Twist of Fate Friday Update 3 July 2020


Twist of Fate Friday Update 3 July 2020

Abhi in car thinks how to convince Aaliya. He sees Pragya smiling and asks if she has taken his words seriously and says he was just joking and says we both can walk together like a railway track, but not unite, praises himself that he is brilliant and asks her to continue her rehearsal of proposing her. She thinks though we cannot unite, we will be like a railway track as he said and reach our destiny.

Abhi gets into house with Pragya. Aaliya happily hugs and thanks him. Abhi asks what did he do. Tanu says they know that he met Purab and fixed Aaliya and Purab’s marriage. Abhi is shocked to hear that. Tanu calls all family memebers. Tauji and Taiji come and say Abhi that he fulfilled his responsibility as a brother. Akash asks which event management company to hire. Tanu suggests some name.


Mitali suggests they should hire a music director also. Aaliya says she will decide with Purab and says he must be out and will go and talk to him. Abhi says she should not meet Purab. She asks why. He says because her marriage is not fixed with Purab.

Abhi telling that he has fixed Purab’s marriage with Bulbul and not her. Aaliya feels devastated hearing that. Tanu asks what is he telling, if he is not worried about Aaliya. He says he tried to contact her before taking the decision, but she did not pick call. He says if Aaliya marries Purab, she cannot be happy with him, so it is better Purab marries Bulbul. Aaliya strangulates Pragya and says she has done this. Pragya tries to explain, but she slaps her and says she is taking revenge for making her MMS. Abhi intervenes and tries to stop her, but she gets hyper. He gives her a tight slap, which she deserved many times. Mitali and other puppets of Aaliya are shocked to see that.

Purab takes Bulbul out and asks if she loves him or not. She asks what. He says she gave weird reasons before to save Pragya’s marriage and now that Abhi has approved their marriage, he wants to know if she loves him. She says she will not tel it so easily. He gets a rose, pin her to a tree and gets rose closer to her lips. Bulbul gets shy and says people are watching. He says let them be. She says Sarla is coming. He gets conscious. She runs from there and says he will not get her easily. He says he will wait with his rose. She says let us see and runs from there smiling.

Abhi says Aaliya that Pragya is not behind this decision and it is his sole decision. Aaliya says she is not a child to accept whatever he says. She says he is wife’s puppet and does whatever she says. He asks what happened to her. She says it is Pragya’s plan to trap daadi first and then him to stay in this house and even wants to get her sister here. He asks what happened to her. She says when he has given her sister’s happiness to Pragya’s sister, how can she be happy, so she will kill her. Abhi stops her and says if she even touches Pragya, he will forget that she is his sister and will break their relationship. Aaliya’s puppets are shocked to hear that.

Aaliya locks herself into her room, reminisces Abhi slapping her and throws things on floor. Tanu knocks door.

Abhi asks Daadi if he did right. She says he took right decision even without her and says even she wanted everyone to be happy, now she is sure he and Pragya can live without her help. Abhi says Aaliya thinks him as her enemy and he cannot tolerate that. Daadi says Aaliya is very arrogant and once her anger calms down, she will realize it. Abhi thanks her and says after speaking to her, he feels he took right decision.

Aaliya breaks things and sleeps on bed. Tanu knocks door repeatedly and asks her to open door.

Abhi asks Pragya not to worry and not to inform her family as he does not want them to get tensed. She says she is worried about Aaliya as she cannot see her brother thinking of someone else’s happiness than her. He says he knows his sister well and knows how to calm her down. He says to calm Aaliya’s madness, they will have to get Purab and Bulbul married in this house so that Aaliya should realize that Purab has moved out. He says he will have to meet Purab now and leaves.

Bulbul reminisces Purab telling he will wait with rose until she proposes and smiles. Sarla comes and apologizes her for doubting her and thinking she is against Pragya, but whatever was going in Pragya’s life, she thought everyone is her enemy. Bulbul says whatever has happened is for good and she is happy that she has accepted her and Purab’s relationship.

Tanu congratulates Pragya and says whatever she tries, Bulbul’s marriage with Purab will not happen. Pragya asks her to get out of her way as she wants to meet Aaliya. Tanu says she will not meet you and says if anything happens to her, Abhi will not leave her. Pragya pushes her and leaves.

Aaliya imaging Bulbul and Purab hugging in mirror and breaks it. Pragya comes there, knocks door and asks her to open door. Aaliya calls Bulbul and says she cannot attend her marriage, but can send her marriage gift. Bulbul asks what gift. Aaliya takes mirror piece and cuts her wrist thinking now Abhi will realize what he did, he killed his sister for Pragya and her sister’s sake, once she dies, Abhi will hate Pragya and Bulbul and will not support marriage. Pragya continues knocking door. Aaliya says she hates her and falls on floor unconscious. Pragya continues knocking door and requests to open door.

All ladies hear her pleas and ask what happened. Pragya says Aaliya is not opening door and she is worried about her. Tanu taunts that Aaliya’s condition is because of her. Pragya asks her to stop taunting and help Aaliya. She runs to Akash’s room and asks him to break Aaliya door. Bulbul calls her and asks if everything is alright. Pragya says she will call her later and cuts call.

Akash breaks door. Everyoneenter in and are shocked to see Aaliya unconscious on floor with cut wrist. Tanu calls Abhi and asks him to come home immediately as Aaliya has cut her wrist. Abhi says he does not like jokes and cuts call. He tells Purab that Aaliya is again making drama that she cut her wrist. Purab asks what if she really has done that. Pragya calls Abhi and informs him. They both rush towards home. Bulbul calls Purab and he tells her about Aaliya’s suicide attempt. She reminisces Aaliya telling about gift and realizes this was her gift. Sarla asks why is she tensed. She tells her about Aaliya’s suicide attempt. Sarla says she is worried about Abhi now as Aaliya is his sister and he has right to think of her happiness.

Pragya and whole family bring Aaliya to hospital. Pragya worried thinks how can Aaliya try to suicide and not think of Abhi. Doc comes out and says Aaliya is out of danger. Pragya thanks her. She says she should be thankful to herself as she brought Aaliya on time and asks who tied cloth against Aaliya’s wrist. Mitali says Pragya tied and says she told her not to, but she went ahead. Doc says she did right and praises Pragya.

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