Twist of Fate Monday Update 14 December 2020


Twist of Fate Monday Update 14 December 2020

Pragya coming to Tanu’s hospital ward, and sees Nikhil and Tanu laughing and telling their plans. Pragya says I don’t want what to call you people. She says you both are using your baby, and ask why did you take the risk when you know that anything could have happened to baby. Pragya says you are playing with your baby’s life. Tanu smiles and says just because I am Tanu…not Pragya. I am smart and not emotional fool. She says we get nothing being emotional, and asks her to look at herself. She says you thinks about others, but couldn’t help yourself. She says if I thought like you then I would have goes out of home. She laughs on Pragya and asks do you like my conspiracy.

She laughs again and tells Nikhil that Pragya got scared and emotional seeing her falling down the stairs as if baby is hers. Nikhil says it is somewhat hers also, as baby is of her husband. Tanu says she had called you also. Nikhil acts and tells that Pragya gave lecture to him on phone.

Tanu says you will take me home, and Abhi will come to me being emotional. Pragya says God is seeing everything. Tanu says God can see, but can never do anything. He wants me to go back to Mehra house, and laughs on Pragya again. Nikhil says I will go from here, else Abhi might come. Nikhil asks Pragya to take care of his sweet heart and says she is sautan also. He says bye to Tanu and goes. Tanu couldn’t stop laughing and looks at Pragya.

Robin cleans Tanu’s room. Tai ji asks him. Robin says Abhi called and told me to clean the room as Tanu is returning home. Mitali asks did you confirm with Pragya. Robin says yes. Tai ji asks Mitali to give her bet amount. Mitali tells Taya ji that Tai ji tricked her and won the bet. She says I don’t have any money. Tai ji says you would have think before betting with me. Mitali gives her change. Tai ji says it is just 865 Rs. Mitali says I have just this money. Tai ji asks her to give 40000. Mitali tells her that she don’t have any money. Taya ji asks her to leave Mitali. Mitali says she will give money on installments. Tai ji says okay, and says you will go to jail from here and your husband will not take you back. She laughs on her. Taya ji scolds Pummy.


Abhi is brought home and acts. Dadi asks Robin to bring juice for Tanu. Tanu calls Abhi and says whatever she did was for him and for their baby and bright future. Abhi asks her to go to room and take rest. Tanu acts as pain and says she will apologize to everyone. She says I have no enmity towards anyone. Abhi asks her to take rest. Tanu acts again. Abhi holds her and takes her to room. Pragya and Rachna looks on angrily. Pragya thinks about Nikhil’s words that Abhi will never throw Tanu of the house, and will get closer to her. She thinks about Tanu’s words that Abhi will come to her being emotional. She sees their marriage pic and recalls Abhi taking Tanu to room. She gets teary eyes. Dadi comes and keeps her hand on her.

Pragya tells Dadi that Tanu….a fb is shown. Tanu walks and comes to Pragya. She asks what do you think that you will stay with Abhi as his fuggi. He says Abhi’s life is in this baby and until the baby stays with me..Abhi will be with me. He says I will act daily and Abhi will come running to me. She asks who is her husband then? Yours or mine. She says Abhi’s rope is attached with me and asks her to think. She says Abhi is attached to me because of this baby and when the baby is born then we will be tied even before marriage. She asks if she wants to see them together or die daily. She asks her to go away from her life as Abhi will not separate from her. She says hatred will change into love and then there will no space for you. She asks her to leave the house. Pragya asks her to stop cooking pulao. She says Abhi will know that this baby is not his one day, and then you know well what he will do.

Dadi tells Pragya that she will not give her strength and tell those words. She says you know well that if you get weaken then it will mean you are giving chance to her. She asks her to keep Tanu far from Abhi, and that’s why gets close to Abhi. Pragya says you are right. I will not fall weak. Abhi is just emotional about baby and not for Tanu. Dadi asks her to go and wash her face. Pragya thinks she will fight for her husband. Dadi thinks Tanu have made Abhi’s weakness as her strength and thinks she will never let Abhi go far from Pragya.

Mitali tells Raj that they have to go to their kids hostel for Parents teachers meeting. Raj refuses to go with her. Mitali says okay, I will not tell you even if I go and die. Raj says okay ad goes. Mitali thinks Raj doesn’t care about her and thinks to do something to save her relation. She thinks Raj’s anger is increasing day by day. She thinks there is one person Raj will listen to. She blames Pragya and says I have to take her help to make him understand.

Tanu calls Robin and asks him to tell Abhi that she is having stomach ache and she is calling him. Dadi asks shall I bring medicine. She says there is a limit for shamelessness, and asks if the shame name is Tanu. She says why did you take baby’s support to play trick. Tanu says just as you acted, I have done some acting too. She says I am alone and have to take my baby’s support. Dadi says nobody supports you as they know your truth. Tanu says Abhi doesn’t know. I know him since 5 years and knows his strength, weakness and emotions. She says I know how to take its advantage. She asks Dadi to bless Pragya and says she will win Abhi. She says lets see who will win and smirks.

Tanu challenging Dadi that she will win and Pragya will lose. Dadi thinks if Tanu knows Abhi from 5 years and is taking advantage, then she is with him since his birth and will make only Pragya take his advantage. Tanu is being pampered by Abhi and he gives her soup to eat. He asks her to have soup and says Dadi called him. Nikhil thinks he has to eat outside food daily, and thinks he has only a girl friend who has someone else in her heart. He thinks once Tanu is married to Abhi, and then he will become CEO of his company, and will hire 4 girls chefs, laughs. He gets Tanu’s call and asks what happened? Tanu says Abhi has thrown his anger out of his heart, and is taking care of me very much. She says he stands outside bathroom to make sure that I am fine. Nikhil says wow, your one move brought him closer to you. Tanu says Abhi will forget sarla and Pragya and says her life will be blossoming when these two go. Nikhil asks her to make Abhi have feelings for her, and says men have two weakness. One is food which you couldn’t make and other thing is tears which directly flow in a man’s heart. He asks her to go and get inside Abhi’s heart.

Abhi comes to Dadi’s room and sees Pragya crying. Pragya goes from there. Abhi asks what happened? Dadi says she was crying as you have played with her feelings. Abhi says I didn’t do anything. Dadi says when I went to your room that day, she was hearing your songs on her phone and smiling. She says Pragya was smiling seeing your pic also, and says you have melted mogambo’s heart. She says Pragya was dishearted as Tanu entered your home and says your fuggi is hidden behind mogambo’s attire. Abhi says yes, and says he feels same. He asks if she was crying much. Dadi says yes. Abhi asks what shall I do? Dadi says propose her. She says tomorrow is her birthday and if you propose her then she will get happy. She asks him to say sorry to her also. Abhi says Pragya scolds me. Dadi asks him to say sorry. Abhi says what about Tanu? Dadi asks do you love her? Abhi says no. Dadi says I will take care of Tanu and her child. She asks him to handle Pragya before anyone else propose her as she is beautiful. Abhi says yes. Dadi says she is rich also. Abhi says it is mine. Dadi says but nobody else knows, if a man propose her then…She asks him not to waste time and handle Pragya. Abhi says Tanu….Dadi says I will handle her. Abhi thanks her and says he will remarry Pragya and have honeymoon with her. Dadi says you have to propose her today itself. Abhi says yes. Dadi says Tanu have used my trick, and now I will used hers.

Abhi says mission propose. He holds her photo frame and says I came to know that you are my fuggi, and loves me. He asks do you like me with jacket or without jacket. Rachna and Purab come to his room and sees him with specs, jacket etc. They laugh. Abhi says I am trying my new look. Purab says we didn’t know. Rachna says did you really try your look? Abhi says yes. He asks Purab and Rachna, if they have done his work. Rachna says you didn’t give any work. Abhi asks her where is Pragya? Rachna says she is in kitchen making sandwiches for Dadi. Abhi says I love Sandwiches and goes there. Rachna says we shall go and see.

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