Twist of Fate Friday Update 19 June 2020


Twist of Fate Friday Update 19 June 2020

Friday Update 19 June 2020 Twist of Fate Update:  Mitali says Pragya and Suresh threatened her to make a strong case against Raj and he will never come out of jail. She got scared and said all this, but when Abhi said that Mitali will be blamed for Daadi’s condition, she couldn’t lie anymore.

Twist of Fate Thursday Update 18 June 2020

Pragya asks Mitali what she is saying. Mitali says she won’t scare from her anymore. She is between her family and they all trust her. Aaliya interrupts and says she brought another proof against her today by herself and asks Abhi he wanted to give her another chance? Pragya tells Abhi to believe her. Abhi says he needs proof, he doesn’t trust her words. He does what he says, after 24 hours he will throw her out of the house. 5 hours are done and she only has 19 hours now. He leaves. Pragya looks at Mitali with shock. She too walks away.

Purab meets Bulbul and says his friend traced phone from which MMS was sent and it was Aakash’s. He traced the phone, but couldn’t trace the number. Purab calls Aakash to his house saying he needs to talk about Abhi’s concert.

Pragya comes to her room. Abhi tells her what a performance! He knew about her magic, drama, etc, but didn’t know she threatens people as well. He’s angry, but he won’t frustrate. He has decided he won’t take any tension for her. She has gone to the lowest level and she has got punishment as well. Tomorrow she will leave the house so why he bothers himself for one night.

Pragya says she won’t leave without proving herself innocent. Abhi continues lecturing her that her relationship has ended with most of everyone. She will never come out of this mess. Daadi will be sad, but he will take her out of sorrow. After that she can go wherever she wants and make any kind of videos she wants. Pragya says, enough. She took time to prove her innocent and she will make sure she does that. She doesn’t know future of their relationship, whether they will be together or no, but she will never let any stain be on her forehead with that sindhoor. Both look at each other.

Tanu, Aaliya, Mitali come to a room. Tanu asks what’s going on and asks Mitali why she had to take all blame on herself. Aaliya tells Tanu it’s her fault. Instead going behind Pragya, she was spending time with Abhi. Aaliya then says how she followed Mitali and heard her conversation with Pragya. She warns Mitali and lets her go this time. Tanu says Pragya still has time to find proof. Aaliya says they will make sure that doesn’t happen.

Purab yells at Aakash, but he refuses about doing anything. He can never do anything like this. In fact, he respects Pragya a lot. Purab asks who sent that video then. Aakash says he was very busy that day and he doesn’t know. When he finds out, he himself will come to Purab and Bulbul because he doesn’t trust that video either.

Pragya thinks how to prove herself innocent now. She trusted Mitali bhabhi, but she created more mess. Just then she sees a guy checking camera in the house. She follows him and asks how many days recording it stores. The guy says 5 days and she asks him for a copy.

Purab and Bulbul discuss about MMS. Bulbul is very worried. Sarla sees them together and slaps Bulbul. She tells her a lot of harsh stuff that she doesn’t care about her mother or sister, only does what she wants. She even says all mothers should get a daughter like Pragya and even if a childless mother gets a daughter like Bulbul, then it’s better to be childless. Bulbul gets shocked. Purab loses his cool and starts telling Sarla why she always takes Bulbul wrong. She doesn’t even know what all Bulbul is doing for Pragya and Sarla herself. Bulbul tries to stop Purab, but he doesn’t stop saying he can’t see Sarla doing this kind of partiality in her daughters. Bulbul tells him he can’t talk like that to her mum. He says, Sarla can’t talk like that to her either. He keeps going that Bulbul doesn’t let Sarla find out anything because of her weak heart and after heartattack incident, she has got even more scared. In all this, he speaks out about MMS. Sarla then demands to know about it. Bulbul says he’s just lying, not to listen to him, but Sarla asks Purab about it. Purab tells her everything. Bulbul asks him what did he do. Sarla then wants to meet Pragya.

Pragya gets her CD. Mitali’s daughter comes and tells her Sarla came to meet her. Pragya thinks where to hide CD. Tanu comes in and Pragya quickly hides the CD between books. Pragya asks her why she came there. Tanu says to give another bad news in her unlucky life. She informs Pragya Sarla looks very worried and it seems she saw MMS video. Pragya gets shocked. Tanu tells her to go fast before she gets heart attack. Pragya leaves. Tanu thinks what Pragya was hiding between the books and she checks there. She seems to have found the CD.

Pragya comes in the hall. Sarla looks at her. Pragya thinks Sarla also seems to have found out about MMS and fears for her heath.

Pragya comes to Sarla and can’t look into her eyes. Mother and daughter hug then. Sarla tells Pragya not to worry, her mother is here. Whether anyone trusts her or no, she will always trust her. She asks why she didn’t tell her. Was she afraid about her health? She asks when Pragya will get happiness. Aaliya and Tanu come there. Aaliya asks Raj’s mum what drama is going on. Raj’s mum is furious and lectures Sarla for morals and values she has given to her daughters. Pragya stops Sarla from saying anything, but Sarla moves her on side and goes to Raj’s mum. She asks her if she even knows what’s morals. Mitali enjoys this.

Sarla tells her to first look at what values she has given to her son (Aakash) and then raise finger at others. She then says she hasn’t come here to lecture anyone, she just came to tell that she trusts on her daughter. It’s only because of her values, Pragya is staying in her sasural no matter how many problems she has to face. She tells everyone she doesn’t know why they are doing all this, but she won’t let Pragya stay in this house anymore. She tells Pragya to go to her house where all respect her, care of her. She holds Pragya’s hand and takes her, but Pragya says she can’t go with her. It’s only her who taught that no place is perfect, you have to make it perfect.

Sarla asks her for how long she will suffer. Pragya says if she leaves, then all her accusations will be like true. She can’t see people raising finger at Sarla’s parvarish and she wants to prove herself innocent. Everyone can be wrong, but not mother’s parvirsh, faith, morals. To prove that, she will need to prove herself innocent. If she has to leave the house, then she will leave with her head high and with same respect she came with. All Abhi’s family members leave. Sarla tells Pragya everyone should get daughter like her. She gives her permission to stay. Sarla suddenly remembers about Daadi and asks if she doesn’t trust her either. Pragya tells her about what happened to her. Sarla freezes.

Aakash is wondering who can send MMS from his phone. He remembers Tanu asking him for his phone. He asks himself what he’s thinking.

Sarla goes and sees Daadi. She asks Pragya what doctor said. Pragya says she doesn’t know, no one is telling her anything. She tells Sarla not to worry, she was just worried about her. But seeing her strength and support, she also got encouragement now. She will return with her respect and right in this house. Sarla tells her she will surely succeed, just don’t lose strength and stay with truth. She hugs her. Pragya says she is close to that and thinks about CD.

She comes to her room and can’t find CD. She remembers about Tanu. She searches harder and manages to find it. She plays the CD and sees Mitali talking to someone about their plan and spreading bolberings. Other persona’s face can’t be seen. Pragya is relieved.

Sarla and Bulbul are heading to their home. Sarla is tensed. Bulbul tells her not to be tensed, all will be okay. Just have faith on Pragya.

Pragya is smiling as she finally got the proof. She looks at Abhi’s photo and says he will have to believe whatever she says about their relationship is not wrong. Along with her, it will also prove that a woman kumkum’s bhag is always with her. And then.. She gets quiet as Abhi walks in. She puts his photo down. Abhi is leaving. She stops him and says she’s done it.

Abhi asks what? She says she proved herself right. Abhi says he needs proof. Pragya says she got CCTV footage where Mitali is spreading bolberings so she falls down. Suresh just came to save her as a friend. She asks why she’s talking and shows the footage to him. Abhi is embarrassed and has no words. Pragya says she kept saying this to him and there was another person with her, but she doesn’t know who that was. She doesn’t know why they are doing this to her, but all this don’t matter. Only thing that matters is what he thinks of her. She says she doesn’t know if he’s satisfied or no, but she is satisfied that she didn’t let their relationship, Daadi’s trust get shamed. She maintained herself in front of Abhi. She further says he makes mistake in knowing people, he just believes what he sees, hears.

But sometimes, you need to feel the truth, especially him because there are many people around him who just act to be good. She says she doesn’t want anyone’s bad and Daadi who loves her so much, why she would do bad to her. Seeing her in problem, she can’t live peacefully. She sees Abhi looking at it and gets quiet. She walks away and then stops. She tells him she always wanted his happiness. It’s him who keeps hurting her without thinking what she goes through. She doesn’t say anything, but how she can stay quiet this time especially when she has seen good side of him, when she started loving him.. Abhi turns her to him and hugs. He thanks her. He says, you’re right.. I was wrong to think all this about you.

I had feeling you can’t do all this, my Daadi’s choice can’t be wrong. That was in my heart, but there was that video in front of my eyes. But you sorted out everything now. Daadi will also recover and there will be no effect on my name, reputation. All this happened because of your faith, you had faith on yourself and now I also have faith in you. They hug. Samjhawaan song plays… Pragya looks very happy. This all turns out to be her imagination… which breaks when car horns. She was hugging a pillow instead. She thinks Abhi came, she will show CD to him and her dream will become true.

Aaliya and Tanu are already thinking about celebration as Pragya will be out of this house tomorrow morning and till then she won’t get any proof. Mitali comes and asks what they are talking about celebration? She tells them she just saw Pragya going out of her room and she looked very happy. Seems like she got some proof and Abhi has also reached. All get shocked and leave the room in hurry. Pragya stops Abhi and says she brought the proof of her innocence. Mitali, Tanu, Aaliya get shocked. Pragya has CD in her hands, but Abhi is not giving any attention to her.

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