Tuesday Update The Promise Zee World July 17

Tuesday Update The Promise Zee World July 17

Bani and Jai go to the apartment but don’t find any proof. Bani sees the mentally unstable lady and asks her what she was talking with the burqa clad person. Pia asks Jai to put the `mangalsutra’ around Bani’s neck once again. Pia has a party for Bani and her baby. Bani sees the burqa clad person again in the party too. Rajiv sends his man to the party to get Bani’s fingerprints. Her fingerprints match those found on the items in the apartment. Bani follows the burqa clad person.to Jannat Apartments. Rajiv and his men reach there too. Bani corners the person and demands to know her identity but is stunned to see that it is none other than Jai

JAI TESTIFIES THAT BANI IS MENTALLY UNSTABLE Bani asks Jai what he’s doing in a burqa. Just then, the lights go off, and the person escapes. Rajiv gets Bani arrested for Sahil’s murder. Rajiv shows Bani all the evidences against her. The cop informs Jai’s family about Bani’s arrest. Bani wonders why Jai did all this. The court conducts proceedings against Bani. Jai testifies that Bani has become mentally unstable. He says that that when such a person commits a murder, there is no motive.

Jai testifies in court that Bani had been recently talking about a burqa clad woman, when there existed none. Bani’s relatives, including her own sisters, testify that Bani was behaving strangely of late, although they refuse to believe that she could kill. The court sentences Bani to 5 years in a mental asylum. Bani goes into labour in jail on the occasion of ‘Janmashatmi’.