Twist Of Fate Friday Update 19 February 2021


Twist Of Fate Friday Update 19 February 2021

Dadi greets Poorab in the party. Poorab says its Riya’s birthday. He asks Dadi not to take tension, Chilax. Dadi says Abhi is angry at him, when Poorab is scolded then they will both say Chilax. Poorab comes upstairs to Abhi who was looking after birthday arrangements. Abhi was angry that Poorab didn’t reach award show. Poorab says he didn’t get the flight. Abhi tells Poorab it’s a special day, its birthday of both their daughters. Poorab says Disha gave them each a child so that those children could connect them both, but none thought Abhi won’t be able to see his other daughter, and Pragya will never meet Riya. Abhi says Pragya never wished them to be together.

He wonders if she remember she has a younger daughter as well. Poorab says it wasn’t Pragya’s mistake. Abhi says it’s not about mistake, it’s that whenever Pragya leaves his life, there is a void created and shakes his entire self. First he took away Dadi, then Kiara; and he wonders if he would ever be able to see his other daughter now. Prachi arrives at Mehra House and was excited to see the grandeur. Abhi gets a call from Riya and goes inside, while Poorab goes to get ready.
Pragya brings kheer and cupcakes. She says Kheer is Prachi’s favorite, and cupcakes as Abhi loves them and Kiara also did. If her younger would be like her she must love kheer, and if she would have been like her father and Abhi then she must love cupcakes. She sends a lot of prayers for both her daughters. Then she thanks Bee ji.
Prachi supports Dadi who was about to fell down. Dadi asks Prachi who she is, Prachi introduces herself as caterer. Dadi was impressed. Shahana comes there and calls Dadi as Dadi. Dadi allows Prachi to call her Dadi as well. Prachi and Shahana have an argument. Dadi says they fight just like her daughter and son and thinks about Pragya.

Poorab was getting ready in the room. Aaliya comes inside and throws his bow tie. She asks if he has some fashion sense, no one wears a bow tie in today’s world. Poorab tells Aaliya to let him be what he is. Aaliya says she doesn’t want her husband to follow no fashion sense and look like the head of waiters. Poorab says if he follows Aaliya, he must wear black which shows her character. Aaliya was aggressive. Poorab says Aaliya likes black, and black means unhappy and angry. Aaliya grabs his collar and demands him one reason to stay happy. Abhi comes in. Aaliya hugs Poorab and says fight increases love. Abhi asks Aaliya to let him speak to Poorab. Aaliya leaves. Abhi confirms if everything is fine. Poorab says she wants him to change clothes. Afterwards Poorab was annoyed.
Shahana and Prachi were working as the waitress. The manager sends Prachi to place these table clothes outside.
Abhi comes downstairs. Mira says it’s good he came downstairs. Abhi says he won’t sing for any of them. Mira asks what if Riya asks him to.

Abhi thanks Mira for keeping Riya happy. He asks about Vikram. Vikram arrives for the party, he makes up that his wife was late because of makeup. Mishti, their daughter joins them and asks about Riya. Ranbir, their son comes there. Abhi greets him and promises to make him a super star one day. Ranbir teases Mishti that her friends will be his fans soon.
Riya passes by Prachi who was taking a bunch of glass. Riya screams over her but doesn’t see Prachi.
There, Ranbir comes upstairs. Lalita caught him there though he tries to avoid her. She forces him to a corner and tries to kiss her. Ranbir backs up and hits Prachi now. Her napkin glass pile fell off. Prachi questions what he is doing here. Lalita asks who she is. Prachi boastfully says she is the waitress in the party. Ranbir asks if she is the waitress in this party. Prachi replies no, in the neighbor’s party. Ranbir likes the sarcasm. Prachi says it’s good, she thought Ranbir was completely dumb. Lalita defends that Ranbir is the hottest guy of the college. Prachi says this is how much their brains work, the guy she was trying to kiss wandered around the college with two girls shirtless. Lalita isn’t his, in fact she is third one. Lalita says she is happy to be in the list, no matter its thirtieth number. Prachi asks Ranbir to help her. Ranbir picks the napkins for Prachi and hands the tray to her. Lalita was shocked at his behavior and her demand. Prachi asks him to hand the tray well. Ranbir says he has no time for girls like her, and next time she must face her after learning manners to speak to him. Prachi replies she has no enough time for guys like him. Ranbir wonders he can’t understand what she is.
Riya comes downstairs with Mishti to greet everyone. She boasts about her necklace as it’s her Daddy’s gift. Her friends come over and complements her to look like a Princess with the necklace. Ranbir speaks to a group that Riya is extremely hot and pretty.
Prachi and Shahana come to each other. Shahana says rich must never dream, they have everything. Prachi says there seems to be something lacking here, no one here is connected to each other like they do. Riya comes to them and was about to hit. Both have a confrontation. She looks at them in a degrader way. Then send Shahana away and says ragging is a must today. Prachi sends Shahana to look for their guests. Riya points towards Ranbir and challenges Prachi to go and spill a drink over her, else she will be fired from her job and will never get a project again. Prachi asks Riya’s help to hold the tray, Riya abides by. A guest comes to complement Riya for serving in her own party. Riya was offensive. Prachi says this is the effects of a good company, she got a genuine complement. Prachi goes with the drink. Riya thinks Ranbir will beat her if she ruins his dress, and that would be Ranbir’s birthday gift for her. Prachi throws the drink but Ranbir just takes a step forward and Abhi’s dress was spoilt instead. Poorab watched this. Prachi apologizes at once, Abhi recognizes Prachi and asks how it happened. Riya was upset that she might complain to Dad. Abhi asks how this drink reached so far. Prachi likes that her foot slipped. Abhi goes to change. Prachi returns to Riya, place the glass back on the tray. The girls wonder why she didn’t take Riya’s name. Prachi replies there is a difference of ethics and brought-up. She didn’t want to ruin Riya’s birthday, like she did hers. The girls ask if it’s her birthday, why is she working then. Prachi replies life taught her great lessons in a short life. Riya says she isn’t her elder sister. Riya taunts and calls Priya as Behn-ji, who can never be her sister. Prachi argues she didn’t only call her a sister, but fixed a Ji with it as well.
Riya was angry at the friends. The girls tell Riya that Prachi spoilt her birthday and did her ragging. There is something in her as well, like Riya. Riya thinks there can be nothing common between them except birthdays.

Riya comes to Aaliya and takes her aside.
Prachi brings the drink to Daasi and offers her some drink. Daasi asks her to go to Abhi’s room upstairs and calls him down for cake cutting. She was about to hit Ranbir, he rudely tells her to watch what she does. Daasi watches Prachi go upstairs. She says Pragya. Poorab asks Daasi if she saw Pragya in the party. Daasi says she wonders why, but that girl reminds her of Pragya.
There, Riya brings Aaliya to a corner. She was in a state of panic and tells Aaliya that she is here. Aaliya asks who. She says it’s the same girl who threw drink over dad, she is the one who insulted her in the college. Riya was tensed and requests Aaliya to help her out. Riya says it would be her birthday gift. Aaliya promises to look after that girl well. She smiles towards Riya’s necklace and shares an idea with her.
In the room, Abhi was selecting his clothes. He couldn’t decide and thinks he must create a uniform for each of the function. Prachi finds the room and comes inside Abhi’s room. She says Dadi is calling him downstairs. Abhi says its Dasi, does she know who Dasi is. Prachi says like Maa’s sister is Maasi, likewise Dadi’s sister is Daasi. Abhi was impressed, as he thought it was his exclusive creation. Prachi tells him to come downstairs quickly for cake cutting. Abhi shares his confusion. Prachi selects a shirt for him. She says her mother always say one must eat of one’s own choice, but clothes from other’s choice, because they are worn for others. Abhi gets a flashback of his conversation with Pragya. He hadn’t liked the shirt she selected for him, Pragya said the statement and requested him to wear this, she likes him in this shirt. Abhi flirted with Pragya then while she avoided. He asked how his body looks, she complemented it. Abhi promised it would be same even after 20 years. Abhi tells Prachi her mother’s words reminded him of someone. Prachi leaves the room, and turns around to signal him exactly like Pragya did.
Ranbir comes to flirt with his Dadi. Daasi Dadi complains why no one complemented her. Mitali reminds complementing Daasi Dadi, Vikram also complements Daasi Dadi. His mother, Ranbir’s Dadi was annoyed. Mishti comes to take Ranbir meet someone. Everyone force him to sing here. He was reluctant, but everyone cheer for him. Ranbir finally grabs a guitar and sings ‘Bachna ae Hasino’.
Prachi enjoys the performance while she was serving the guests. Aaliya gives a thumbs up. Ranbir thanks the crowd after the song has ended. He gives the credit to his singing to his guardian angel, Abhishek Mehra. He wanted to sing this song for long, and got this chance today. Poorab goes to meet Aaryan who was his and Aaliya’s son. There, Abhi greets and appreciates Ranbir. Aaryan meets Ranbir then leaves space for girls to take pictures with him.
Prachi comes to Ranbir’s dadi who complaint about neck pain on a phone call. Prachi comes to massage her joint points for relieve. Dadi asks about Prachi’s name and bless her. Prachi says all grandmothers are same, her Dadi also blesses her this way.
Aaliya asks Riya if she did what was told. Riya says she placed her necklace in Prachi’s pocket, now she will be blamed as a thief in the party. Aaliya tells Riya sometimes she feels she is looking in a mirror, she is exactly like her. Riya says she wants Prachi to be in a huge problem. Aaliya tells Riya to enjoy her birthday and cut the cake. When someone’s necklace is missing the person doesn’t know, let someone else notice the missing necklace. Riya asks Aaliya where she gets all the smartness. Aaliya hugs Riya and says she wish Riya to be as smart and intelligent as to face any problem in life.

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