Twist Of Fate Monday Update 24 January 2022


Twist Of Fate Monday Update 24 January 2022

Abhi says you both came to meet me, I am feeling good. Rhea says you didn’t tell me this, when I came here and asked me why I came. Abhi says I thought you are grown up. Prachi calls him Papa and says it is tough for them to see him here, but when he smiles, their courage builds up much and they want him to come out free very soon. She says when everyone thinks the same then it comes true. She says you will return home soon. Abhi says you must have heard so much and says I want to tell you. Prachi and Rhea tell that they know that he is innocent. Prachi says we all are with you. Rhea says I scolded that aunty. Abhi asks why did you meet her, she is not a good woman. Prachi says Rhea did right. Abhi says even you had gone there. Rhea tells that Prachi went there before her, and Tanu pushed her, but she saved her. Abhi tells that he is happy to be here, seeing them supporting each other as sisters and standing by each other. Constable says time is up. Abhi says Dadi says that whoever is far, gets close in bad times. Prachi asks him to take care. Abhi says he will. Rhea says bye. They leave together. Rhea and Prachi think of talking to Abhi. A lady constable collides with Prachi. Prachi thanks Rhea for supporting her. Rhea tells that she told this infront of Dad, so as to make him feel good. She says she is not a good sister and will not drop her. Prachi gets upset and then thinks she is her sister, however, she is.

Pragya comes to meet the Lawyer and introduces herself. Lawyer says I know you, I saw you in the news, Harshad was reporting. Pragya asks him to see the files. The lawyer asks what she thinks of him. Pragya says you are an expensive lawyer and I am ready to pay you. The Lawyer asks her to sit and tells that he is expensive as he fights for justice. He tells that he is fighting the case. Pragya thanks him. Lawyer says you are misunderstanding me and tells that he is fighting against Abhi, and tells that he saw truthfulness in Tanu. He asks her to hire a good lawyer, who can defeat him and says it is not easy to defeat the truth. He says whatever case, he fights, he fights as if it is his family’s case. Pragya says my husband is innocent. He calls her husband rapist. Pragya says how can you call him rapist, when he is not proved guilty. He says accuse and tells that he will prove him guilty in court. She says you can’t prove as my husband is innocent. She tells that truth gets distressed, but can’t lose. She says you will lose this case for the first time. Lawyer says I trust Tanu. Pragya says she is lying. Tanu comes there and asks if they are talking about her.

Prachi switches off the channel seeing Tanu’s interview. Shahana tells that nothing will happen if they switch it off, but they shall face it. Sarita behen says we have switched off the TV, but not the people. Shahana says people’s opinion matters in this regard. Prachi says she doesn’t believe in people’s opinion. Sarita behen says people will believe Tanu and her lies and says if she tells the truth then people will think that Abhi made her lie. She tells that they have to make Tanu confess the truth anyhow. Shahana says if they get her to speak the truth somehow. Prachi goes out.

Tanu tells Pragya that she understands that she is not getting a good lawyer and tells that she has her eyes on her, and hired Mr. Singhania, a lawyer before she approaches her. She asks him to suggest some public prosecutor for her. The lawyer asks Tanu to go out. Tanu asks Pragya how did she feel to know that Abhi spent the night with her. Pragya asks if she knows what she is saying and says only you can do this, you can give someone’s baby names to someone etc. The lawyer calls his Assistant and goes out. Tanu locks the door. The lawyer asks her to open the door. Tanu tells that Abhi didn’t rape her and asks why is she shock? She tells that Abhi is innocent. Pragya says I am shocked thinking why are you telling me. Tanu says she is saying this to trouble her. She asks her if she will go out and tell everyone that she confessed. Lawyer calls watchman to open the door. He says nothing can be heard as it is soundproof. Tanu says no lawyer will fight this case. Pragya says some lawyers will fight, who will fight for justice. She says she will celebrate after Abhi comes out clean. Tanu says when Abhi gets jailed, then you will be left with no family and the people will tell that it is good that their husband is not Abhishek Mehra. She says when she tells her truth, then people will believe her and will not let Pragya live. Pragya says she trusts the judiciary and will get justice. Tanu tells that she has proof. Pragya says it is a lie like you. The lawyer scolds his assistant for not being with him when the clients came. Tanu tells Pragya that Abhi will be the rapist and you will become his wife. Pragya says you will not get anything by doing this. Tanu says you didn’t understand yet. Pragya asks what are you going to do? Tanu says she will ruin her in court.

Tanu telling Pragya that the way is harsh, but she didn’t leave any option for her to get her love. Pragya says you will not get anything by doing all this. Tanu says you didn’t understand it until now, you will understand in court. Pragya asks what you are going to do in court. Tanu says she will ruin her. She says Abhi will be punished in people’s sight, but you will be punished in my sight, for stopping my marriage and doing grah pravesh in his house. Pragya says why are you dragging my husband in this matter. Tanu says she wants to teach him a lesson and tells that she values and respects her love. She says just as he kicked me out of his life, I kicked him out of his home and your life. She says I will do bad with everyone who did bad with me, this is the new Tanu and she will settle the scores with everyone. Lawyer asks them to open the door. Pragya says your over confidence will make you do a mistake and your mistake will make you defeat. Tanu asks her to search a good lawyer. The lawyer manages to get the door open and says this thing will not be entertain in his office. Pragya goes out, while Tanu smirks. Pragya calls lawyers, but nobody is ready to take up the case. A lawyer says she wants to fight the case against the ra…..Pragya makes a failed attempt to convince the lawyers. She thinks Alia said that she has some good lawyers’ number and hopes she find any good lawyer. Tanu looks at her, as she sits in auto and leaves. She thinks life had slapped her many times, but today she is relieved slapping Pragya without touching her, and thinks what a relief. She meets a guy and hugs him. Ranbir looks at her and thinks who is he? He thinks to follow her to know about the guy.

Pallavi asks Aaliya what is she saying? Aaliya says all lawyers are saying that this case can’t hold for more than a day and the judge will tell the verdict in a day. Rhea says how can lawyers say this? Mitali says no lawyer wants to take the risk seeing Tanu’s video to gain sympathy. Pallavi says there must be

some lawyer, who trusts Abhi and will fight for justice. Mitali says where will we find the lawyer. Pragya comes there and hears her. Aaliya says she hopes Pragya finds a lawyer. Rhea says mom has promised me that she will get a lawyer. She asks Pragya if she hired the lawyer. Pragya says we will win this case. Mitali asks if the lawyer is good. Rhea gets happy. Aaliya asks did you really find the lawyer. Pragya says yes, I found the lawyer. Rhea thanks Pragya with a hug. Pallavi tells Pragya that she is the best wife of the world. Dadi says yes. Aaliya thanks Pragya and says I thought you wrong. Rhea tells Aaliya that Mom has fulfilled her promise. Pragya excuses herself and recalls lawyers refusing to fight the case. She thinks Tanu wants to show that she is helpless and victim, and recalls her words.

She thinks she can’t let Abhi go to court without lawyer and thinks she has to hire such a lawyer, who sees their truth and shows Tanu’s truth to the world. Pragya calls Mr. Singhania, lawyer and tells him that Tanu has confessed the truth to her and asks him to suggest a good lawyer for her husband. Mr. Singhania says he will not ruin his name and tells that Tanu lied to her and tells that he knows that her husband is guilty and asks her not to call him for this case. She ends the call and leaves from home in a hurry. Prachi comes to meet Tanu and hopes she is not doing any mistake by thinking to talk to her. She rings the bell and asks if anyone is at home. She says I am Prachi. She thinks to look inside through the window.

Sarita behen opens the door and finds Pragya. Pragya tells that she needs her help. Sarita behen says my help. Pragya says lawyers are refusing to take up this case and don’t want to ruin their career. She says even Aaliya can’t hire any lawyer and tells that she came to her for help. Sarita behen says I am caterer and not a lawyer. Pragya says you might know some lawyer being a caterer. Prachi looks inside through the window and finds nobody there. Tanu comes home and finds the gate open. She calls Security. Prachi hides seeing her. Tanu asks the guy to open the lock. Prachi thinks the guy is looking like a Police officer. Tanu scolds the Security guard and goes inside. Prachi gets Shahana’s call. Ranbir comes there and gets inside. Watchman stops him. Ranbir says he is a carpenter. Watchman says you don’t look like a carpenter with your looks and clothes. Ranbir says he is an actor by profession and does this work part time. The watchman says he will call other guy who manages the house. Ranbir diverts his mind and tells that Tanu Madam told me that the guard don’t do work properly. Watchman asks him to go.

Sarita behen tells Pragya that she knows a lawyer, but an old lawyer, who works from home. Pragya asks if he fought any case. Sarita behen says he had fought a case and won it. I don’t know about him after that. Pragya asks her to give his name and address. Sarita behen says I just know him and that’s why told. Pragya says we have to take the risk, else we can’t win. Pragya says the lawyer might not be good or not, but our case is truthful. She asks what is the lawyer’s name. Sarita behen says Raghuvir Mishra and looks for her phone to get his number. Pragya thinks a drowning person got the support of a pebble.