Twist Of Fate Monday Update 10 May 2021


Twist Of Fate Monday Update 10 May 2021

Ranbir comes to the Principal’s cabin. Principal asks Ranbir why is he behaving oddly. Rambir says I didn’t. He apologizes. Principal asks him to stand wherever he is standing. Peon brings question paper and gives to Principal. Principal asks the watchmen to guard it for 24 hours. Ranbir sees Principal keeping it in the safe and thinks to break it and get the question paper. Principal asks what are you doing here? Ranbir says you asked me to stay here. Principal says students regard you as a role model and you are doing this. Ranbir says sorry and goes.

A girl comes to Shaina and tells that she wants to be Rhea’s friend and asks about Dimpy. Shaina says she will not come for 3-4 days. Prachi comes there and slips keeping her foot on the pen accidently. Shaina and the girl looks at them. They look at each other. He asks if she likes to fall on him. Prachi says she don’t have that intention to fall on him. Ranbir says why did you come to me? She says I am like that stupid girls who gets dragged to him.

He laughs and says I don’t understand your sarcasm and says I didn’t feel bad at all. It didn’t work on me. She asks if you don’t get tired. He asks why you was coming behind me. Prachi asks what did Principal say? Ranbir asks are you worried about me? He tells that Principal was scolding me and tells that he came to know about envelope. Prachi asks what envelope? Ranbir says you said that I shall help Dheeraj. She gets a call. He asks if boyfriend call came. Prachi. Shaina and the girl think that both are after each other and think to tell Rhea, who is in Europe. Aryan hears them and thinks they are more weird than Priyanka.

Priyanka is driving the car and thinks she will look distressed girl mentally and physically. She gets down her car, hits hammer under her eye and smiles.

Ranbir comes to college and hears Principal saying how dare you to steal the question paper. He thinks he just thought and thinks who is inside, and getting scolded. He peeps in his cabin and sees Principal scolding the professor for stealing the question paper. Professor says I stole it for my tutorial students. Principal says you want them to get good marks and not our students. Professor says if you want then I will sell them too. Principal suspends him and asks Security to give question paper to his wife to keep safely. Ranbir hears them.

Priyanka checks in a hotel and talks to the Receptionist. She shows her injury when he asks for the ID card. She tells that she is the victim of domestic violence by her boyfriend and asks him to let her stay in the hotel. She then asks for his laptop and tells that she will mail her parents to come and take her.

Aryan comes to Ranbir and asks him to come. Ranbir says we are going to Principal’s house and tells that he has sent question paper to his house. He says if Principal had a daughter then she would have been my….Prachi comes and asks what? Ranbir says my sister, Aryan’s sister. Prachi and Shahana leave in the taxi. Ranbir and Aryan see Principal leaving in his car and follow him. Prachi asks the driver to stop the car and tells shahana that they shall give lift to Ranbir. She gets down and sees Ranbir driving the car. She tells Shahana that he might be doing something wrong and asks driver to follow his car.

Aaliya hears Purab talking to someone and telling that he will not tell Abhi or Aaliya else she will get upset. He says me too and ends the call. Aaliya asks if Disha said I love you and you said me too. Purab asks her to stop imagining which haven’t happened, it is of no use. Aaliya says I just fail to understand that I know, but couldn’t prove. She says you was talking to Disha, but I couldn’t prove. He says I will not tell you that you are thinking wrong and tells that he is fed up of explaining. She says I am your wife, you have changed since Disha came in your life. Purab says yes, I am changed. Vikram hears them. Purab says you troubles and suffocate me, I feel suffocated and want to end this relation. He leaves.

Pragya asking Rishi to check where Disha came. Disha comes back and says your clothes are brought now, you will wear these clothes in the party. Sarita behen says when did you bring it? Disha says I know she will refuse, car was in the car so I brought it. Sarita behen says your knows your sister well. Pragya says they don’t have blood relation, but heart relation and she understands her well. Rishi says it is good that you came, Maasi is smiling now seeing you. Sarita behen says did you feign happiness before. Pragya says he wants to impress Disha and that’s why said this. Sarita behen says they are Maasis’ nephew and asks him not to go to his mum’s house when she calls him.

Abhi calls Inspector and asks if anything is found about Priyanka. He then asks about Pragya. Vikram hears him and comes inside. He asks if everything is fine, you seem to be sad. Abhi says you are feeling it. Vikram says don’t tell me, but don’t lie. Abhi says I don’t want to talk about it. Vikram says ok, take care and is leaving, but stops recalling something. He tells actually, I heard Aaliya and Purab’s conversation mistakenly and they were arguing about a stupid matter. He says someone shall make them understand about their marital life. Abhi says I wish I could do something and tells that some relations are beyond our control. He says if people wants to have the relation then work on it, else fight for a third person for a mere matter. He asks are you coming to the party.

Priyanka takes her pic with Abhi and others and thinks to send it to reporter Omi. He thinks now he will believe me. She says now she don’t need his laptop. Ranbir and Aryan stop the car seeing Principal getting down from his car. Prachi and Shahana also come there, following Ranbir. Ranbir gets down from his car and follow Principal. Principal looks out and enters his house. Prachi tells why Ranbir is doing this and thinks he wants to take revenge from Principal. She calls Aryan and asks him to give call to Ranbir. Aryan says he is with Abhi sir. Prachi says she is watching them and asks them to see what Ranbir is doing? Aryan says I don’t know and ends the call. Prachi looks at Ranbir. Ranbir comes back, seeing the house and tells Aryan that plan successful. Aryan tries to tell him about Prachi’s call. Ranbir says he is getting late and asks Aryan to take a taxi. Aryan gets down from the car. Prachi asks the driver to follow Ranbir. Driver says he is getting headache in his head taking U turn multiple times. Prachi asks him to take them home.

Priyanka is waiting outside Rishi’s house and sees him coming out. Madhu comes and asks Rishi to bring vegetables. Priyanka hides. Rishi feels her presence. Priyanka steals a guy’s phone silently and calls Rishi. Rishi picks the call and says hello. Priyanka doesn’t speak to him. Rishi says I know you are the one, you are alive, stop all this. Just then a car comes there, he hears the horn sound even in call and turns back. Priyanka hides. She comes back to the guy and keeps his phone back silently. Rishi calls on that number and the guy picks the call. Priyanka sits in the taxi and thinks now I am hiding and very soon all your family members will hide. She says she will snatch all his peace. Rishi gets scared.

In the night, Ranbir and Aryan come to the Principal’s house. Aryan says he will wear mask. Ranbir says if we are doing bank robbery. He says everyone must be sleeping. Aryan says I am very excited. He says Dheeraj will be happy and will top this year and every year. Aryan asks if we will steal the question paper every year. Ranbir says no, and asks if we are thieves. Aryan eats chip. Ranbir says it is unhealthy when eaten alone. They see a lady entering Principal’s house. Ranbir says Principal might be scolding his family and tells that just like my mom got trapped with my dad and your mom with your dad.

Rishi comes back home. Sarita behen asks him to help him in packing as they are shifting to their new house. Rishi recalls Priyanka’s call. Madhu comes there and calls Rishi, asks if he didn’t hear what Sarita behen said. Sarita behen says where you was lost. Rishi says someone is outside. Sarita behen asks who? Rishi says nobody. Sarita behen asks him to go to room and sleep. Rishi says I will help you. Sarita behen says we are going back home. Madhu asks wher are the vegetables. Rishi says I forgot in taxi and goes to buy it. Sarita behen asks Madhu to help her.

Vikram tells Purab that he never lose in chess. Pallavi says you win as you always cheat. Vikram says I am a born player. Abhi comes there and asks what is happening here? Pallavi says Vikram said that he don’t cheat. Abhi says I can’t accept and tells that Vikram does cheating. Aaliya comes there and asks them to get ready for party. Pallavi says they are not going and playing cards. Purab says even I am playing. Aaliya says I told you many times about this party. Abhi says if he doesn’t want to come, then we will go. Aaliya says they asked to come with the spouse. Abhi says we will go. Purab goes to get ready and asks her to give him 10 mins. Aaliya says she is leaving and asks Abhi to bring Purab there. She leaves.

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