Twist Of Fate Friday Update 21 May 2021


Twist Of Fate Friday Update 21 May 2021

Prachi saves Rhea but Rhea was thankless. Prachi asks what if she had left her all alone here. The goon enters the room. The girls were hiding behind the two sides of door holding the rope and ties the goon with the rope.

The assistant comes to Abhi’s room. Vikram inquires about Rhea and Ranbir. They all receive a video that there was a robbery in KBK bank. The assistant says it’s the same bank where Ranbir and Rhea have gone to. There Pragya was worried and calls office to inquire about her. She gets worried thinking that KBK is the same bank where Prachi went, as she had watched the news.

Ranbir stalks the robbers who were looting on the lockers of the bank. He was caught as one of them spots him. There, those who held others hostage finds their team’s video getting viral. Ranbir was being followed by the goon in the corridor. He throws a chair and boasts about being a football player. He looks for Rhea and Prachi. The robbers were worried that their video has gone viral on social media. They still have an option to leave here, they have a daughter of rich father held hostage here. They can use her as a key to leave the place. They reach Rhea and Prachi and take them back.

Ranbir wish to hear their voices at least so that he can find the girls. Ranbir gets a call from Abhi who inquires about Rhea. Ranbir says he is fine, and Rhea is hiding somewhere. Pragya was also on the way and tries Prachi’s number. She now calls Ranbir. Ranbir tells her the same that Prachi is hiding, and he will safely drop Prachi home. Pragya says she is sure Prachi won’t be hurt when he is there.
The robbery was bring covered in media after the social media video had gone viral. The police hadn’t reached yet while the robbers were still inside. The inspector replies to media that they didn’t believe Ranbir when he called for complaint.

Rhea prays for her security while she and Prachi sat with the group of others held hostage. The robbers discuss that they need to kill Ranbir Kohli who made their video viral. Prachi speaks up for Ranbir. The robber asks who he is to Prachi. Rhea replies he is her boss. The goon says last time they had only killed five people, but this time they will kill only two. One of them goes to look for Ranbir. Prachi silently prays for Ranbir.


The robber calls inspector and says they came to loot the bank. A young guy made a video to go viral. He demands that the inspector must keep on telling media about how dangerous they are. It will increase their TRP. And they will leave the bank silently. There is some daughter on a famous person as well, some VIP. He is sending the inspector a photo, and he must find out who is her father. Rhea denies being a daughter of a famous father, it was a lie only to get spared. May be Prachi is the daughter of a famous father. Prachi agrees being the daughter of a famous father. They argue with each other. The goon says he now knows none of their’s father is any VIP.

Ranbir runs for his life as one of the goons was stalking him. Ranbir efficiently fights him but another one comes there. Ranbir requests them to let him be a hero. He reaches the hall and complains why Rhea and Prachi hadn’t told him. He argues with the goons for misbehaving the girls. He tries to convince them that she is his good friend, and he would feel bad if Rhea is killed. And Prachi is an ill-tempered girl already. The goon threatens to kill Ranbir recognizing him. One of them stops the other. They now decide to wait for another five minutes, if manager doesn’t return they will kill one person amongst them and send the body outside.

Pragya reached the venue. She hears the media discussing how police took the robbery news as joke. Ranbir, Rhea and Prachi had been held hostage. There was a vase on Ranbir’s feet. Rhea silently thinks if Ranbir hits the gun of robber, she will reach exit gate. Ranbir instead hits the gun of goon who held Prachi. He snatches the gun from robber who held him, and Prachi gets hold of the vase and beats the robbers. Pragya saves an eye from the police inspector who held everyone outside. Prachi fought the goons. Rhea turns to leave through the exit gate but was stopped. Ranbir fights the robber who hurt Prachi. The police broke into the bank and takes away the robbers. Prachi comes to Ranbir concerned if he is ok. He pulls off his jacket. Prachi takes him aside as his injury was still bleeding.

Prachi taking Ranbir with her. Pragya comes and hugs Rhea, says I didn’t know that you are here. Rhea says your daughter is inside and asks her to go and handle her. Pragya says I didn’t know that you was here. Rhea says what would have done if known and goes. Pragya looks on sad. Abhi and Vikram hear the news of bank robbery, that everyone is safe. Rhea calls Abhi and says they are safe. Abhi says we will reach there in 10 mins. Rhea tells that she doesn’t want to stay here anymore, even for a second. Vikram asks where is Ranbir? Rhea says we will come home and says she called to tell Dad, I love you. She says I love you Dad. Abhi says I love you too and ends the call. Inspector comes to Rhea and says he wants to take her statement. Prachi makes Ranbir sit and asks him to wait till she comes back. Ranbir recalls Pragya asking him to close his eyes and see the girl. Prachi brings the first aid box and tells that last time when she came, someone had told her about it. Ranbir smiles. She asks him to close his eyes while applies antiseptic. Ranbir imagines holding Prachi’s hand when both Rhea and Prachi are standing. She blows on his hand. Ranbir opens his eyes and looks at her. tujhse kitna chahne lage hum plays…….She ties the bandage and continues to talk. She says you are getting brave and says it is done. Ranbir says I didn’t know that the girl was you.

Prachi asks what? He looks at her hand and asks when she got hurt. Prachi says it is an ordinary injury. He blows on her injury and applies antiseptic. The song continues to play…Prachi asks if it is done. Ranbir says yes. Prachi asks what to do with the other hand and tells that the injury is on this hand. She says she was telling her. Ranbir asks when did you say? Pragya comes and calls Prachi. She sees bandage and asks about it. Ranbir tells that he had tied bandage on the wrong hand and the injury is on the other hand. He tells that he was looking at Prachi’s face while doing it. Prachi asks why did you look at me? Ranbir tells that she was doing chik chik. He tells that he was removing the confusion fog. Pragya asks what did you say? He says I tied bandage well. Pragya says we shall go as Rhea is alone outside. Ranbir recalls holding Prachi’s hand in dream. The song continues to play.

Rhea tells Inspector that she came to bank with Ranbir, then he went to manager’s cabin and she was talking on phone. She says Prachi came and told her that something wrong is about to happen here, but I didn’t go. Inspector says you should have gone as anything would have happen. Rhea says I don’t like her and asks him not to ask why she dislikes Prachi. Pragya and Prachi come there. Rhea says sorry. Pragya says we will go home together. Rhea says she has booked a cab. Ranbir says this is shock for you also and asks her to cancel it and come with them. He goes. Pragya asks Rhea if she is upset with Ranbir. Rhea asks how do you know? Pragya asks do you like him? Rhea tells that they are childhood friends and she don’t like him that way. Pragya asks do you like me? Rhea says yes, and don’t know why I like you. Pragya smiles and asks her to come with her to her house. Rhea says how do you know that I need someone now. Pragya says she is a mother.

In the car, Ranbir is looking at Prachi while driving the car. Rhea sees him looking at Prachi and gets upset. Pragya also notices it and smiles. Ranbir says house came so fast. Pragya asks Rhea to come home and have lunch whenever she wants. Rhea thanks her. Prachi thanks Ranbir. Pragya thanks him and asks him to go carefully. They leave. Prachi asks Pragya, why she talked to her so nicely. Pragya asks since when you have become Shahana. Prachi says sometimes she feels. Rhea comes home and hugs Abhi. She says I was scared. Abhi says it is good, as your all senses are working. Aaliya hugs her and tells that something would have happen to me if something happens to you. Pallavi asks about Ranbir. Ranbir comes inside. Pallavi cries seeing him,. Abhi says Ranbir will not feel good to see you crying. Ranbir asks him to stop crying. Pallavi says she will take him to Pandit ji so that he can do puja and take off all the bad sight from him. Beeji says yes. Ranbir tells that whenever he sees goons, he gets superpower. He says when chief called me and told that I have everyone’s responsibility on me.

Rhea tells that they were on gun point, Ranbir kicked the vase and the goon dropped the gun. Ranbir says goon looked at me and then Rhea ran from there. Rhea says I saw as you and Prachi were in action and fighting with goons. Abhi asks if Prachi was there? Rhea says yes, she is safe, but I was on gun point. She says if anything had happened to me then…abhi hugs her and says nothing will happen to you. Aryan comes and congratulates Ranbir. Aaliya takes Rhea with her. Abhi touches his hand. Ranbir tells that he has a small injury. They look at it. Ranbir recalls Pragya asking him to solve his confusion. He smiles.

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