Twist Of Fate Monday Update 24 May 2021


Twist Of Fate Monday Update 24 May 2021

Ranbir telling Aryan that he can’t talk to Prachi and sits back in his car. Aryan asks him to remember how he proposed the girls before. Ranbir says I never proposed any girl before, they proposed me. Aryan says atleast you think that you are badshah of romance. He says if you don’t propose her, but talk in flirty way then she will thought you as flirt, and fraud. Ranbir asks what shall I do? Aryan asks her to come silently, see her reaction and then begin talking. Ranbir says ok. He says we will not say anything and will see her reaction. Aryan rings the door bell. Sarita behen opens the door and hugs Ranbir seeing him. Aryan touches her feet and greets her. Pragya comes out and greets them. They also greet her. Sarita behen says they are talking about them since yesterday. Pragya asks Shahana to take her books from sofa and asks them to sit. Pragya asks would you like to take coffee or tea? They say anything. Ranbir asks why they are looking at me like this, if they treat damad this way. Prachi asks Pragya if she saw her bag. Ranbir gets up and says hi…Aryan makes him sit. Pragya says I will go and make tea.

She goes to kitchen. Sarita behen signs Prachi to sit. Sarita behen takes her inside. Aryan says why Prachi is not getting feeling seeing him and tells that she must be feeling that he is not husband material. He says if she really likes you or not. Prachi comes there and asks why did you come, you made everyone work. Sarita behen and Pragya say that Ranbir can come at anytime. Ranbir says I don’t think that I have proposed Prachi or not yesterday. He asks Aryan to take Shahana to side and ask her. Aryan asks Shahana to give him a water. He also goes with her. Sarita behen says I will be just be back. Prachi says sometimes rats come uninvited and asks Ranbir to drink coffee. Ranbir thinks why everyone is ignoring me. He drinks coffee.

Rhea wakes up Sanju. His friend tells that Rhea was pleading infront of him to take her here. Sanju asks him to take her back and tells that he will not return to Hoshiarpur. Rhea says I came to send you back. Sanju calls her Bipasha basu and says I will leave only with my Prachi. Rhea says I came here to send you back with your Prachi. Sanju laughs and asks what is the plan? Rhea asks do you want Prachi or not? She says I understand that our previous plan was unsuccessful. She says I have thought about your words and came to know that Ranbir loves Prachi a lot, as he risked his life for her. Sanju says atleast you agreed. Rhea says I heard him confessed to Prachi, but it was a proposal. Sanju says so…and laughs. He says if you had agreed to my sayings then would not have been here. Rhea says yes and says if I had heard my Buji’s sayings then I wouldn’t have been here. She says I disliked her and asked Ranbir to propose Prachi and then break her heart.

Sanju says if Ranbir is acting as per your plan. Rhea says it was not my plan, he would have told me that he was about to propose her, but he didn’t say. He says we were on gun point and he saved Prachi and not me. Sanju says you are looking fine. Rhea says I saved myself. Sanju asks didn’t you ask Ranbir, why he didn’t save you. Rhea says I asked him and lied to me. She says we shall separate them both.

Aryan thinks to ask Shahana before anyone comes. He takes water and drinks. Shahana asks what is in his mind? Aryan asks if she is clever since childhood. Shahana says yes. He asks if she thinks Ranbir and Prachi…and asks if there is something between them. Shahana says everyone knows at home and have seen. Aryan thinks Ranbir proposed Prachi and goes out before she could complete her words. Ranbir asks what did Shahana say? Aryan says everyone at home knows that you both are in love. Ranbir is surprised and asks if they know what she said. He says I will talk to Prachi. Sarita behen hears him and asks him to talk to Prachi.

Rhea tells that they have to do something, so that they get separated. Sanju says it is too late now, they are together now. Rhea says we have to lower Prachi in Ranbir’s eyes, so that nobody accept her then Prachi will not have any way than to come to you. Sanju says everyone likes Prachi like girl. Bittu says Prachi is simple and never mingled with any girl. Sanju says how you will spoil her image. Rhea says you will only spoil her image and then nobody will accept her. She says I will change all her destiny with her image. She says whoever thinks Prachi is great, they will think again. Sanju says there are less people who go against her. Rhea says people believe on what they see, and says we will show her different side so that people call her characterless.

Ranbir comes to Prachi’s room. Prachi asks him to come inside. Ranbir says I was going. Prachi asks him to wait for sometime. He comes inside. She says you agreed so soon. He says I agreed as you said. Prachi says you agreed so soon. He says you was talking nicely yesterday. Ranbir asks did we talk yesterday. Prachi says yes. A fb is shown, Ranbir calls Prachi and says I wanted to tell you something. He says I miss….Pallavi comes there and asks whom is he missing? Ranbir says I missed file of Juneja and asks her to bring it. Pallavi takes off evil sight from him. Prachi thinks he forgot to end the call and ends the calls. Fb ends. Ranbir says I want to know your answer. Prachi says answer is yes. Ranbir is surprised and opens his mouth in excitement. Prachi asking Ranbir why is he nervous? Ranbir says he wants to know her answer once. Prachi says answer is yes. Ranbir is surprised and opens his mouth. He tells her that he wish and hopes that her family like him. He says this is not timepass for him and he is very serious about it. He says he came here to fix everything. Prachi asks what is the matter and says there is nothing in you, which will be liked by all. She asks if he is talking about loan papers and asks him not to take the credit to impress her family. Ranbir asks if she was talking about this. Prachi says yes. Ranbir asks her to search file and says I will sit outside. Prachi says ok. Rhea says people will say that Prachi is a characterless girl. She says we have to do a small work and shall make her MMS, which will be viral in college and will be with everyone then. Sanju laughs and says this is a brilliant idea. He says I will hug Prachi and kiss her. He then says if I kiss her, but she will not let me kiss her. He asks if she will spiked her drink. Rhea asks him to shut up and tells that the guy and girl will not be you and Prachi, but someone else. She says Prachi’s face will be morphed in it. She says when Prachi cries, then you have to give your shoulder to her. Sanju appreciates her idea and says once she gets insulted, then she will accept me. Bittu says why Prachi will say that the girl in the video is Prachi. Rhea says people will believe on what they see. Sanju asks about the girl and guy. Rhea says I know one such girl and she will bring the guy with her.

Pragya sees Ranbir and Aryan sad and thinks Shahana might have said something to them. Shahana thinks she didn’t say anything. Sarita behen also doubts on Shahana. Pragya asks if Shahana said anything. Aryan says no, tells that Ranbir is missing his mum. Prachi comes and keeps file on the table. Ranbir takes the file and leaves. Prachi asks them, why they are looking upset. Pragya thinks what happened which I couldn’t understand.

Sanju tells Rhea that she is not the kind of girl who has feelings for anyone. The girl and her boyfriend come there. Rhea introduces them to Sanju and Bittu. She says I called you all here, so that nobody sees us or hear us. She says I will give you the money you asked for. The guy demands 50000 Rs. Sanju asks how Prachi’s dress will come. Rhea asks him not to worry and tells that she will get her dress from her house and smiles.

Aryan and Ranbir talk about Prachi and Rhea. He says you fell for Prachi as Rhea asked you to hate her. Ranbir thinks it is his responsibility to tell Rhea about his feelings for Prachi, as he had proposed her before. He calls Rhea and tries to talk to her, but Rhea says she is busy.

Pragya looks at Abhi’s pic and tells that their daughter is in love with Ranbir and says he is a good guy. Abhi also thinks Rhea loves Ranbir and shares this with Pragya’s pic. He hopes Rhea would have been like Prachi then he would have told her about Pragya.

Rhea steals Prachi’s dress from her house and thinks nobody can save her now. She thinks I warned you many times, but you didn’t listen. She says I can’t share Ranbir with anyone and have to get my Ranbir back. She thinks I have to make you fall down in his eyes and send you to Hoshiarpur.

Ranbir thinks he is in mess and thinks he had proposed Rhea, but he loves Prachi. Aryan comes there and says both of them don’t know about your feelings. He says I came to advice you. Beeji comes and asks if he is joking about her grand son. Ranbir says Aryan said that I am not marriage material. He asks what kind of guys are those? Beeji says marriage material guy is mature, understanding and caring. Ranbir asks if I am marriage material? Beeji says yes, from head to toe. Pallavi smiles and asks him to get head message done, says if you get white hairs then no girl will marry you. Ranbir says no. Pallavi says girls like black hair guy. She says you have to remember few things to get married. She asks him to get head message first. Ranbir asks her to massage his head. Pallavi sits and massages his head. Ranbir asks her to give her gyan. Pallavi says gyan no. 1. Girls like such guys who supports them in bad times, tells that body building doesn’t work on the girls. Beeji says girls like good humor guy. Pallavi says gyan no 2. She says girls like honest guy. Beeji says if you lie then it will for everyone’s betterment. Ranbir asks if girls are demanding. Pallavi says yes, but they are adjusting too and says shower her life for you, the girls ignore the bad points of the guys and don’t intent to change him and see all the good qualities in the guy. Aryan takes the recording. Ranbir thinks of Prachi and smiles. Mann mast magan plays…..

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