Twist Of Fate Friday Update 13 August 2021


Twist Of Fate Friday Update 13 August 2021

Rhea seeing Abhi hugging Pragya so that she don’t get afraid. She says protective and caring man. Abhi reminds Pragya of making her see the crackers. Pragya asks him to make her feel safe in every Diwali. Fb ends. He says he has fulfilled his promise and made her feel safe. Pragya says Rhea is watching us. Dadi comes there. Rhea asks her to see mom and dad together. Pragya says their Jodi is because of her. Dadi asks them to take their blessings and thanks God. Abhi and Pragya touch their feet. Abhi says we shall go, he is waiting.

They are leaving. Abhi asks Pragya if she is not coming? Ranbir asks Prachi if she will see left and right all life and asks why is she stealing the sight? He asks her if her tea is sweet and sees ring in her hand. He says you shall make me wear the ring. Prachi says she doesn’t have any gold ring and says it must be expensive. Ranbir asks if you are making me wear price tag. She says she don’t have even artificial ring. He says just fingers are needed to wear the ring, and I want to reach your heart and it doesn’t matter if the ring is of paper also. He tells that they shall do engagement and says if all the world is against us, then also we will not leave each other. He says when our love is unique, our ring will be unique too. He takes out the ring from the medicine bottle and says I love this ring, make me wear it. He says I will never let this ring separate from me, I will keep it always with me. Prachi gets emotional. Shahana watches them happily. Sarita behen comes there to take Shahana from there. Shahana makes her see their secret engagement. Prachi makes Ranbir wear it. Mangalam plays…Ranbir says I loved it. He says it is looking good in my hand and tells that very soon she will become Prachi Kohli…Prachi looks emotional and teary eyes. Ranbir is about to hug her, but stops. Vase falls down from Shahana’s hand. They hide. Sarita behen says we will feel ashamed if Prachi sees us.

Abhi asks Pragya to come. Pragya says she will make a phone call and come. She takes her mobile and thinks if she shall tell Prachi. Prachi checks and says there is nobody here. Pragya calls Prachi and asks where are you? Prachi says they came home as Rhea’s Buji told that you left from there. Pragya asks her to call Rhea and wish her happy Diwali. Prachi agrees. She thinks to inform Rhea to talk to Prachi. Prachi thinks she feels that Rhea hired Sanju to kill her. She thinks to wish Rhea. Rhea is in her room and thinks of Pragya’s words.

Abhi comes to Rhea. Rhea says I want to make confession and says I knew that Prachi’s mom is my mom. He asks how? She shows their pics. He looks at the pics and says Prachi. Rhea says if you don’t see me, and just Prachi. Rhea asks did you see just Prachi and tells that she don’t like him to love her more. He says after your mom and my separation. She asks why did you separate from her? Abhi says it is a big sad story and tells that he will tell her some other day. He tells that he is a changed man since Pragya came in his life. He tells that if he will love Prachi more then he will scold her more too. Rhea gets happy and hugs him. Pragya comes there and hugs them. Rhea hugs Pragya. Abhi says she is doing cheating. Rhea says today I will hug mom. Pragya asks Rhea to talk to Prachi when she calls you and wish her happy diwali. Abhi says even you can call her. Rhea says ok and takes her phone. She asks shall I call her infront of you both. They say no and go out of the room. Prachi calls Rhea and her number is busy. Ranbir asks why is she stressed? Prachi says she is not stressed because of Rhea and tells that Maa asked her to call Rhea and wish her happy Diwali. Ranbir asks why? He thinks of seeing Pragya in the hospital and crying. Prachi asks what happened? She says she will not judge him. Ranbir tells that if someone tries to kill me then my mother will blast on that person. He says why your mother loves Rhea even though she knows that Rhea tried to kill you. He says that day she was concerned for chief when Ravan fell down. He says I think your mom is sharing your love with Rhea. Prachi asks him not to judge her mother and says the matter will make our relation suffer. Ranbir looks on.

Prachi telling Ranbir that people say and even she feels the same, that she is like her mother. She says my mother made me like that, just like her. She says if Maa wouldn’t have made me like her, then may be you wouldn’t have love me. Ranbir says we shall not talk about this. He thinks even though she didn’t answer him, but how can anyone love the girl who tried to kill her daughter. Prachi calls Rhea, and tells Ranbir that there is network issue. Rhea thinks it is mom’s request so she shall call Prachi and wish her happy diwali. She calls her, but the call doesn’t connect due to bad network. She says I hate this network. Pragya gets nervous standing out. Abhi says Rhea has to talk to Prachi, why are you getting nervous. Pragya says Prachi doesn’t know that Rhea is her sister. Abhi says I am proud of my daughters. Pragya tells that if we had not separated then? She says once everything becomes fine between Rhea and Prachi, then I will come here with Prachi. Abhi says Prachi and Rhea’s room will be next to each other’s room. He holds Pragya closer. Pragya says what are you doing and tells that you hugged me infront of Rhea. Abhi says I had read about fundamental rights in 4th std and I don’t want to lose it. Pragya says we are meeting because of our kids. He says it is our destiny, it is our love which brings us together. Pragya says it is called Kumkum bhagya and says we can’t get separated from each other. She says lets go, Rhea and Prachi must have talked by now.

Pallavi searches for Ranbir and tells Vikram that don’t know where he went. Vikram tells that they are near silver jubilee anniversary and knows that she gets happy when Ranbir is happy and gets sad when he is sad. She says I remember that Doctor said that he can save only one among us, and I asked you to save Ranbir. She says my son came and saved me. Vikram teases her. Pallavi calls Ranbir and says your dad is teasing me. Ranbir says give call to dad. Pallavi asks where are you? Ranbir says I will tell when I come home. He says he will reach there in 15 minutes. He ends the call and tells Prachi that he has to go, as mom called. Prachi says I will not come between you and your mom, your bond with her is special. Ranbir says even your bond is special with your mother. Pallavi says my son is coming. Vikram asks if she will bear if Ranbir loves his wife more. Pallavi says she has her blessings with Rhea.

Prachi thinks she will never forgive Rhea, if she tells everyone about her then they will be against her and might go to Police. She thinks if I would have died then what would have happened to my mother. She calls Rhea. Rhea picks the call. Prachi says I am Prachi. Rhea says I have your number and says actually I would have talked to you, as your mom…Just then she hears Mitali telling someone not to open the door. Prachi wishes her happy Diwali. Rhea ends the call. Prachi gets upset with her. Rhea asks Mitali what did she say and asks if her mom is fine? Mitali thinks Pragya did magic on her too and asks her to go inside. Abhi and Pragya see Raj, Mitali and Tai ji worried. Rhea tells Abhi that she is sure that Buji did wrong with Maa. Pragya comes there and asks what happened? Aaliya tells that Bahadur told that Police came and that’s why she got the door locked. Pragya says how shall we know what has happened? Aaliya says don’t open the door. Pragya opens the door.

Inspector gets inside and asks who is Rhea Mehra? Pragya asks what did she do? Inspector says she is charged with attempt to murder. Abhi asks what is this joke and asks whose murder she has attempted? Inspector says Prachi. Rhea is shocked. Everyone is shocked too. Pragya says what you are saying? Inspector says Sanju’s friend told me. Pragya asks where is Sanju? Inspector says he has eloped and we have caught Bittu. Abhi says Rhea can’t do anything to Prachi as Prachi is my daughter too. Mitali is shocked. Abhi asks if one sister will take another sister’s life and asks him to arrest Sanju. Inspector says Bittu gave the statement against her daughter.

Abhi says Bittu is lying. Inspector asks him not to argue with him. He asks lady constable to arrest Rhea. Pragya asks him to leave her daughter. Inspector says I will arrest you. Aaliya asks Inspector to leave Rhea. Inspector threatens to arrest her too and asks them not to spoil their Diwali. Inspector says we are sent by our seniors and asks Constable to arrest her. Rhea hides behind Pragya. Pragya asks him to leave her daughter. Abhi calls senior Police officer, but he couldn’t hear him due to crackers sound. He throws the phone in anger. Lady Police officer comes there and asks why the girl is not arrested till now. She says Prachi’s mother has filed the case against Rhea. Pragya says I haven’t filed any FIR, and tells that why will I file FIR against my daughter. Lady police officer says you had talked to our senior officer and he faxed me the FIR. She shows the FIR which is filed on Pragya’s name. Pragya and Rhea are shocked. Rhea leaves Pragya’s hand. Abhi looks at Pragya doubtedly. Pragya tells that she didn’t file any FIR against her and asks them to believe her.

Aaliya says congrats Pragya and says it is proved that you love Prachi and not Rhea. The lady inspector arrests her. Pragya cries. Rhea is taken away by the Police. Aaliya pushes Pragya down on the ground. Dadi shouts Aaliya. Rhea says I don’t want to go as she is dragged by the Police. Abhi hugs Rhea and asks Police not to treat her like that. He says she is innocent. Lady inspector asks him to prove her innocent and asks Abhi to leave her hand. Rhea cries and is scared. Abhi says don’t do anything. She is taken away by the Police. Dadi scolds Aaliya and asks if she is mad? Aaliya says Pragya had already stooped low as she has filed FIR against Rhea. Pragya says she is my daughter. Aaliya says I am saying truth and says you think just Prachi as your daughter and not Rhea, else your heart would have cried while sending her to police station.

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