Twist Of Fate Friday Update 2 July 2021


Twist Of Fate Friday Update 2 July 2021

Abhi tells Pragya that if she would have been with her then everything would have been fine. Pragya says she was angry and took the wrong decision. Abhi says I took wrong decision in anger and asks why you didn’t show maturity? Pragya says that day a mother got angry and tells that she misses Kiara. Abhi says he misses her too. Pragya reminisces her and says she used to call you superman, she used to think that you have solution for all the problems. Abhi says she was clever and used to called me doll chor. Pragya says doll chor became her hero afterwards.

Beeji asking Mrs Chaubey to come and meet the guest ladies. Dushyant calls Ranbir and tells that they were waiting for him. Mr. Chaubey asks Ranbir to touch Dushyant’s feet and tells that he is your bade Papa now. Dushyant says let them respect us from the heart. Mr. Chaubey says we shall teach them. Ranbir touches his feet. Dushyant tells him that his brother told him how he proposed Maya during her first engagement and asks her to keep Maya happy and take care of her. He says I can’t see her sad and my blood boils seeing her tears. He silently threatens him and asks him to keep her happy. Aryan signs Ranbir. Ranbir excuses himself. Prachi dries Meera’s saree with hair dryer. Meera thinks Prachi is helping Ranbir by trying to break his marriage with Maya. She thinks she is helping my Rhea also. She asks Prachi why she is doing this for Ranbir. Prachi says Ranbir has many favors on me and recalls Ranbir saving her from goons and taking stand for her when she was accused of theft. She says I used to think that he is arrogant, self centered and selfish, but later I came to know that he is good at heart and thinks good about others. Meera tells that in her age, friends become life partners in later life. Prachi says may be, but I didn’t know. Meera thinks thank god, Prachi doesn’t love him, Rhea’s way is open.

Ranbir thanks Aryan for saving him. Aryan says whenever you are in problem, your brother will save you. Ranbir says Prachi told Maya’ mother that she will not break her relationship with me. He asks him to give some solid reason why he helped him. Aryan says I have a solid reason and tells that I love you bro. He says even Prachi loves you. He tells that he is happy whenever someone takes her face, I get butterflies in my heart, once I am out of Maya’s trap, I will focus on Prachi. He calls Shahana and asks where is Rahul? Shahana says he must be on the way. Prachi is on call with Rahul and asks him to come behind them. Rahul comes inside. Mr. Chaubey sees Rahul who is indisguise of a sardaar and tells Dushyant that he has identified him.

Abhi thanks Pragya and tells that it seems like they never went far from each other. He tells that there is nothing going on in his mind and tells that she has distracted his fear and gave him happiness, which only she can give. He says only you know how to handle me, else I would have gone mad. Pragya says God must have made me so that I can solve your problem. Abhi asks if God asked you to go after solving the problem. Pragya looks on. Abhi says I want to make a confession that I am afraid of lift, petrified. Pragya says I know. Abhi says I want to confess one more thing. I missed you a lot really. Pragya comes near him. He says I want to confess one more thing that there is no other place good than this lift, you are with me, and there is no disturbance. Pragya says it has become my favorite place too.

Manager calls the technician. Technician asks Manager to get another lift and tells that this lift is beyond repair. Manager says new lift is costly and asks the technician to repair the lift. Technician checks the lift and tells that it will either go up or down and have gone on auto mode. Mr. Chaubey identifies Rahul as Bunty and tells that he made Maya cried. He tells that he gave Maya’s lehenga to someone else. Ranbir says no problem will create and calls Rahul as Rohan. Mr. Chaubey says I told you not to give that lehenga to someone else. Ranbir asks him to come. Dushyant asks what is the matter? Ranbir asks Rahul to say. Rahul says he is Rohan Preet Chadda. Mr. Chaubey says I thought he is Bunty. Prachi comes calling him as Rohan. Shahana asks did he bring what we asked him to bring. Mr. Chaubey says if everyone is calling him Rohan then he must be. He says I am feeling that I know him. Dushyant tells that he has a feeling that they are not happy with the marriage and asks him to concentrate on marriage. He asks him to call Suraj Verma. Mr. Chaubey says whom you want to get killed? Dushyant asks him to call him. Mr. Chaubey thinks where is his wife?

Beeji talks to Mrs Chaubey and shows her their family pics. She asks her to know about Ranbir and tells that Maya told her about her. Mrs. Chaubey says maya mingles with everyone well. Beeji says she mingles like sugar in water. She says you must have given coal/diamond in charity to get daughter like Maya. Mrs. Chaubey says yes. Beeji says she prays to God to send Maya to their house, whenever she comes on earth. She then asks God not to do the booking. She tells that Maya said that my mum kept me away from bad values and told that she loves only one person in life. Mrs. Chaubey asks who, thinks if she told about Rahul? Beeji says you. Mrs. Chaubey says I can’t believe that she told you so much. Beeji says she opened infront of me like a book and I read everything. Mrs. Chaubey thinks she will give me heart attack. Beeji says she shared her personal matters also and tells that it was all good. Mrs. Chaubey relaxes and praises Beeji’s goodness. Pallavi comes there. Beeji acts to be upset with her and asks her to bring juice for her. Pallavi thinks why Beeji is not insulting Mrs. Chaubey.

Abhi tells Pragya that they shall start a new life and asks her not to take tension of their daughters, and tells that he will talk to both of them. Lift starts and light comes. Abhi asks about their daughter’s name. Pragya is about to say, when the lift breaks down and goes down at high speed. Abhi and Pragya sit and shout for help.

Beeji winking her eye before Pallavi. Pallavi asks why did you wink your eye? Mrs. Chaubey asks her why did wink her eye? Beeji says it is winking since morning and tells that she had asked Pallavi to bring juice for her (Mrs. Chaubey), but she doesn’t remember. Pallavi recalls Beeji asking her to fight and she starts fighting with her. Beeji shows thumps up and tells that her hand is paining. Pallavi says your age got over, but not your drama. She goes. Beeji says since she came, she made our life miserable and tells Mrs. Chaubey that once she made her run in the house and scared her with a stick. She says I am feeling pity on your daughter and asks her not to get her married in this house. She says Pallavi is a bad saas. Mrs. Chaubey tells that she has trained Maya to handle her saas and she will bring Pallavi on track in the same day. She asks her not to worry.

Pragya tells Abhi that there is a smoke as some wire is burning. Abhi gets worried and calls for help. Pragya also shouts for help. Prachi and Ranbir take Rahul to room. Rahul says you had told me that Maya is marrying Ranbir forcibly and I have to elope with her. Ranbir says we will give you training, how to convince Maya. Prachi asks him to make Maya realize that he loves her truly even now. Shahana and Aryan argue. Prachi asks Rahul to be genuine and says his feelings through his heart. She asks him to express his feelings. Rahul says I want a demo. Prachi says you have to look in his eyes and tell her that you are my love, I can’t live without you. Ranbir hears her. Prachi asks Rahul to be confident and said everything at one go. Ranbir says yes. Rahul says he got it. Ranbir thinks I will propose her this same way. She asks Rahul to relax and tells that they will bring Rahul. Prachi asks Ranbir to be around Dushyant and Mr. Chaubey, so that when Maya elopes, you can say that you was infront of them. She calls Pragya.

Pragya and Abhi asks the manager to open the door. Manager says we are trying. Abhi asks her to relax and says nothing will happen to you. Pragya says I am not worried about myself, I am habitual to bear smoke, but you don’t. Abhi says whenever we are together, nothing will happen to us, it is the beauty of our relationship, sometimes you had saved me, and sometimes I had saved you. Their moments are shown. Allah wariyan plays….Abhi asks her to give lecture to someone else, but not him. He says smoke makes the smoker unwell too. He says I know that you are worried for me, but I am very worried for you. He asks her to stop talking and says smoke will go inside your mouth. Pragya says who is smoking. She feels breathing problem and coughs. Abhi asks Manager to open the door and tells that once he is outside, he will file the case. Manager says they are trying. Pragya faints. Abhi gets worried and says you can’t get unconscious. He says nothing can happen to you. You had said that you want to meet Rhea, even I want to meet our daughter. He knocks on the door. Prachi calls Pragya. Abhi picks the call and says Pragya can’t talk as she is stuck in lift and unconscious. Prachi couldn’t hear him and thinks Pragya is on call and tells that Sir got businessman of the year award 6 times. Manager asks Abhi to try to open the lift from inside. Abhi keeps Pragya on the floor and tries to open the lift door. The lift door opens a bit and he faints and falls down.

Shahana asks Prachi about Rahul. Prachi says she talked to maa and tells that they shall take Maya to room. Mrs. Chaubey asks Maya to take care of Beeji and save her from Pallavi. Maya asks her not to take tension and tells that she will save her from Pallavi. Beeji thinks I have to save my innocent bahu from you. Prachi thinks how to take maya to room. She gets an idea and messages Ranbir. Ranbir and Prachi come to the room. Rahul says I love you to Prachi. Ranbir gets jealous. Prachi says Rahul thought Maya came. She tells that she can’t bring Maya to this room. Rahul says sorry. Prachi says Maya hates me and will never believes me, that’s why Ranbir will bring her here. Ranbir asks why she will agree to come with me? Prachi says she will come with you as she loves you. Rahul says if she loves Ranbir then why she will elope with me. Prachi says Maya doesn’t love Ranbir, but is marrying him for her family. Ranbir asks why she winked her eyes. Prachi scolds him and asks him not to tell Maya, about who loves whom? She asks him to make a call to Maya and call him.

Abhi and Pragya are unconscious in the hospital. Nurse says her pulse rate is ok. Doctor says his pulse rate is not ok.

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