Twist Of Fate Friday Update 14 January 2022


Twist Of Fate Friday Update 14 January 2022

Shahana comes to Ranbir’s engagement and comes to him. She asks why are you doing this? Someone asks what did he do? Shahana takes him to side and asks why are you doing? She says when you sent photo to Prachi, I have understood that you have moved on. Ranbir asks if Prachi sent you to stop the engagement. Shahana nods no. He goes. Shahana asks Aryan to help her unite Prachi and Ranbir. Aryan says Prachi is with Parth. Shahana asks did you agree? She asks him to help her break this engagement. Someone hears him. Aryan promises her and tells that he will call Ranbir there. Aaliya is the one heard them and comes to Aryan, tells that Ranbir had fallen down in the bathroom. Aryan is going there, when Aaliya tricks him to give the mobile. Aryan gives the mobile and rushes to the room. He couldn’t find him there. Aaliya closes the door and says she will not bear anyone going against her decision, says Rhea and Ranbir’s engagement will happen and you can’t stop it. Abhi sees her locking him and says she has locked him like locking me. Aaliya hears him and says they are playing a game, asks him not to take him out else their game will be ruined. She asks him to go to Gayatri and goes. Abhi comes to the room where Aryan is locked, but goes out seeing Aaliya coming there. Aaliya says she shall focus on the engagement. Ranbir calls Prachi and asks why did you send Shahana to stop my engagement. Prachi says she didn’t send her. Ranbir says he will do his engagement. He ends the call and calls her again. He says he has gone out of her life like the boiled milk. Prachi says she is happy with his engagement and that he is going away from her life. Ranbir says don’t try to return to my life or send anyone. He ends the call. Manmurade…song plays….The guests take selfie with him. He gets teary eyes. Aaliya says Mehras and

are together and welcome all to the engagement. Ranbir recalls Prachi’s words. Abhi tries to take out the chandelier’s marbles. Pragya asks him to come. Ashok aims gun at Abhi.

Ashok thinking to shoot at Abhi and thinks to shoot him when he is inside, else he might shout. Pandit ji asks Ranbir to make Rhea wear the engagement ring. Rhea smiles. Ranbir imagines Prachi standing instead of Rhea and smiles. He imagines Prachi smiling too. SubhanAllah plays….Abhi looks at Ranbir and Rhea. He comes downstairs. Ashok keeps gun at Abhi’s back and asks him to come to the room silently else he will shoot him. Abhi says he is drunk. Ashok asks are you mad? He takes Abhi to his room. Abhi recalls Aaliya locking Aryan in the room. He also pushes Ashok in the bathroom and locks him, tells that he will win in the game. Ashok thinks he will be caught. Abhi comes to the room where Aryan is locked and opens the door. Pallavi asks Ranbir to make Rhea wear the ring. Rhea asks her friend, if Parth came. Ranbir recalls Prachi telling that she loves Parth. The ring falls down from his hand. Abhi comes and takes it in his hand. Aaliya says bhai is drunk seeing guest looking at him. Ranbir makes flower ring from bouquet and gives to Abhi. He says the ring in his hand is for Rhea as they are getting engaged. Abhi goes. Tanu asks Mitali to see where is Gayatri and why she is not handling him. Abhi takes off a curtain and says mowgli. He swings holding it. Everyone gets shocked and get up from their seat. Ashok calls killer and tells that he couldn’t kill him as he was drunk and when he brought him to room, he locked me in room for the game. Killer says he might not lock you in bathroom if drunk, surely he is acting and says he is coming there to kill him.

Ranbir, Rhea and others get shocked seeing Abhi swinging holding the decoration curtain cloth. Aaliya asks Mitali where is Gayatri. Abhi kicks the decoration stuff and he manages to come down. Dadi asks what is this childishness and asks him to come to her. Aaliya asks Tanu and Mitali to clean the mess here and takes Abhi from there. Pragya comes there. Mitali tells her that abhi had become like mowgli. Aaliya pushes Abhi in the room and is about to beat him with the rod. Ranbir holds it and throws it away. Aaliya asks how dare you? Ranbir says if you raise hand on chief, then I will always stand infront of him. She asks him not to cross his limits. Ranbir asks her not to cross her limits and says who beats her brother like this? Aaliya says it is none of your business. He says it is my damm business, I should intervene as Kohlis will always be business partner. Aaliya says this is my house. Ranbir says I am going to be son in law of the house and if I wouldn’t have become, then also I would stand with chief. Aaliya says Bhai is physically impaired. Ranbir says if you talk to him nicely then he will be fine. Aaliya says I know how to handle him. Ranbir says if you had known then his condition will be not like this. He says this Party is not important than Chief, and says this house, me and everyone is of Chief. He says if Chief can’t enjoy then this party will be called off. He tells Abhi that he loves him very much and will not let anybody touch him. he says you can play with anyone and if anyone touches him then I will not bear. Aaliya says this is my house. Ranbir says this is my Chief and promises that if she raises his hand on chief then he will take him somewhere and nobody will know. Rhea comes there and asks what is happening? Ranbir says your Buji was beating chief. Abhi cries and says Aaliya was beating me. Rhea says he must be lying. Ranbir says she is acting sweet infront of you, I have seen her truth. Aaliya warns Ranbir not to do this again and goes. Ranbir gets angry. Rhea says she is my Buji. Ranbir says he is your father. Rhea says she was embarrassed due to him. Ranbir holds her hand angrily. Aaliya comes out and sees Gayatri/Pragya. She scolds her and says today I raised my hand due to you. She says he was hanging like mowgli and would have got hurt if the cloth had torn. Pragya shouts and says you wouldn’t have raised your hand on him.

Abhi asks Ranbir not to hurt Rhea. Ranbir says I will not hurt her, will just talk to her. He takes her to other room. Abhi sees balloons and gets happy. Rhea asks him not to do this again. Ranbir asks Rhea how cheap is she, he didn’t see daughter like girl and says how can you see that you was embarrassed because of him. He tells the childhood moments and tells that Chief never told that you are embarrassment for him and when he became like a child, he became embarrassment for you. He says he never said that you was embarrassment for him and asks how can you say that? He asks what is wrong with you, if you can’t love him then atleast support him. He says he was telling truth that Aaliya was beating him, and I stopped him. Rhea says it is awesome, now Dad is not getting beaten up. She asks him to listen and asks what he would have done if his Dad is in this condition. She says you would have done the same thing. Ranbir says I wouldn’t have done like you as I am not like you. He says I would have treated with him nicely and would have communicate with him like Gayatri is doing. He says when you went missing, Chief cancelled all his meetings and searched you and cared for you. He says you knows well if you wouldn’t have got that care then how you would have become. He says how much brain you need, to understand that he is unwell. He says he didn’t know that I love him, but understands that I will not harm him. He says if you talk to him nicely then he will become fine. He asks her to just be a good daughter and goes. Aaliya asks Gayatri, how dare you? She says I brought Bhai here, else he would have sent to mental asylum. Pragya says she will treat him and asks her not to raise hand on him. Aaliya gives her a month’s time and says if you could treat him then I will double your saree and if not then nobody can save you. Pragya thinks she is Abhi’s wife and will treat him.

Ranbir asking Rhea if she saw Chief. Rhea says I didn’t see, I was here. Ranbir says where did he go? Rhea comes to him and says sorry for not behaving normally. She says she will be soon. She says you are concerned about Dad and when he gets fine, then he will feel proud of you. Ranbir says I am not doing this as he will feel proud or impress Rhea. He asks her to be sensitive towards her Papa. Rhea says you have the quality to understand people, but not me. Ranbir thinks you might not get it until you don’t think from the heart. She says sorry. Ranbir asks her not to say sorry and says even the chief will not understand her sorry now. Mitali comes there and asks them to get ready. Ranbir goes.

Prachi comes to Mehra Mansion to take Shahana back, thinking she shall not know Maa is working here as a Servant. She thinks Shahana has a soft corner for Ranbir and will tell him everything. She walks inside and collides with Ranbir. He holds her. Manmurade plays……Prachi looks at him with tears in her eyes. Manmurade song plays….Ranbir asks if she came to stop his engagement. Prachi says she didn’t come for him. Ranbir gets teary eyes and wipes his tears. Prachi goes to search Shahana. Ranbir comes to her and says you had said that you didn’t come to me. He asks why she doesn’t understand that they have a connection between each other. Prachi says I have thought and tells that you are very stubborn and asks him to stop living in misunderstanding. Ranbir asks her to tell in his eyes that she doesn’t love him. He says if you are going to lie then don’t tell. He asks her to tell him that she loves him. Prachi says I don’t know and goes. He asks her to stop. Prachi shows her fingers and says there is no ring on her finger, as there is nothing between us. Abhi says I have the ring and shows the ring in his finger. Prachi hugs him and cries calling him Papa. Abhi asks her not to touch him and tells that Ranbir gave this ring to me, I didn’t know that this is your engagement ring. He says this ring has flowers and it is worn by girls and I am boy. He asks Ranbir to make Prachi wear the ring, as she is crying. He asks Prachi to give her hand. SubhanAllah song plays….Abhi asks Ranbir to make Prachi wear the flower ring. Prachi cries and hugs Abhi. Abhi sees the waiter and goes. Ranbir asks Prachi to return the ring as she doesn’t deserve it.

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