Twist Of Fate February Teasers 2024


Twist Of Fate February Teasers 2024

Prachi resolves to never confess her feelings to Ranbeer. Khushi’s arrival makes Prachi and Ranbeer happy. Read ZeeWorld Twist of Fate February 2024 Teasers:

ZeeWorld Twist of Fate February 2024 Teasers

Thursday 1 February 2024

Episode 121

Mihika manages to flee from Rhea’s clutches, and Mayank threatens to kill himself. Mihika expresses her gratitude to Ranbeer, and the engagement ceremony resumes. Later, Akshay loses his temper seeing Ranbeer and Prachi dance together.

Friday 2 February 2024

Episode 122

Prachi decides to leave the house. Prachi tries to leave the house, but the Tandon family requests her to stay and Akshay apologises to her. Pallavi conveys her doubts to Daljeet and gets irked with Prachi. Ranbeer confronts Akshay.

Saturday 3 February 2024

Episode 123

Pallavi tells Prachi to leave Ranbeer alone. Vishakha overhears Prachi and Manpreet talking. She conspires with Akshay who asks Prachi to accompany him on a trip. Pallavi talks to Prachi but she tells her that she has no interest in Ranbeer.

Sunday 4 February 2024

Episode 124

Akshay learns the truth about Ranbeer and Prachi and conspires against Ranbeer. Mihika tells Prachi the truth about Ranbeer and says that she is in love with him. Akshay accepts Ranbeer’s challenge as they both get drunk.

Monday 5 February 2024

Episode 125

Akshay and Prachi leave for their trip but end up running into Ranbeer, who offers them a lift. Later, Akshay tries to execute his plan, but Ranbeer threatens him, stating that he knows his ploy. He mentions that Prachi is his wife and he loves her.

Tuesday 6 February 2024

Episode 126

Akshay tries to force himself on Prachi. Ranbeer rescues Prachi from Akshay’s room and takes her to his room. A drunk Prachi tells Ranbeer that she still loves him and further blurts out the truth about Akshay and her marriage being fake.

Wednesday 7 February 2024

Episode 127

Ranbeer talks to Aryan about Mihika. Akshay sees Ranbeer and Prachi together, which makes him lose his temper. Ranbeer and Akshay get into a fight and Akshay pulls a gun at him. Later, Mihika tells everyone the whole truth about Ranbeer.

Thursday 8 February 2024

Episode 128

Akshay goes to the police station. Manpreet calls Ranbeer to tell him about Mihika’s actions and condition. Vishakha shouts at Akshay, who later asks the police to arrest Ranbeer, stating that he is responsible for Mihika’s condition.

Friday 9 February 2024

Episode 129

Later, the Tandons ask Akshay to apologise to Ranbeer and his family. Akshay remains firm about Mihika not marrying Ranbeer, and this angers her. Vikram talks to Pallavi about Mihika.

Saturday 10 February 2024

Episode 130

Prachi resolves to never confess her feelings to Ranbeer. Khushi’s arrival makes Prachi and Ranbeer happy. Later, Akshay tries to create a doubt in Prachi’s mind.

Sunday 11 February 2024

Episode 131

Prachi asks Ranbeer for a promise. During the Janmashtami celebration, Akshay gets his goon to kidnap Khushi. He later raises doubts in everyone’s mind. Prachi begins to worry and Akshay accuses Ranbeer of kidnapping Khushi.

Monday 12 February 2024

Episode 132

Ranbeer gets angry as Prachi doesn’t believe him. Ranbeer suspects that Akshay knows the kidnappers. Akshay incites Prachi against Ranbeer. An inmate in the jail offers his help to Ranbeer.

Tuesday 13 February 2024

Episode 133

Later, the goon threatens Akshay to pay more money. Ranbeer informs Prachi on a call that he is looking for Khushi. Mihika interrupts the call to stop it from getting traced. Rana runs away with Khushi and Ranbeer chases him with Surya’s help.

Wednesday 14 February 2024

Episode 134

Ranbeer gets shot while fighting the goons. Ranbeer beats up Rana and the police arrive there. Khushi returns to Prachi. Ranbeer later accuses Akshay of kidnapping Khushi.

Thursday 15 February 2024

Episode 135

Mihika thinks to tell Prachi to leave and decides that she must leave Ranbeer’s life. She goes to kill Prachi, but Akshay stops her. Akshay stops Abhay from telling Ranbeer about Mihika’s actions.

Friday 16 February 2024

Episode 136

Divya suggests sending Prachi away. Ranbeer tells Mihika that he doesn’t love her. Mr Tandon overhears Akshay saying that his marriage with Prachi is fake. Vishakha convinces Mr Tandon to stay quiet. Akshay tries to manipulate Khushi.

Saturday 17 February 2024

Episode 137

Prachi calls Ranbeer for help. Mihika tells Vishakha that she will kill Prachi. Later, Akshay gets furious when he learns that Ranbeer has signed the documents as Prachi’s husband.

Sunday 18 February 2024

Episode 138

Akshay says that it was Ranbeer who tried to kill Prachi. Mihika loses her temper on Akshay. Prachi learns about Ranbeer’s arrest and talks to Akshay to withdraw his complaint.

Monday 19 February 2024

Episode 139

Mihika and Akshay confront Manpreet and accuse her of never loving them. Mihika executes a plan to kill Prachi. Vishakha tells Manpreet that it was Mihika who had failed the brakes on Prachi’s car.

Tuesday 20 February 2024

Episode 140

Vishakha intervenes between Akshay and Mihika. Mr Tandon mentions to Manpreet that they should think about sending Mihika and Akshay back to the mental asylum. Later, Prachi overhears Mihika and learns that it was she who tried to kill her.

Wednesday 21 February 2024

Episode 141

Akshay plots against Ranbeer. Prachi starts worrying about Ranbeer and falls sick. Mihika brings Ranbeer to the hospital. Mr Tandon notices that Akshay is up to something and follows him.

Thursday 22 February 2024

Episode 142

Prachi tells him that he is not her husband, which infuriates him. Akshay loses his temper as his plan to kill Ranbeer fails. Mihika confesses her love to Ranbeer, but he tells all the family members that he cannot marry Mihika.

Friday 23 February 2024

Episode 143

Mr Tandon asks Ranbeer to make a promise.

Saturday 24 February 2024

Episode 144

Mihika fumes on seeing Ranbeer kissing Prachi’s forehead. Ranbeer tells the family that Akshay and Prachi staged their marriage. Akshay gets upset as Ranbeer’s marriage is fixed with Prachi, but Vishakha calms him down.

Sunday 25 February 2024

Episode 145

Akshay then offers Khushi’s full custody to Prachi. The priest cautions the Kohlis about the next four days being unsuitable for Ranbeer. Akshay apologises to the Kohlis during Prachi’s engagement. Akshay and Vishakha rejoice over their plan’s success.

Monday 26 February 2024

Episode 146

Pallavi confronts Ranbeer about his lies. Ranbeer arrives at the Tandon House with his wedding procession. Mihika spikes Vikram’s drink and rips Prachi’s wedding attire. Despite setbacks, Prachi arrives at the altar and the ceremony begins.

Tuesday 27 February 2024

Episode 147

Manpreet experiences a bad omen. Mihika stabs Akshay at the masquerade party but the court sentences Ranbeer to death.

Wednesday 28 February 2024

Episode 148

Randhawas lose their contract to RV Corporation. Purvi crosses paths with the owner, Rajvansh. He takes a liking to her and awards the catering contract to Prachi. Later, Rajvansh has a meeting with Krishna Kakkar while Prachi misses Ranbeer.

Thursday 29 February 2024

Episode 149

Purvi volunteers to help the cook find an ingredient and runs into Jasbir. He threatens Purvi to call off her engagement with Ashutosh. Krishna recalls Prachi as a cheat while flying over to Mumbai.

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Twist Of Fate Upcoming Episodes

Prachi telling Ashutosh and his family that it was RV who saved Poorvi from Jasbir on engagement day, when everyone moved back like a coward. Beena says till now daughter was mad for RV and now mother is also going gaga over him. Khushi says you people are like Dog’s tail and don’t understand. Ashok says it is our decision that…Khushi says this marriage will not happen, and says they will not get their daughter marry guy like Ashutosh. Ashutosh says I knew this, she will do this. Beena taunts Khushi saying she will not let Poorvi settle down. Khushi asks them to leave. Beena raises her hand to slap Khushi, but Prachi holds her hand and pushes her. Khushi drags her out. Other family members pushes Ashutosh’s family out. Ashutosh says you have to pay for this. Beena asks them to give them money for their loss. Khushi says we will give you double money and asks them to leave.


Jasbir’s Chacha comes to the PS and meets Inspector. Inspector says I know you are a MLA. Jasbir’s Chacha asks him about the guy who filed the complaint. Inspector says RV. Poorvi cries and tells that they were telling that Jasbir was behind me because of me. Prachi asks her not to cry and says everything is fine now. Khushi asks what RV has done for Poorvi? She says nobody does anything for anyone and says he must be having feelings for her. She asks her to marry him. RV comes there, hears them and goes. He doesn’t see Khushi. Manpreet asks Prachi if she heard. Ashok says RV is good. Prachi says we can’t do this, as Ashutosh’s family already said that we are breaking this marriage for RV. She says we don’t know anything about RV, and she don’t think that this marriage is right.

Shera asks Jasbir to talk to him. Jasbir scolds him for talking bad about Poorvi, and says she has good character and that’s why he loves her very much. Chacha comes there and tells that Inspector told him that RV filed the molestation case against him. Jasbir says he did a mistake, but he loves Poorvi very much. Chacha says you are my dear ones and nobody can touch your hair. He says if you had told earlier then I would have planned riots on the roads/city and would have kidnapped Poorvi, and people would have thought that she died in riots. He asks him to be in the lock up, till then he will handle RV and then they will take alliance to Poorvi’s house.

Harman talks to Beeji and Dada ji. Beeji is upset with Dada ji and goes from there, asking him to make his father understand. Dada ji tells him that the couple used to give birth to their children so that they bind them. Door bell rings. Dada ji opens the door and says RV came who will support me. Harman says his son unites his parents and also his grand parents. Dada ji opens the door and sees RV. He asks what happened to him. Yug tells that Poorvi’s marriage is called off. RV goes inside upset. Dada ji asks Harman to dance and tells that it is good that Poorvi’s marriage is called off. He says I like her. Harman dances. Beeji comes there and looks at them. She asks if she is the same Poorvi who helped RV? Yug says yes. Beeji asks them to dance then. Khushi asks Poorvi why you are sad and says you know well that Ashutosh was not right for you. She says she has come for her happiness. Poorvi says if the marriage had happened, then Maa would have got unburdened. Khushi gets emotional and hugs her.She says you are not a burden on anyone, and says you are referring me as bad sister by calling yourself as burden. She says why you want to marry in a middle class house. Diya says don’t know who told her that if she marries in middle class house, then she will be happy. Khushi says it depends from person to person. She says RV is rich and he is so good. She asks if she likes RV. Poorvi says he is good and nods her head.

Khushi asking Poorvi to say truth, and asks if you like RV. Diya asks her to say truly and don’t lie, and says if you lie then God will angry. Khushi asks her to let her talk to Poorvi. Poorvi says yes. Diya says I knew it. Poorvi says I like him, but not as everyone is saying, and says I didn’t see him with that sight. Khushi says I understand. Poorvi says I am saying truth. Khushi says you are cute, and hugs her. She says she will bring milk for her, and says you will be fine. She says you are born in wrong centuary, but it is good for me, my sister is like you. She asks Diya to sit with her and goes to get milk. Diya looks at R on Poorvi’s hand.Poorvi recalls Susheela’s words.

RV comes out of bathroom. Beeji asks RV to look at himself. Harman says she is saying in English, look at yourself. Dadi says you are of marriageable age. Yug says I told Dadi everything about Poorvi and you, how you helped her and you both are single till now. He says I told that how you both meet and how you look at each other. Beeji says she likes the girl. Dada ji asks shall we think that the marriage is fixed. Harman says Shehnayi. RV says I know that it is your dream to see me married, even if the girl is anybody. Beeji says not any random girl and tells that she likes Poorvi. RV says you are listening to yug and says I meet her when she is in trouble, and says God knows how I reach there. Dada ji says it is destiny. RV says it is co incidence. Beeji says we like her but. Dada ji says you might tell us that why we didn’t tell you destiny’s sign. Harman says he needs our help to understand this. RV tells that he don’t want to marry any girl as his priorities are clear. He says he wants to concentrate on his business.

Khushi comes to Prachi and says you are my mother, I can’t talk about my heart feelings and emotional talks with you. Prachi says this is my biggest loss. Khushi thanks her for taking care of Poorvi. She says you knows that my love for poorvi, and says I don’t feel for anyone like I feel for her, and says I love her after dad. She says you might feel bad, but this is truth. Prachi says I know and I am very happy that you loves your sister so much, says all sisters are not like you. Khushi says we are not like Rhea Maasi. She says Poorvi and I love each other, and tells that she can give life for Poorvi. Prachi asks her not to say this, and says you are my jaan. Khushi recalls Prachi taking stand for her when Beena raises her hand on her. She says she raised her hand on me. Prachi says I will fight with the world for my daughters and tells Khushi that she loves her so much. She says nobody loves you, like I love you, you are my first child. She says how much you love Poorvi, I love you more than that. She says I can’t make you understand and hugs her. Khushi reciprocates the hug. Vishaka gets upset seeing them hugging. Manpreet comes there and asks what happened? Prachi tells her that she has felt the same happiness which she felt when Khushi was small. She says Khushi used to love me a lot when she was a child. Manpreet says Khushi loves you, but don’t show it. She asks her to be happy and not to cry.
Vishaka tells that she can’t fold the sareee. Khushi comes there and gives milk to Vishaka. Vishaka says you and your mother hugging each other. She says don’t expect me to love your mother. Khushi says I heard that you supported Maa not to get Ashutosh’s marriage with Poorvi. Vishaka says I love Poorvi also, but loves you more. Khushi says I love Poorvi so much and tells that Maa did right for Poorvi, so I hugged her, and she fought with them for me, so I felt good. She asks her to drink milk and goes. Vishaka says whenever she comes, she takes care of me.Vishaka brings milk and gives to Poorvi. Poorvi asks di, if you cried. Khushi says no and says now she will go. Diya asks her to stay back. Khushi says you think me as your competition. Diya says I am small and is not jealous of you both. She says I know you love poorvi so much. Khushi asks if you will make me cry. She says she will sleep on left side. Diya says she will sleep on left. They argue. Poorvi laughs. Khushi says I got my old Poorvi back. Poorvi says tomorrow she has to go for teacher’s interview. Khushi says it is good and says she will sleep on the left. Poorvi asks Diya to sleep at other place.RV gets up after seeing the past happenings and shouts. Yug wakes up and asks if he got the same dream and says he shall call his mother. RV says suddenly I remember that some work is pending. Yug asks if you are really fine. RV says I have to see Ajmera’s project and says all day went to solve Poorvi’s problem. Yug asks if you are fine? RV says I think that I need fresh air and goes out. Manpreet asks Bijli to keep the aarti and then make tea. Vishaka comes there and tells that she don’t want to stay here in his locality. She says after Akshay died, we had lost all our business. She says she should have learnt some business else they wouldn’t have been here. Manpreet asks what happened? Vishaka asks Prachi, how her nani used to stay here? She says the ladies were asking about Poorvi’s marriage and was feeling pity on Ashutosh. She says she got so angry and asked them to get their daughters marry him if they are sympathetic for him. Prachi says it is enough and says she will go and face the ladies. Poorvi stops her and asks Prachi not to reply to them. Khushi asks Prachi to leave it and says we will not fall to their leve. She says Poorvi has to go for interview now. Diya says we don’t care about anyone’s sayings. Ashok asks Manpreet, to see that they have grown up. Manpreet says calm Prachi has become the tigress. Vishaka says our family fights with eachother, but when we face any outsider, we are one. She says we all love each other a lot. Poorvi asks Prachi not to worry and don’t get angry. She asks if I shall go for interview. Prachi makes her eat curd and sugar. Poorvi says everything will be good. Diya asks her to come. They say all the best. Prachi thanks God for giving her courageous kids, and says if there was someone else then he would cried and thought life is ruined, but she is moving on. She says my Poorvi and Khushi, both are courageous and if Ranbir would have been here then he would have felt proud.
Harman asking Dada ji to listen. Dada ji comes there talking about Chess. He then apologizes to Harleen and says I did a mistake by getting you married to Harman, and says I should have got you married to my elder son. RV asks if you had an elder son? Dada ji says yes. Yug asks if he was from Dadi. Dada ji says yes. Harman asks from where he came? Dada ji says from mind and says he thought that if his wife was pregnant and he would have elder son, who will pay for his hardwork. Harman asks I defeated you in chess and that’s why I am not good son. Dada ji says you are Kaput, you should have made me win. Yug says how dare he, what does he think about himself. Harman scolds him. Harleen warns Harman not to scold Yug and don’t defeat. Harman says you are not taking your husband’s

sides. Harleen asks him to apologizes else have to eat bittergourd. Harman says he don’t want to eat it and apologizes. Dada ji says it is family cricket time for us. RV goes for the meeting.


Khushi comes out to drop Poorvi and asks her to come home after interview, and says we will stay together till evening, and then I have to go to meet my so called husband. Poorvi says so called. Khushi says he doesn’t have time. She says then she will go to airport. Poorvi is about to go, when the neighbor says Ashu or any respected guy will marry her. Khushi goes to the lady Kusum and asks if her younger daughter got married. Kusum says she is not foolish. Khushi says Ashutosh wanted to marry Poorvi, but we kicked him out. She says his family and him wanted to get the marriage done, but we threw them out. Khushi reminds Kusum that her elder daughter ran with Raja. She says my Mother helped you when all the neighborhood was against her. The other lady asks Khushi to go to her home and taunts Poorvi. Poorvi asks how you are talking to my sister and says this house is of khushi. She tells Kusum that Maa took stand for you. Khushi says I was feeling bad when I was talking about your younger daughter, and then warns the ladies not to say anything against her sister.

Dada ji calls RV and asks him to see the model and select the tshirt design. Vikrant comes there and tells dada ji to either confirm or select a new model. Diya calls Poorvi and asks where she has reached. Poorvi says she is searching for an auto. She sees RV going from there and tells Diya. Diya says it is destiny game. Someone follows her.

Ashok and Vishaka hear the reporter asking not to go from a certain way. Vishaka says thankfully Khushi reached. Ashok calls Poorvi and asks where is she, and says he will come to take her. Poorvi says she is fine and got the auto. She senses someone following her, looks back and asks the driver to drive. The auto driver starts driving the auto. She sees the riots happening and the goons beating the innocent people. She asks the auto driver to take the auto back. The auto driver refuses and runs from there. Poorvi stands shocked looking at the riots. The goon is about to hit her with the rod.
RV comes there and holds the goon’s rod. He scolds him and asks Poorvi to run. The goon asks other goons to chase them. Poorvi asks them to let them go. The goon asks who is he? Poorvi says he is my destiny, whenever I am in problem, he comes to help me. RV says they are goons/ criminals. The goon hits RV with the stick and then other breaks glass bottle on his head. RV falls down. Poorvi shouts RV. She is coming to him when the goon holds her hand. RV gets up and beats them, and falls again. Poorvi throws sand in the goons’ eyes and runs away with RV. They come behind them. RV tells poorvi that they shall hide and opens the car decky. Poorvi says how we will fit in. He says we shall not see the comfort now, but shall see safety. He lifts her and keeps her in the decky. Apna banale piya plays….RV gets in the decky and hides. The goons come there and ask RV not to mess up with them due to a girl, and asks where are they? He hits on the car decky and it closes. RV holds Poorvi’s hand. The goon tells the other goon that they shall see at the other side.

RV and Poorvi coming out of the car after sometime. He asks why is she crying? Poorvi says they have gone. RV asks if you want them to return and beat us and asks are you upset. Poorvi says no, she is happy that he is fine and that’s why she got tears of happiness. RV says he has never seen anybody crying in happiness. Poorvi says I am happy as we both are saved. RV says yes. He holds her hand and asks her to come. Dada ji asks Harman to enquire when his brother will come. He asks him to call him and tell that RV, Vikrant and I am ready. Yug says you should have liked my cricket team uniform. Dada ji says it is for fashion show. Harman asks why you are troubling me since morning and asks him to call himself. Just then Dada ji sees the riots happening and tells Harman. Harman sees RV stranded amid the riots and ask Yug to close the TV, if Harleen sees it, then it will be a trouble. They stand hiding the TV. Harman gives her compliment. Harleen thanks him and asks why they are standing like this. She asks them to move and looks at RV in the TV. She gets shocked.


RV and Poorvi get inside the house. Poorvi says we shall go by auto and says they will not get auto amidst the riots. RV says my car is there also, and tells that they have be here till morning, and will go in his car once everything is fine. She says she will call at home and realizes she is not having phone. RV takes out his phone and finds it broken. Prachi gets worried and calls Poorvi, but her number is unreachable. RV and Poorvi hear someone coming there and hide behind the furniture. Poorvi keeps her head on his chest being afraid. The goons come there and search for them. The goon throws his phone as someone is calling him constantly, he is about to pick it, but they all run hearing the Police sound. RV and Poorvi get up and asks her not to cry, as they have gone.

He asks her to look at the phone. Prachi says she can’t wait and will go. Ashok tries to stop her. Harleen says she will go. Harman says we will go. Dada ji asks them to wait. Vikram says there must be barricade there. Dada ji asks them to wait for 30 mins. Ashok also asks her to wait for 30 mins. Just then Prachi gets a call from unknown number. She picks the call. Poorvi says Maa. They ask if you are fine, where are you, if you are away from riots. Prachi says we will come and pick you. RV takes the call and says Poorvi is with me and I will drop her home safely. Prachi asks if you are away from riots. RV says we are in some isolated house. Prachi asks them to come home. RV promises that he will bring her safely and ends the call. Poorvi asks him to call his house. RV calls Dadu. Harleen and Harman ask him to pick the call. Dadu picks the call. RV tells that he is stuck in riots and tells that we will leave from here and come home safely. Harleen says who is with him? Dadu says may be some people are hiding along with him.