Twist Of Fate Monday Update 17 May 2021


Twist Of Fate Monday Update 17 May 2021

Mahender’s goons bring Ranbir to the place where Prachi was kept tied. They see Prachi missing. Guddu says they have to search Prachi. Ranbir asks the goon to tell about his family. The goon tells about his family members. Other goon stops him. Prachi looks at Ranbir.

Pragya tells that they will get exact location through CCTV footage. They see the CCTV footage on the road, in which they see Prachi running on the road. Inspector says we have this much footage and other is loading now. Abhi and Shahana come to the Police station. Shahana sees Pragya and tells that she is maasi. Abhi doesn’t see her and is coming there. Pragya keeps her phone on the table. Abhi is stopped by the Inspector who tells that he got some info about Prachi. The ACP tells that they have retrieved only a small footage and waiting for all. Abhi says we can’t wait for 15 mins and tells that they have to do something, you don’t know how it feels when daughter goes missing.

Rhea comes to Sanju’s hotel room and asks his friend where is he? His friend tells that he doesn’t know. Rhea tells that Police is standing out and will arrest him. She says you will be jailed for 15 years if you don’t tell me anything. His friend tells that Sanju has arranged the money and went to the godown near Yamuna river. He asks if Police will arrest him. Rhea says no and asks him not to tell Sanju.

Guddu comes to Mahender. Mahender says nobody shall take Sanju’s name until the girl marries him. Guddu tries to say. Mahender slaps him. Guddu tells that the bride ran away. Prachi comes to Ranbir and asks what is he doing here? Ranbir tells that he has come to save her. Prachi says don’t irritate her and tells that she came to save him. Ranbir says ok and asks him to free his hands. Prachi says this is the best time for sometime. Ranbir says what time. Prachi asks him to apologize to her.

Ranbir asks for what? Prachi says you drove the car fast and I got down. And asks him to say sorry. Ranbir says sorry after an argument, says I came to rescue you. Prachi says she was not kidnapped, but some brought her here. Ranbir says what is the difference? Prachi says no ransom is asked. Ranbir says your lover kidnapped you and the goon told me that his boss wants to marry you, maybe he is blind. Prachi frees his hands and asks him to come. She says she will fight with him later. Mahender and the goons slap each other. He asks do you know why I have beaten you. Other goon comes and tells that both of them ran away. Mahender asks them to catch both. Ranbir and Prachi come to their car and leave. Mahender asks his goons to bring the car and they leave following them.

Sanju calls Mahender and tells that Prachi ran away with Ranbir. Sanju asks if he was Ranbir Kapoor. Mahender says he was someone else. Sanju asks him to bring both. Ranbir asks Prachi why did they bring her here. Prachi tells that she has seen them murdering the waiter and that’s why they had kidnapped her. She sees their car coming and asks him to increase the speed. She asks him to take left, right. Mahender stops the car and gets down. He tells that they will be in godown and asks them to return. Guddu says why they will return. Mahender says that U turn will take them to our godown. They sit in car. Prachi tells that they are not here. Ranbir says we did it. Prachi says I did it. Ranbir says if I haven’t drive then we wouldn’t have been saved. Prachi tells that she told him about the directions. He tells that the place seems to be familiar and says this is the same godown. They try to take the car back and find the goons car behind and infront of their car. Mahender asks them to get down from the car. They laugh.

Mahender laughing looking at Ranbir and Prachi. Guddu asks them to come. Mahender asks them to come home silently. Ranbir tells Prachi that Mahender ji is asking them to go home. Mahender asks them to go inside silently. They take them inside and tie them on the chairs. Mahender tells Ranbir and Prachi not to run and says he will not run behind them, but….he laughs and goes. Prachi asks Ranbir to think how to leave from there. Ranbir says I was thinking this. She says they shall not know when we elope. Ranbir says we have to untie each other hands and then escape from here. Prachi says yes. Ranbir says where I am trapped and tells that if you had not asked me to U turn then we would have reached home. Prachi says you are blaming me and tells that she saw murder happening in real life. She says I saw someone killing someone and tells that you can’t understand it. She says the man was the same waiter who made me unconscious in the party. She tells that she knows that the goons are dangerous and can kill her also. She says she somehow escaped, but then returned to save him seeing his car. She says I saw you from the Principal’s house also. Ranbir says he is a bad guy. She says she don’t have phone else she would have done something. Ranbir says I have phone and asks her to take it out from his pocket. Prachi says she will call Mehra sir and he will free them. Ranbir says you trust chief like I do. Prachi tells that she has never seen her father and didn’t see his pic either. She tells that she trusts Abhi. Ranbir asks her to take out his phone from his pocket.

Abhi is sitting in the Police station. Pragya comes and takes her phone and leaves immediately. Abhi turns to look at her, but she is already gone. Sanju comes to the godown and asks goons to play band and baaja. The goon compliments him and tells that he is looking good today. Rhea comes there and asks him where is Prachi? He grabs his collar. Sanju asks her to stay away from him and tells that he is wearing costly clothes. He goes inside with the goon. Rhea asks why you are wearing marriage clothes and shouts…

Mahender comes to Ranbir and Prachi and asks what is going on? Ranbir tells that their hands are tied and they are not moving. Guddu says how the chairs came here then? Ranbir asks what you are saying Guddu and asks others, if guddu don’t look like Salman Khan. Guddu gets happy. Ranbir says he is Salman’s Judwa. He tells Mahender that he is Raees Shah rukh khan and tells that the girl behind is the pocket of trouble. He says my hands were tied, else I wouldn’t keep her mouth shut. Prachi asks what do you think of yourself and says one woman is heavy on everyone. Ranbir says she talks so much. Prachi asks him not to make her angry. Ranbir tells that blood is coming out from his ears. Prachi says my hands are tied, else I would have shown you. Mahender says they are mad and asks his goons to let them fight. Ranbir tells prachi that they got fed up with their fight. He tells that he fooled them. Prachi says when you talked about look, I thought. Ranbir says we shall decide what to do.

Pandit ji asks who is the groom? Sanju asks his wife if he is her husband. She says yes. Sanju tells that he will hide his face with the sehra and do marriage. Rhea comes there and asks what is he doing in the groom’s costume. Sanju says he is Pandit ji and she is Panditayan, I am the groom. Rhea asks what is happening here? Sanju says I am marrying Prachi here and asks if she can’t understand. Rhea says you can’t marry her. Sanju asks her to keep her mouth shut else he will inform her Papa what had happened on the Diwali night. Rhea says you are threatening Rhea Mehra. Sanju says yes, I am threatening you directly and tells that he will call Abhi and inform him everything about her being responsible for everything happened with Prachi. Rhea goes. Sanju says she looks good when she gets angry, but not more than Prachi.

Ranbir asks Prachi to take off his phone. He laughs as she touches him to get the mobile. She manages to get his phone. Ranbir asks her to throw the phone on his thighs. She keeps phone on his thighs. Ranbir tries to get the phone using his mouth, but he couldn’t take it. He drops the phone and asks her to pick it. She says even my hands are tied, how to call anyone. Ranbir asks her to call chief using her toes. Prachi says she don’t remember his number. Ranbir asks her to dial 100. Prachi says she will call her mother as she knows how to come out of such situation. Ranbir asks if she gets kidnapped often. They argue. Prachi asks about his password. He says 123456. Prachi says she knows that his password much be such. He says he will give her an award of most honest person. Prachi dials Pragya’s number. The phone rings. Ranbir asks her to switch off the speaker. Pragya picks the call. Prachi calls her and says Maa. She says she is kidnapped. Pragya tells Sarita behen that Prachi called from Ranbir’s phone. Ranbir sees the goon coming and says hello aunty, we are kidnapped, tied and kept in the godown. Prachi also sees the goon and hides the phone under her foot. The goon asks do you think I am aunty and tells that bhai ji will think what to do with you. Prachi asks what? He gets doubtful and looks at them.

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