Twist Of Fate Monday Update 14 June 2021


Twist Of Fate Monday Update 14 June 2021

Ranbir telling Maya that if he tells everything to her family then what will happen, the marriage will be cancelled. Maya says they will not agree. He asks did you remember what you have done with me. He says I will do the same and tell everyone that you have molested me. He says I will tell everyone then they will agree to my sayings as I have proofs of our last meeting. Maya asks him to get out from there. Ranbir asks her to stop it and asks her to tell truth to everyone, if she wants to save her engagement. He says if she don’t agree then he will tell everyone whatever had happened between them.

Abhi tells Meera that how can Rhea’s necklace go to maya. Rhea comes there and asks what happened? Abhi says it is 9:30 and asks her to inform someone before going. He says you have grown up and asks her to do big things. He asks where is that necklace. Rhea says I will check. Abhi asks did you give your diamond necklace to Maya.

Pragya sees a lady sad and comes to the hotel room She gives her phone. Amrita tells that she has left her husband and tells that he had slapped me in party. She says that slap made me forget to move on. Pragya asks what will happen? Amrita asks her to watch on story.

Meera asks Abhi why Rhea will befriend Maya. Abhi asks if your name is Maya? He asks Rhea if she gave her necklace to Maya. Rhea says it is in locker. The hotel staff talks about Maya’s surprise for Mohit. They ask if the set up is ready for LED. They tell a lady that Maya is going to say I love you to Mohit. We will record it They talk if Mohit confesses first. The other guy asks him to increase the volume of Maya’s mic. They hear Maya asking if she shall confess love to him. Ranbir tells that he will go and tell that she is his real molestor. Maya says you can’t harm me. Ranbir says everyone will believe him. They start recording the confession. Maya says what you will tell outside that my engagement will be cancelled. Everyone hear it as the mic volume is high. Ranbir says I will tell everyone that you are getting married in a pressure. There was a small deal between your father and mohit’s father which is political. Everyone hears him. Ranbir says I will say that you loves me, and you don’t want to marry mohit. Pragya asks what is going? Prachi says she doesn’t know, it was not in their plan. Ranbir tells Maya that he wants her to tell everyone that she loves him and asks her to marry him. Prachi tells Pragya that Ranbir doesn’t know about Maya’s mic and he just wants to break her engagement. Sarita behen says he is looking devdas in her love. Pragya says we shall stop him. Ranbir says I will convince your parents and asks her to marry him. Maya asks if he is mad and asks him to go. They don’t realize that they have reached the stage.

Everyone looks on shocked. Mohit tells his father that he will not marry Maya. Ranbir says I will explain bro, there is nothing. Mohit says you are my sautan and can’t be my brother. He cries keeping head on his mother’s shoulder. Sarita behen teases Shahana. Mohit says my first love is incomplete. His mum says this was your fourth love. He says my fourth love is incomplete. Mohit’s father warns Mr. chaubey and leaves. Ranbir says there is nothing between us.

Maya blames Ranbir for ruining her life. Ranbir says you have ruined my life and I am staying here because of you. Mr. Chaubey says marriage fixed and asks Maya not to talk to his damad like that. Pragya says how can you say that? He asks if you are his mother? Pragya says she came to handle catering and decoration. He asks her to be quiet and not to interfere. Maya says we fight a lot and are not even compatible. Mr. Chaubey says your mummy and I fight like you both and we are perfect couple. He says we also says the same, our life goes on with this. He says the guy is also good, marriage is fixed. Ranbir tries to say. Mr. Chaubey asks him to be quiet and announces their engagement after 3 days.

Prachi gets upset and goes from there. Ranbir runs behind her. She says you loves Maya and proposed her. She says do you realize what you have done. She is about to stamp on his foot, but stops. She says why we have come here, we had come to blackmail Maya and make her confess her truth, but what you have done you have cancelled her engagement and got your engagement fixed with her. She says you will get him engaged in 3 days, then marriage and kids will happen. Ranbir says it is a marriage and not football match. He says it is a process, girls family goes to guys family and the guy’s family select the girl and decide if she is right or not. Prachi says how insensitive, if she is a girl then if she don’t have any respect. He says I am talking about his parents and says they will not agree. Prachi says pigeon are getting engaged in three days and scolds him calling him oversmart. Ranbir says if I am pigeon. She says you are owl, etc. She leaves from there.

Shahana asks Prachi why is she angry at Ranbir, as if he promised to marry her, but is marrying Maya. Prachi says Ranbir had gone to threaten Maya, but he fell in the problem and got threatened. Pragya tells her that she shall help Ranbir. Ranbir comes there and tells that he wants to come out of this mess. Sarita behen says surely. Pragya says if we support each other then everything will be fine and says Prachi wants to say this to Ranbir.

Sarita behen telling that even Ranbir will come out of trouble. Pragya says when we support him then the problem will end. Prachi says he don’t want to listen to my sayings and asks him to go. Ranbir asks her to listen to him, he tells that he was angry and said anything. He says they are thinking that I am angry lover, but I am not lover. Abhi comes to Vikram and drinks the drink. Vikram says you, me and the wine. Abhi teases him calling Pallavi’s name. Vikram gets scared thinking Pallavi came. Abhi takes his pic and says you are scared. Vikram does poetry and says he is his true friend and that’s why he loves him also. He tells that he is happy as everyone liked the food at his hotel, all because of Prachi’s mum. Prachi gets a reminder and tells that she has to give important file to Mehra Sir. Pallavi calls Ranbir and asks him to reach home in 15 mins, else he will reach there. Ranbir asks her to show the dress to Dida. Pallavi says 15 mins. Ranbir tells Pragya and others that his mum is calling him to show the dress. Prachi comes there and tells that she will give file to mehra sir and come home. Ranbir says I will drop you there as I am going home. Prachi says whenever she sees his face, she gets angry and tells that if he gets murdered then understand who kills him. Ranbir says she is so dangerous. He asks how did you give birth to her. Shahana also teases Sarita behen.

Prachi asks Ranbir to come. Ranbir is driving the car and asks her to talk to him. he holds her hand. Prachi stops the car and gets down. He asks what to sing to cheer you up. He says I will play the song on mobile and dance kathak. He asks her to agree. Prachi says do you really know kathak. Ranbir acts to do kathak. Prachi laughs and says you are mad. Ranbir says we like stupid things of people whom we likes, else we don’t like anyone’s stupid things. She gets in an auto. Ranbir tells the auto driver that she don’t have money. Prachi shows the money and says she had kept it secretly. Ranbir tells the auto driver that her money is fake. Auto driver asks her to get down. She gets down and starts walking. Ranbir says she likes me, but don’t know how much. He says today I have seen that you are affected somewhat due to Maya and thinks she has some feeling for him. Prachi sits in the car. Ranbir comes to the car and plays the song. Romantic song plays…..He says sorry and plays another song.

They reach home. Beeji opens the door and is tensed. She asks him to come inside. Ranbir and Prachi get inside. Mr. Chaubey calls him Damad ji. Abhi comes there and asks what is happening here? Mr. Chaubey says Ranbir and Maya are getting married. Abhi asks why? Beeji says I am trying to make them understand. Mr. Chaubey tells that Ranbir wants to marry Maya and loves her. They all get shocked. Abhi says your daughter is engaged to someone else. Mr. Chaubey says Damad ji didn’t let the engagement happen, he proposed Maya infront of everyone. He says now everyone knows that Ranbir loves Maya. Ranbir says it is not like that. The security guards aim gun at Ranbir. Abhi asks Ranbir to move away from him else he will be shot.
Mr. Chaubey asks the guards to come back. Vikram tells that Ranbir doesn’t love her. Mr. Chaubey asks him if he didn’t tell his family and asks Security guys to play the video. Everyone sees that Ranbir is proposing Maya and asking her to marry him else he will die. Everyone is shocked.

Shahana is thinking something. Sarita behen asks if she is thinking about Ranbir. Shahana asks what? She asks what will happen if Ranbir and maya get married. Sarita behen says baby must be healthy. Shahana asks about Prachi. Sarita behen says her heart will break. She tells that Ranbir’s life will be spoiled too as Mr. Chaubey will make him politician and her house damad. Mr. Chaubey fixes their marriage and gives sweets to Ranbir, and his family. Rhea comes there and is shocked. Mr. Chaubey tells that Ranbir has said clearly that he wants to marry Maya. Vikram asks him to go home and says our son can’t marry your daughter. Pallavi says look at my son, he is not having the marriageable age. Abhi asks why you are making everyone have sweets. Mr. Chaubey shoots in air and tells that everyone saw your son proposing my daughter and Mohit’s family has cancelled the engagement. He tells that you people doesn’t know that Ranbir had molested my daughter when she refused for marriage, but she didn’t file the police complaint. He threatens to send them to police station. He then apologizes to them and asks them to make arrangements of engagement after 3 days. He asks Abhi to perform on the engagement.

Mr. Chaubey hugs Ranbir and tells that he liked the way he proposed his daughter and calls him courageous. He leaves with his wife and Maya. Abhi gets upset with Ranbir. Ranbir says I didn’t propose to her. Pallavi asks what was it then? she says it was proposal. Ranbir says I was blackmailing her and says if she didn’t tell the truth then I will tell everyone that he loves her and asked her to marry him. Pallavi says this marriage will not happen. Vikram says this marriage will happen. Ranbir is shocked.

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