Twist of Fate Friday Update 30 October 2020


Twist of Fate Friday Update 30 October 2020

Tanu telling that Purab is alone and if we take care of him then he will be dependent on us. Aaliya asks Purab to open the door. Purab says he needs to be alone and don’t open the door. Tanu asks Aaliya to give some time to Purab and come again later. Purab cries asking Bulbul to return for once, and says he will do as she says. He cries badly and says I haven’t learnt how to stay without you. He asks what is in my life now.

Later he gets Bulbul’s letter and thinks it is the reason for his survival now. He comes to Dadi. Dadi says Pragya has lost her sister and says she must not have strength to do this anymore. She says she doesn’t want to do, but I forced her for my grand son. I didn’t know that Pragya have to lost her sister and sacrifice her. She says I can’t ask her anymore. Purab says I will talk to her, and says I can’t see everything ruined infront of my eyes.

Pragya is crying and looking at Bulbul’s photo. Purab comes to her and says Bulbul might be happy whereever she is. Pragya says you have also weaken after she left, and says she is also weaken and lost strength. She says she can’t act anymore and there is no reason to smile. Purab asks her not to give reason to Bulbul to cry, and says you have to punish Bulbul’s criminals. He says I will fulfill her last wish anyhow. Pragya says last wish. Purab gives her letter. Pragya reads that….Bulbul wants them to be strong even after she dies, and says I will be burden on you if I am alive, I want you to win and asks her to promise not to weaken, take revenge from the persons who tried to kill her and killed her. I will be happy if you are happy…Purab says that Bulbul gave strength to them while leaving. Pragya says she needs to catch her killer. Purab says if we catch one, then we will catch all. He says until when you will cry, and says we have to do something. He says I won’t be at peace and will not let the criminals stay in peace.

Pragya says I have a reason to live now, and says she will take revenge for Bulbul’s death. Purab asks her to promise. Pragya promises that our enemies will be right infront of us, and says it is justice time for Bulbul. Akash comes back. Raj asks if the work is done in hyderabad. Akash says yes, and says they heard about Bulbul and rushed back. Tai ji asks him to stay with them. Rachna asks about Pragya. Tai ji says she has changed a lot and she is not old Pragya. Abhi asks them to have food. Aaliya says it is a nonsense talk. Pragya comes downstairs. Tanu whispers in Aaliya’s ears that Pragya was crying and now she is here. Pragya says she wants finger prints of everyone. She says I am sure that the killer is among the family member, and says she will take revenge. She asks Ronnie to take everyone’s finger prints and if anyone refuses then tell her. Dadi thinks what happened which forced Pragya to come in her avatar, and she is looking very strict. Pragya cries seeing Bulbul’s photo and says I promise that I will find the guilty and will punish him. Abhi comes and asks what she is doing? Pragya says I was searching the person who tried to kill me, and now searching my sister’s killer. Abhi says Bulbul is related to me also, and says you have sidelined me and doing the investigation alone. Pragya says the killer is your family member, and I don’t want you to be emotional. I am very practical and don’t want the killer to go. Abhi says he is realistic. Pragya says I have to find the killer alone and asks him to excuse her.

Aaliya says I thought she will take 10 days to be normal, but she has become normal. Tanu gets worried. Aaliya says she has given fingerprints after keeping fingers in oil. Tanu says Abhi said that he will punish the killer, and gets worried. Aaliya wonders what is the proof, and asks her to keep Abhi busy when Pragya leaves for forensic lab. She says she will search proof in Pragya’s room. Rachna tells Akash that she saw Pragya going towards that side of house. Akash asks if she is sure. Pragya tells Dadi that she has to fulfill Bulbul’s last wish. Dadi asks if you can reach the killers. Pragya says Aaliya and Tanu will do some mistake and will be caught. She says it is difficult to catch Vijay and that’s why she made this plan. Rachna and Akash come there. Pragya and Dadi are shocked. Rachna says Bulbul told them about their plan. Akash says we will help you. Pragya asks them not to risk their life. Rachna says this life is given by you and says they want to do something for Bulbul. She says we also want to fulfill Bulbul’s last wish. Aaliya comes to Pragya’s room to find the proofs. Dadi comes there and calls Abhi. Aaliya hides.

Aaliya thinks she has 30 mins to search the proofs, till Tanu keeps Abhi busy. Just then Dadi comes and calls Abhi. Aaliya hides in the changing room. Dadi calls Abhi. Aaliya gets Power of Attorney papers, and gets happy. She says Pragya will become powerless and thinks to kick her out of house. Janki telling Sarla that she is equally sad about Bulbul’s death, and says she is their servant but loved her a lot. She asks her to take care of Biji and goes. Purab tells Sarla that Bulbul came to him in his dream, and told that her mum is not eating food and not keeping well. She said she will not come in my dreams, if you don’t eat food. Do you want her to go away from my dreams,……no. He asks her to agree and have food. Sarla says I will eat food, as I don’t want her to go far from your dreams. He makes her eat food.

Aaliya comes to meet her friend and says she came to take her help. Her friend asks what? Aaliya says she needs her lawyer’s help, as there is some technical issues with the papers. Her friend says you have your bro’s lawyers. Aaliya says she don’t want to take his help. Her friend says if I refuse to help you then…..Aaliya reminds her that she had helped her with the promotion of her company, and convinced Abhi. Her friend agrees to help her with lawyers. Aaliya invites her for party which is after 2 days.

Pragya comes to the room. Abhi comes and says he wants to know about the person who tried to kill her, and says he is restless and wants to know. Pragya asks him to wait and says reports will come tomorrow. Abhi asks why did you announced today and says it will be risky for your life. Pragya says she won’t hide that person’s name when the reports come. Tai ji and Mitali talk with Akash and Rachna’s baby. Mitali says I am your Tai ji. Pragya comes downstairs. She tells everyone that finger prints report will come at 10 pm and asks everyone to gather there, else they will be punished. Tanu thinks where is Aaliya, she is missing since night, don’t know if she got anything from Pragya’s room or not.

Aaliya comes and asks everyone not to follow Pragya’s orders. Pragya says I am boss of this house. Aaliya says I am owner of this house. Everyone is shocked. Pragya says she has no time for waste people. Aaliya says you are the unwanted person in this house, and shows the papers. Pragya is shocked. Aaliya asks if she wants her specs and asks Ronnie to bring her specs. She says you will look good in old specs, and shows the POA papers. She says Pragya has named her everything on my name. She says everything is mine now, her money, property, house, bank balance and everything is mine. She asks Pragya to accept it fast and says I will order you now. She says you have to say “yes boss”. Pragya is shocked. Abhi asks what you are doing? He says a big accident have happened in the house. Aaliya says I am owner of this house and says she has to leave. Abhi says that POA papers is with me. Aaliya shows the papers and says it is written clearly that everything is mine now. Abhi goes to get papers. Aaliya says Pragya’s signatures and these papers are real, and says everything will happen according to my will. Abhi gets the fake papers which Pragya kept in the bed. Tanu asks Aaliya how did she got the papers, and says Abhi’s name was written in the papers. Aaliya says she got her name written on the papers. Tanu asks why did she take a big step without informing her. Aaliya asks her not to mess with her else she will expose her. Tanu thinks to stay silent and see the drama. Abhi brings the papers. Aaliya says it is all waste.

Abhi wonders how is this possible? Aaliya says lets not waste time, and shows the papers. Abhi says this is the same papers on which I took Pragya’s sign, but my name was written on it. He asks did you steal papers from my room. Aaliya says there is one answer to your question and says everything belongs to me now. Abhi asks what do you mean? Aaliya asks Pragya to explain Abhi. Abhi asks her to talk clearly. Aaliya says history is repeating itself, and says Pragya claimed that the house and property is hers few months back, and now I am informing you all that everything is mine. She says I will not do anything with you like Pragya did and will increase your salary. Abhi shouts? Aaliya asks him not to dare? Aaliya says I will rule on this house, and says you all got the habit of becoming servants. She says Pragya made you cry for money, but I have decided to increment your salary. Abhi asks her to keep quiet else he will slap. Aaliya asks him not to raise even eye brows infront of her as all powers are with her, else she might do anything in anger. Dadi asks what you are saying? Aaliya says did he think about me? What special did he do for me? He just got me educated and taken care of me, infact mom and dad would have done this if they were alive.

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