Twist Of Fate Friday Update 4 February 2022


Twist Of Fate Friday Update 4 February 2022

Abhi picking Tanu’s call and says it seems call ended, when he don’t hear Tanu. Tanu tells that she is still on call and tells that she heard his voice, so thought to just hear. Abhi asks what she wants to say. Tanu reminds him of their deal. Abhi says I remember and that’s why I am getting engaged to you. Tanu says she got ready for the mahurat. Abhi says I am ready and asks her to come. He says I am ending the call. Tanu says my idea to marry you can be wrong, but my love for you is pure. Abhi says you made me proved wrong today. Tanu asks him to be happy for their engagement and asks him to get ready, not to stand sad when she comes there, and says she might ask for justice in court. She asks him to make her meet happy Abhi.

Abhi comes to Pragya and others and tells that Tanu was threatening him. He says she became powerful so she is taking advantage. He asks what will be our plan B. Prachi says if she confesses that she is married and not divorcee then? Rhea says she will herself say the truth. Abhi asks how? Rhea says after getting drunk. Prachi says she might not control her mind after that and can say the truth. Pragya asks how did they know and asks if they drink? Rhea asks her not to give them lecture. Abhi tells that Rhea might have drink it as a cough syrup, but Prachi might not have touched it. Rhea asks how did they like her plan B. Prachi says ours. Pragya says if we can’t steal her mobile then get Plan B done. Ranbir says he will manage the drinks. Pragya asks if he drinks too. Abhi asks her not to stretch the matter else he will tell about her. Pragya says I was joking and asks them to go and get ready.

Sarita behen watches Radhe’s trailor with Shahana. Shahana asks since when you started watching action films. Sarita behen says she likes to watch action films and don’t like family drama. She says even I want to encounter Tanu like Radhe. Shahana says lets go to Tanu’s engagement. Sarita behen says first I will watch Radhe film. Shahana asks her to download Zee5 App and subscribe for Radhe’s premier. She tells that she is getting ready and will go. Sarita behen says first she will watch film and then will go for engagement.

Tanu is getting ready for engagement. Pradeep calls her. Tanu thinks she will do something about him after her engagement. She tells Pradeep that she went to clinic and is unwell. Pradeep says he is standing outside the clinic. Tanu says she came home and feeling sleepy due to medicine. Pallavi talks to Rhea. Rhea asks if she is coming. Pallavi says she is not coming for engagement and asks her to send Ranbir and her pic. Rhea asks her to take care and tells that she will send pictures.

Dadi tells Aaliya and Mitali that their plan will work if they act well. Aaliya says she can’t act with Tanu. Mitali says she can’t act with Tanu as if she lies then Tanu will catch her. Pragya asks Aaliya to pretend that she has accepted Tanu and asks her to act if she don’t want to see Tanu with her Bhai. Aaliya says sure, I will. Mitali says even I will try. Aaliya asks if we act nicely with her then won’t she doubt. Mitali says I was staring at her in court and if I compliment her, then what she will think. Dadi says I will tell her that I have convinced you all. Shahana comes there and greets Pragya. She goes to meet Prachi. Pragya goes to see Abhi. Mitali says she never knew that she will like Pragya so much. Aaliya says she wanted Tanu to marry bhai, but now she hates her. Tanu comes there and asks if they are talking about her. She asks who will welcome me? Dadi does her aarti. Tanu asks Aaliya if they are friends. Aaliya says ofcourse. Ranbir comes to Prachi’s room as she gets ready. He admires her. subhanallah plays….

Prachi sees Shahana and asks you? Shahana asks what did you think that Ranbir will be here. She says Ranbir’s love is like your Papa’s love, he loves you but can’t express. Pragya comes to Abhi and says you didn’t get ready. Abhi says you told me 2-3 days back that I shall marry to get rid of case. He says today I am tensed about the thought of separation from you. He says when you are with me, I feel that the world is with me, I can hear my heart beat and when you hug me, then my fear is gone from me. He says I want to live in this world and don’t want anything else. Pragya asks can you separate melted sugar from water. Abhi says you are talking to me about GK questions. He says if it is boiled then water will vanish as steam and sugar will remain. Pragya says until I am alive, I will not separate from you. She asks him to get ready.

Shahana asks Prachi if she doesn’t see Ranbir’s love. Prachi says she feels bad, but knows that her love story is impossible and tells that it is incomplete and not like mummy and Papa. Shahana says one shall fight for their love. Prachi says she can fight with anyone, but not with her sister.

Abhi gets ready. Pragya compliments him. He asks why Patanga/firefly is born? He tells that it is born to get burn in the diya. Pragya asks him to make her Baati and himself as Diya, and says we will always be together. Abhi says you have changed my question. She ties brooch on his suit. Saiyyara plays….

Pragya telling Abhi that even thought she was giving him courage, but she herself is afraid. Abhi says what you was saying that I don’t express my feelings, what you was doing, you are so afraid and showing as if you don’t care. He hugs her. Ranbir thinks what happened to him, and thinks Prachi asks him to stay far from him and he gets dragged towards her. Rhea comes there with Aryan and asks him if he is fine. Prachi tells Shahana that Rhea….Rhea asks Ranbir to come with her and takes him to Prachi’s room. Ranbir asks why did you bring me here? Rhea says she brought him here so that she can tell truth infront of them. Ranbir asks what? Rhea says you guys forgot what we have to do today. Ranbir says ofcourse. Rhea asks what could be more important than this. Rhea tells that she brought pills for Tanu and she will tell truth only. Ranbir says good idea. Mitali asks if the dose is ready for Tanu. Rhea shows the pills to her. Mitali says I am ready to serve. She looks at the drink and says truth will be out.

Prachi tells that they shall pour other drinks in the glass as Tanu shall not doubt. Mitali appreciates her mind as that of Pragya. Rhea says I have just one pill then we have to make her drink alcohol. Ranbir says then we have to make her drink much. Prachi asks how did he know about it? Rhea says he knows how much to drink. Mitali asks her to put the pill in the drink. Prachi asks Rhea to serve the drink to Tanu as she has problem with me. Rhea says what do you think that she will take drink from my mind, says she is very smart. Ranbir says Tanu knows that Rhea has problem with her. Mitali says she will serve her drink and asks Prachi which is that glass. Prachi says this round shape glass. Mitali asks her to come with her. Ranbir, Rhea and Aryan say all the best.

Tanu tells Aaliya that she is glad that she has accepted her as bhabhi, now our friendship will turn into relation. Aaliya says I can’t ignore you as you will have same place as Bhai and that’s why accepted you as Bhabhi. Dadi says I made her understand to accept you. Tanu asks Dadi to make Pragya understand. Dadi says Pragya didn’t go to Abhi’s room. She then tells that Pragya went to his room, but I trust Abhi and tells that he will not look at Pragya after seeing you. She says you will realize that how good he is as a father and husband after your marriage. Tanu says your words give me strength. She goes to Abhi and says he is looking good. She stands with him and says now he is looking more good. Abhi looks at Pragya and himself and says their Jodi is made for each other, made in heaven. Pragya smiles. Tanu thinks he is telling about her. Mitali brings drink and gives to everyone. She then offers drink to Tanu, but she refuses and asks Mitali why is she getting sad. Mitali asks her to have drink as today is her engagement. Tanu refuses again. Mitali asks Prachi to keep it in the kitchen. Prachi comes to kitchen and tells that Tanu didn’t drink and told that she is on diet. Rhea says she is so thin. Aryan says your mom is also think and looks like your elder sister. Rhea says from where to get another pill. Ranbir says we shall work on Plan A and shall steal Tanu’s phone. They say all the best. Ranbir and Aryan goes. Rhea says I can bear Tanu, but not you. Prachi says nobody can be happy with you.

Tanu tells that everyone has accepted me due to Dadi, except one. Mitali whispers to Abhi and Pragya that nobody has accepted her. Tanu asks what is she saying? Mitali says I told that everyone will accept you slowly and says Dadi taught that we shall respect and love daughter and daughter in law. Aryan asks Ranbir why did your parents are missing here? Ranbir says you can’t tell about my family. He asks where is your family. Aryan says my mom is here and sitting there. Ranbir asks where is your dad? Aryan asks where is your dad? Ranbir says his dad is busy. They start fake fighting. Ranbir whispers to Abhi that they are acting to steal Tanu’s phone. Tanu gets up. Prachi steals Tanu’s phone while Rhea puts another place on the sofa. Aaliya asks Aryan to behave. Aryan says he started. Ranbir says sorry. They laugh once Tanu goes.

Pragya takes out Pradeep’s number from Tanu’s phone and sends him invitation card to Pradeep. She says we shall keep back the phone. Prachi says we can get more proofs. Pragya says once Pradeep comes here, we don’t need any proofs. Pradeep gets the invitation card and thinks Tanu lied to him, she told that she wants to sleep. He thinks if this is truth then she has to die. Mitali tells Tanu that Dadi slept after she gave her medication. Shahana says she will be fine if sleeps for sometime. Tanu says it is strange, everyone left from here. Pragya says I was talking to Pandit ji, he had problem to search home. She whispers to Abhi, not to take tension as she sent the invite to Pradeep. She says Tanu will not get engaged seeing him. Rhea collides with Tanu and exchanges her phone with Tanu’s phone. She returns her phone. Tanu says I didn’t notice that we have same phone. Rhea says everyone has similar phones. Tanu says lets do the engagement. Aaliya says why, and asks what is the hurry. Bhai and Tanu shall have a couple dance. She whispers to Pragya that they have to keep Tanu busy until Pradeep comes. Pragya says yes. Abhi asks didn’t you find any other way. Pragya says no. Mitali asks the kids to sit. Abhi dances with Tanu unwillingly and looks at Pragya, he reminisces dancing with Pragya.

Nainon se Naina takraye…..plays….Tanu smiles dancing with him. Pragya collides with Abhi and makes Tanu falls. Tanu starts coughing. Mitali asks did you dance much and asks her to sit, calls waiter asking for water. Pragya asks Abhi if he was dancing with her. Abhi says yes. Rhea asks waiter to give the drink to Tanu and says she will ask for water, but give her drink and tell that he is bringing water. Pradeep hears her and gives money to the waiter after Rhea goes. Tanu tells Aaliya and Mitali that she feels that they are acting, just as Dadi left. She says nobody brought water till now. Rhea says waiter must be bringing water. Tanu sees Pradeep as the waiter and gets shocked.