Twist Of Fate Friday Update 16 July 2021


Twist Of Fate Friday Update 16 July 2021

Prachi telling Ranbir that Maya’s tauji is coming and hides her face. Dushyant asks where is she going inside and asks who is she? Prachi recalls Dushyant’s threat. Ranbir comes to her and asks her not to worry until he is with her. Dushyant asks who is she? Prachi thinks Ranbir shall not say the truth. Rhea comes to Aaliya and tells that she talked to Maya and she told that she will not back off from marriage. She tells that what happened good is that Ranbir took a stand for me so big and has not done this before. A fb is shown. Rhea tells Aaliya that she loves him more and don’t want to lose him Aaliya says I have promised you, you are Ranbir make a perfect pair.

Rahul talks to Shahana who is indisguise of a sardar and asks her to give her dress. Shahana goes. He then asks some other dancer to give his clothes to him and wear his clothes. The guy tells about the disease..Rahul tells that he will give his clothes after sanitizing it. He gives him 2000, but the guy doesn’t agree and asks why does he need? Rahul says your clothes are very colorful and I like it. He gives him 6000 Rs. They go to change their clothes. Shahana hears them and reveals her identity to Aryan.

Ranbir asks Dushyant how is he talking to her? He says he can’t tolerate now and tells that they talk to servants with respect and says you can’t tell anything to her. Dushyant asks who is she? He says Pra..Prachi says she is Praveen’s wife. She says your eyes are biluri and staring her. She tells that Ranbir asks her to join her husband in his Doctor business, but she likes dancing. Dushyant tells that Doctor doesn’t have business. Prachi tells that he doesn’t have manners to talk to girls and goes. Dushyant says Praveen shall change his wife. Ranbir asks who is Praveen? Sarita behen coughs. Ranbir tells that he was thinking which Praveen’s wife is she? He says Praveen Singh or Chawla. Dushyant asks whose wife is she? Ranbir says she is Praveen Sharma’s girl friend. Dushyant asks what is she doing here? Ranbir says she is caterer. Dushyant says our caterer couldn’t come and recommended her name. He takes Ranbir with him.

Sarita behen praises Ranbir for taking stand for Prachi and tells that if she had of his age then he would have trapped by him and don’t let her come near them as she doesn’t like competition in love. Aryan asks Shahana why is she wearing this dress. Shahana tells that she is wearing this dress for dance performance with Prachi. He asks why you are not talking in your tone. Shahana asks Aryan to hide and makes him see Rahul. Aryan asks who is he? Shahana says Maya’s boyfriend. She says he also wants to stop the marriage. She says she shall inform Prachi. She goes to Prachi.

Sarita behen laughs seeing Shahana. Shahana says I have to tell you an important thing and tells that she saw someone. Aryan says Maya’s boyfriend Rahul. Prachi asks where did you see him? Aryan tells that he was near the corridor. Prachi says she thought that they had problems and issues and Rahul had said that he is leaving the city, then why did he come? Aryan says there is a reason for that and tells that Maya is serious about Ranbir and will not divorce him after marriage. Prachi is shocked and says she wanted to leave him for money. Aryan says she has dropped her plan, she has given the reason to not leave him and tells that Ranbir is he is smart, rich and belongs to a good family and they have status. Prachi says he is very good, sensitive, caring, protective, loving and…..She looks at everyone looking at her surprisingly and tells that she was telling his qualities. Sarita behen asks her to tell more. Prachi asks what to do. Sarita behen if I was on your place then would have confessed my feelings and elope with him. Prachi says she is talking about Maya. She says we will ask Rahul to confess the truth. Sarita behen says we shall make him drink to say the truth. Prachi says it is a wrong thing. Sarita behen says if it will be good if Maya and Ranbir marry. She says Rahul drinks daily. Shahana says lets execute our plan.

Beautician tells Maya that now she is fully ready. Maya asks her to ask her mummy when she shall come. She asks herself if she thought that she will marry Ranbir, on whom all the girls die. Rahul comes there and tells that he is in Sardar get up now. Maya asks him to go and says we will meet after marriage. Rahul says I will not drink and will make sure that no problem comes. He says I will be with you near marriage. Shahana thinks to do something with Rahul.

Ranbir tells Dushyant that he shouldn’t have catering order to Sarita behen. Dushyant asks what happened? Ranbir says they are cheater and big cheater is Nani/ Sarita behen. He says he is upset with Prachi as she didn’t come here, broke my heart. He says now I will not talk to her and hates her family. He says I am in tension, I will go to my friend and relieve my tension. Dushyant asks him to go. Mr. Chaubey asks how did this happen? Dushyant tells that he had threatened Prachi and her family not to come here and it worked. She didn’t come and Ranbir is thinking she didn’t come intentionally. Pandit ji comes there. Dushyant says you should have come on time. Pandit ji says he is on time. Vikram comes there. Dushyant asks Vikram to stay with him and calls Abhi.

Aryan makes a drink and tells that Rahul will become tiger infront of Dushyant, as this will boost his confident. Prachi says then we will tell him about Maya’s motive and then he will get angry. Prachi asks Shahana to go and bring him as she is in sardar get up. She says Rahul is greedy type and his greed will bring her here. She tells Shahana that she is Sankat mochan hanuman for her. Shahana goes to call him. Prachi thinks she has come to stop Maya’s marriage with Ranbir.

Vikram calling Abhi and asks where are you? Everyone is missing you here. Abhi says you gave the handkerchief and asks him to ask him to cry. He says don’t ask me to come to marriage. Vikram says yes. Dushyant takes the call and asks Abhi to come there. He asks Vikram to ask him to come. Abhi says if I come here then a storm will come. Vikram says come, I need you to be here. Abhi says if I come there then will stop the wedding. He says tell them that Abhishek Mehra is coming there. Vikram asks them to keep the fingers crossed. Mr. Chaubey asks why he said that. Dushyant says may be it is rich men’s sayings. Shahana asks Rahul who is incharge of the dance group and tells that owners are giving 21000 money to him. Rahul gets happy and says I am incharge. Shahana asks him to go and get the money. Rahul thinks he is getting 21000 for these clothes and thinks he will wear it in every marriage. Shahana calls Prachi and tells that she is sending Rahul there, asks Aryan to give the tip to him. Aryan asks why I will give. Sarita behen tells that you are Ranbir’s brothers. Sarita behen says we need to call Ranbir here. Prachi says he will make Maya confess. Shahana says I will bring Ranbir there. Prachi tells that she will hide as Rahul knows her. Aryan says Rahul knows that Ranbir and I don’t want this marriage to happen. Prachi asks him to make an excuse that they have agreed for this marriage now. Aryan says ok. Someone knocks on the door.

Pallavi tells Beeji that she danced on the dhol sound. Beeji scolds her. Rahul asks Beeji to let her dance. Pallavi tells Beeji that Maya will not let her scold her. Ranbir asks her to be happy as they will be sad all life from now. Shahana winks her eye and signs at Ranbir. Mrs. Chaubey and Ranbir see her sign. Mr. Chaubey asks what does she mean? Shahana tells that the groom is his/her friend. Ranbir says I don’t know you….Shahana says I am your Chaddy Buddy….Ranbir tells that he doesn’t know her. Shahana asks him to look carefully at him/her. Ranbir looks at her and understands that she is Shahana. He gets happy and hugs him calling Monty. Shahana tells that their friend Pratik also came there. Ranbir says I will meet him. He is about to go, when Dushyant stops him and says Pandit ji is calling you. Ranbir sits on the mandap and thinks he can’t meet Prachi now. Mr. Chaubey tells Dushyant that Ranbir seems to be stressed. Dushyant says our happiness lies in his stress. Shahana thinks to inform Prachi that Ranbir can’t come.

Rahul comes to the room. Aryan is about to call him Rahul, but Sarita behen covers up. Rahul asks for the tip. Aryan asks him to drink first being Punjabi. Rahul says I can’t drink as I have taken promise. Sarita behen asks him to go and send someone who drinks, and says he might get the good money. Rahul agrees to drink. Aryan and Sarita behen make him drink wine. Shahana comes there and tells Prachi that Ranbir can’t come there as he is sitting on the mandap. Rahul gets drunk and gets unconscious. Rhea gets upset and goes from there. Prachi sees Maya going and thinks now everything is over, Ranbir will marry Maya now.

Rhea takes glass of water and drinks. Aaliya comes to her and asks her to relax, says everything will be fine. Rhea says nothing has been fine and tells that you started telling this when Ranbir started liking Prachi. She says you tell this everytime, you said we will involve Maya, then everything will be fine. He then gets engaged to Maya and we can’t do anything. Aaliya says I have done something and will inform you about my plan. She asks her to trust her. Rhea asks her to do it fast. Aaliya asks her to relax.

Pandit ji chants the mantras and asks Ranbir to concentrate on puja, take the flowers and greet all the Gods. Ranbir asks Vikram to call Chief and says he can only take me out from this problem. Vikram says ok and goes. Pallavi and Beeji see Maya coming with Mrs. Chaubey. Pallavi hopes her heel breaks. Beeji says she shall run away with waiter. Pallavi says no. Beeji says she shall lost her memory and make Pandit wear the garland.

Pandit ji tells Mrs. Chaubey that she brought the bride late and Rahukaal started, they have to wait and till then covers her face with veil, nobody shall see her face. Mrs. Chaubey covers her head. Ranbir thinks of Prachi and their moments. Inteha song plays…..Ranbir looks at Pallavi. He gets up and says I don’t want to marry. He says I don’t want to marry Maya. Maya lifts her veil and looks shocked. Dushyant shouts at Ranbir and tells that if this marriage stops then I will stop your mother’s breathes. Ranbir shouts no and it turns out to be his dream. Pallavi asks what happened? Ranbir says everything is fine. Pandit ji puts something in the havan and smoke comes out from it. Ranbir asks what did you put in the fire. Everyone goes from there. Rhea takes Beeji and Pallavi inside. Mr and Mrs. Chaubey take Ranbir and Maya from there. Later, Mrs. Chaubey asks Pandit ji, why did the smoke come out. Pandit ji says may be it is due to the nakshatra or may be I had added more ingredient. He asks them to call Bride and Groom. Ranbir comes and sits for the marriage happily. Mrs. Chaubey brings the bride and her face is revealed, as her veil flies. She is Prachi and covers her face again. Rhea is shocked to see him happily. Prachi sits with Ranbir on the mandap. They begin the rituals. Ranbir thanks Prachi for sitting with him. Mr. Chaubey asks why is he not looking upset? He asks if our happiness will be looted. Dushyant says may be he has understood that Maya is his life, our problems will end in sometime. Ranbir gets happy and thinks all his problems ended, he wanted her to sit with him in the mandap. He thinks he will fight with the world for her.

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