Twist Of Fate 2 Teasers December 2018


Twist Of Fate 2 Teasers December 2018

Twist Of Fate 2 Teasers December 2018

Monthly/Highlight Twist Of Fate 2 Teasers December 2018.

Update Season 2

Saturday 01 December

Episode 91

Abhi and Pragya are stucked in the Nikhil’s den and they try to outsmart him. Purab take extreme measures to keep Tanu under control.

Sunday 02 December

Episode 92

Aliya believes that Pragya is around them so she keeps thinking of ways to bring her out in the open. In the meantime, Abhi and Pragya gets an interesting idea to escape but will it work?

Monday 03 December

Episode 93

Nikhil gets frustrated when he realizes that Abhi and Pragya have escaped. The tables are turned as the grass the love birds are hiding is set on fire by the goons.

Tuesday 04 December

Episode 94

Tanu becomes conscious and she gives a shocking order to Nikhil, one that would not get Aliya involved but what could it be? Damru catches Abhi and Pragya in their hideout so he decides to set them on fire alive.

Wednesday 05 December

Episode 95

Abhi and Pragya wanders in the jungle seeking for help luckily, an old man offers them shelter. Even though, he appears as a saviour, Raghuveer considers Pragya as his daughter.

Thursday 06 December

Episode 96

Raghuveer makes Abhi realize how important Pragya is in his life and Abhi begins to wonder why he is marrying Tanu. Meanwhile, Nikhil and his aides are still searching for them.

Friday 07 December

Episode 97

Damru gets close to catching Abhi and Pragya in Raghuveer’s room. Aliya uses Sarla to stop everyone from pointing fingers at Tanu. Abhi and Pragya are on the run again as Commando is after them, who will save them this time?

Saturday 08 December

Episode 98

Abhi in his injured state recollects Raghuveer’s words and decides to marry Pragya in a temple at the jungle.

Sunday 09 December

Episode 99

Abhi begins the wedding rituals with Pragya and on hearing this, Tanu is completely filled with rage. Aliya tries to calm her down but she is taken with shock at Tanu’s statement.

Monday 10 December

Episode 100

Purab arrives at Commando’s location with the police and there is a battle as to who will win between the cops and goons.

Tuesday 11 December

Episode 101

Purab watches as Abhi and Pragya’s car get into an accident and this news leaves Sarla broken. However, this incident might serve as a blessing in disguise for the destined couple.

Wednesday 12 December

Episode 102

Abhi has gotten his memory back and Pragya is overwhelmed with joy on learning this. Pragya also learns of another truth which has been hidden from her for so many years. What could it be?

Thursday 13 December

Episode 103

When it looked like Abhi and Pragya are united once again, tragedy suddenly strikes leaving everyone shattered. Tanu and Aliya try to humiliate Sarla in her grieving state but Abhi throws them out of the house instead.

Friday 14 December

Episode 104

Abhi refuses to accept that Pragya is dead and still lives his life in her honour. Tanu finds a lookalike of Pragya in a new avatar and informs Aliya but is she really Pragya?

Saturday 15 December

Episode 105

Abhi sees Munni in the crowd and alerts Purab but before they could find her, some terrorists launch their attack on the concert venue leaving everyone terrified.

Sunday 16 December

Episode 106

Mitali and Pammi have a funny scene of how Pragya appearance has changed totally. Meanwhile, Aliya and Tanu are looking for ways to stop Munni from telling the truth to Abhi.

Monday 17 December

Episode 107

Aliya threatens Munni with something that leaves her with no option but to agree to their demands. Abhi gets worried as Munni is missing from the house.

Tuesday 18 December

Episode 108

Abhi and Purab turn to the media for help in search for Pragya/Munni so they make an announcement to the public. Aliya and Tanu kick off in their plans by taking Munni back to the house.

Wednesday 19 December

Episode 109

The entire family is taken back when Munni speaks in favour of Aliya and Tanu. Mitali keeps an eye on Munni and continuously wonders why she behaves differently from Pragya.

Thursday 20 December

Episode 110

Abhi advises Purab to become his old self and love someone once again. It’s time for the Pooja ceremony to be performed and Aliya plans to know if Munni is actually Pragya.

Friday 21 December

Episode 111

Purab rescues Disha from the thugs but Sangram’s motives towards her seems to means more than it meet the eye. Munni becomes extremely tensed when Abhi decides to spend an intimate night with her.

Saturday 22 December

Episode 112

Purab and Disha gets trapped and they get to spend time with each other. Back at the house, Munni struggles on how to keep acting like Pragya especially when Abhi tries to get more closer to her.

Sunday 23 December

Episode 113

Sangram humiliates Disha in the neighborhood by accusing her of having physical relations with Purab throughout the night. On hearing this, Pradeep immediately calls off his marriage to Disha.

Monday 24 December

Episode 114

Sangram completely take advantage of Disha’s situation by expressing his fake concern to her family. Purab convinces Disha not to compromise, he also promises to protect her like Bulbul. The water pot suddenly slips from Munni’s hands and everyone is left shocked.

Tuesday 25 December

Episode 115

Tanu and Aliyah’s plans fall flat when Abhi supports Munni rather than scolding her. Preparations for Disha’s wedding to Sangram is in full swing and Purab feels hopeless in stopping it.

Wednesday 26 December

Episode 116

Tanu’s desperation to get the Abhi close to her nearly leads her to revealing their secret in his presence. Purab’s inner self comes in front of him and forces him to make one of the toughest decisions in his life.

Thursday 27 December

Episode 117

Purab and Disha have started taking Pheras, when Bua goes into the kitchen and stumbles on Sangram’s lying body. Could this be a big trouble for Disha?

Friday 28 December

Episode 118

Abhi’s doubts increase the more when Munni refuses to apply vermilion. Munni turns to God and prays for Pragya’s return. Aliyah is devastated when Abhi breaks the news of Purab’s marriage.

Saturday 29 December

Episode 119

Purab is hesitating to take Disha as his wife due to his faithfulness to Bulbul. This way, Aliyah keeps her hopes high on having Purab.

Sunday 30 December

Episode 120

Aliya’s obsession leads her to almost ending Disha’s life. Sangram enters the Mehra house and begins his attack by hitting Tanu first.

Monday 31 December

Episode 121

Sangram tries to hit Purab with the sword suddenly, the lights go off. The family then think of ways to escape but Sangram looses his mind and attack them in a dangerous way. This event sends shiver through the spine of an unconscious Pragya.

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