Twist of Fate Friday Update 26 June 2020


Twist of Fate Friday Update 26 June 2020

Mitali comes to Aaliya’s room and says it has been many days since Raj is in jail and as she promised, when will she bail him out. She says she cannot get money from her dad as he is also in debt. Aaliya says she really wants to help her, but wants to wait until Pragya is married and gets out of this house, she will bring Raj then.

Pragya reaches Abhi’s room back and sadly looks around. Abhi comes there and starts his usual brainless taunts. He says today is her last night in his room and he wants her to enjoy the most. He says he wants to make her comfortable and will get her all the necessities needed. He makes her wear bridal veil and says she is looking very beautiful. He also gets into dupatta.. Serial’s title song…plays in the background. She gets emotional. He comes out of veil and walks out.

Abhi decorates house with flowers and takes Tanu’s help. Tanu acts as falling and he holds her. She sees Pragya coming there and while decorating rose gets hurt with thorn and remembers Pragya’s words about thorn in her life. She thinks of making Pragya jealous by falling on Abhi and falls, but Abhi walks out from there and she falls on ground. Servant Robin helps her get up. Daasi sees that and taunts her that she knows she loves Robin, but should not romance in open. Tanu gets irked.


Rachna asks Suresh why did he agree to marry Pragya. He says even he does not want, but promised Abhi to get out of the shame that MMS will bring. Sarla comes to his home. Pragya on the other side says Abhi that she does not want to marry. He says she has to marry at any cost.

Sarla coming to Suresh’s house angrily and asks who dare he is to thinking of marrying Pragya. She says he is always behind Pragya and must have waited for Abhi to divorce to marry her. He says he is just trying to stop people from insulting Pragya. He says that MMS is fake, only they know, but not people and people will insult Pragya continuously. Sarla says who is he to think about Pragya, her mother is still alive and she will not let him marry Pragya at any cost.

Mitali sees food not yet prepared at the for Pragya’s function and tells Aaliya when will food be prepared, she is worried about Pragya’s marriage. Tanu comes there limping. Servant hits Mitali with utensil by mistake. Tanu says Pragya is a witch and must have send evils to harm them. Aaliya says nothing like that and they are harming her instead.

Abhi’s producer friend comes and asks why did he call him with designer at such a short notice and says he can do anything for him but. Abhi says that is why he likes him. Producer asks who is the bride. Abhi says it is a surprise and goes to bring Pragya.

Abhi comes to Pragya’s room and starts his brainless taunts, says she must be happy thinking of marrying Suresh and is blushing hearing his name, etc. He gets her down. Producer is shocked to see Pragya and asks Abhi if he has gone insane. Abhi asks him to do his work and walk off. Producer asks his designer to take Pragya for designing bridal dress for her. Producer says Tanu that she has become fat and starts praising Pragya. Tanu and Aaliya both get irked and start and asks him to get out. He says even he does not want to stay and will come back only when Abhi will be with Pragya and they both are out of his life.

Abhi start instructing musicians to play music well when guests come and his usual brainless talks. Sarla comes with family and musicians start playing. Abhi says they are bride’s people and does not need welcome. Sarla says she wants to meet Pragya. He says she is where bride should. Sarla gets into Pragya’s room and packs her cloths saying she will come with her right now. Abhi comes there and says she cannot take his wife. She asks if he really knows meaning of wife. She says he has already divorced her and has no right to hold her. He says he is doing this for Pragya and her family’s sake, to save them from people’s insult and says he will go down and attend guests. Pragya asks Sarla to listen to her once.

Akash taking Suresh and Rachna for marriage. He looks at Rachna and she scolds him to stop watching her. He says she hates him even after he has changed and it is waste explaining him.

Aaliya taunts Sarla that she must be happy that her daughter is remarrying and says Bulbul must be thanks for it. She asks why she is thanking her. She says if she had not sent Purab in favor of Pragya, she would not have divorced Abhi, so because of her Pragya divorced and is remarrying. Mitali says she is happy that Pragya is finally getting out of this house, she was feeling suffocated in her own house because of Pragya. Bulbul asks them all to stop badmouthing her sister and they all start fighting. Abhi comes and asks him to relax and start dancing instead.

Racha (who is pregnant since the serial started) comes with Suresh and Akash. Pragya looks at herself and gets sad. Abhi comes and says he will get her ready. He makes her wear jewelry and makeup while she silently watches and allows him. Mai tenu samjhawa ji….song plays in the background. He gets her dress and says he will dress her up, then says he cannot, else she will feel shame shame puppy shame, and walks out asking her to get ready soon.

Tanu asks Aaliya why did she get ready so well for Pragya’s marriage. Aaliya says she is getting ready for Purab and wants him to realize what mistake he did by ditching her for Bulbul. Tanu asks if she has gone mad that she is thinking of Purab who walked out from mantap. Aaliya says she is not fool like her and Purab is her childhood love and will not leave him for Bulbul. She says now she is getting rid of Pragya, she will get rid of Bulbul soon and marry Purab.

Pragya gets ready in a bridal wear. Abhi comes back and starts is brainless baffoonery talks that she is looking pretty because of his makeup. She asks her to stop crying and ruin makeup and says if tears fall on her specs, she will start playing with Suresh instead of suhagrat, asks what she needs as marriage gift. She hugs him and asks him to stop marriage. He pushes her and says her talks will not change affect him and he will not change is decision, so she should stop crying and get down for marriage. He sees her wearing mangalstura and says she cannot wear his mangalsutra, so he himself will remove it. She turns back and he removes it.

Bulbul asks Suresh if he has any other wish than marrying Pragya and says he was always behind Pragya and when now she is in love with Abhi, he is forcing to marry her. She says he is very shameless. He asks her to stop blaming him and says she is also responsible for Pragya’s problem and says she does not know why he and Pragya are marrying. She says Pragya loves Abhi, so she agreed to marry you. He says he cannot see her in trouble, so he is marrying her and says he is not trying to impress her and get her back. Purab hears their conversation silently. Once Suresh leaves, Purab comes there. She says Suresh was telling lie and she loves only him. He asks her not to explain anything as he knows he loves only him.

Abhi comes to Pragya’s room and asks her to come out and get down for marriage. He does not find her and thinks she must be in balcony, checks there and find her veil instead.

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