband on that day and will kill Abhi and Pragya on the same day. She says she will give Shradhajali to her husband. Sangram asks what is her plan. Simonika

says I will blast the house tomorrow. Sangram says then Disha will also die. Simonika asks him to let her die. Sangram thinks he has to do something and save Disha. Simonika says tomorrow Jwala mukhi will blast.
As Pragya writes on the paper about the arrangements, Abhi gets happy and says tomorrow is 11th march. Pragya says it is an usual day and tells that she is going to shopping with Disha. Abhi thinks Pragya don’t remember special day of his life. Pragya thinks I want to make it extra special. She tells her that Dadi reminded her that tomorrow tailor is coming to take their measurement and asks him to let her sleep.

Abhi asks her to sleep and thinks she can’t be his fuggi, and thinks Dadi and his family members will wish him. When the clock strikes 12, pragya comes near Abhi and wishes him happy birthday, goes back to couch. Abhi wakes up and looks at her. Dadi and Dasi pray to God for Abhi’s long life and happiness. Sangram thinks Simonika has planned his death and I am going to buy stuff of his death.