Tuesday Update The heir 20th August 2019


Tuesday Update The heir 20th August 2019

Jai saying your real name is Manpreet Pavaniya…. Mannu gets shocked. Jai says you are not a girl, you are a boy, your face is so innocent, what’s the truth, just I know, you are so clever, truth is you are much dangerous, you killed your Bebe, you fooled police, you did murder in this age. Mannu shouts I did not kill my Bebe. Jai takes knife and says don’t cheat me, I fooled many people, I never killed someone, you trapped me also. Mannu says then kill me or send me to police, do anything today, I will run again till I catch Bebe’s murderer. Jai says lie again. Mannu says I m not lying, you got angry on Harjeet hearing about your mummy, did you see my mummy’s state.

Mannu cries and shows family pic. He asks did you see my mummy and sisters, my mummy forgot
everything, my sisters are not here, they are sent away, all this is happening because of one woman, Sushila, she is ready to sell my mummy, Bheeru went to get proof against her, he did not return, so I will run away to save my mummy, sisters and Bheeru, I will get proof that Sushila killed Bebe, not me. Jai says don’t know what is right and wrong, my life was better before, this is your matter, why shall I get in this.

Mannu says right, you just want money, take this jewelry and leave, I felt you are a good man, if Bheeru came back same time, police would have got proof, this would have not happened, I would have not needed you. Jai says fine, I will leave tomorrow morning.

Its morning, Mannu sees Jagan dragging Raavi. Sushila says what happened, I will talk to her. Jagan says I will take her to doctor, I doubt there is girl in her womb. Sushila says Jagan is right, I will come along, if its girl then…. Sukhi comes and says leave my mummy. Jagan asks him to sit aside. He pushes Sukhi and scolds him. Raavi cries. Mannu looks on. Jagan takes Raavi. Sukhi cries and says where are you Mannu.

Jagan and Sushila take Raavi to doctor. Doctor says Raavi and baby girl are fine, Raavi has girl in her womb. Jagan and Sushila get shocked. Sushila gives money and says kill the girl, we don’t want. Doctor says its crime, you can’t do this. Jagan scolds doctor and asks him to abort the baby. Raavi cries and says no, its our baby, how can you say this. Jagan pushes her. Mannu looks on. Sushila pays money and sends doctor. Mannu thinks if I get caught, all truth will come out. He thinks of Sukhi’s words.

Mannu thinks to take boy getup. Jai misses Mannu and recalls him. Some men stare at Amba. Jai greets Amba. She sees his bag and asks where are you going, are you running away. He says no. She asks if I get lost, what will you do. He says I will find you. She asks him to close eyes. He closes eyes and asks shall I open now. He sees her gone. He sees a note and reads her note. She asks him to find her. He says I should not got in Mannu’s matter.

Mannu throws stone at doctor and injures him. Raavi sees Mannu. Mannu asks Raavi not to worry, I will not let anything happen to my sister. Raavi apologizes to him for doing wrong with him and Amba, you saved my baby’s life. Mannu asks her to wait, if doctor gets conscious, he will tell everyone, I will just come, keep an eye on doctor. She asks will you come. Mannu says yes.

Jai looks for Amba. He gets Amba, Bheeru and Mannu’s pic. He gets shocked and recalls Bheeru’s accident. He says it means the man whose accident happened by my car is Mannu’s uncle. He sees Sukhi. Sushila asks Jagan to get water. Sushila sees Mannu and calls him out. Mannu worries.

Sushila looking for Mannu. Mannu collides with Jai and hides. Sushila asks Jai about Mannu. Jai asks who Mannu. Sushila says he is eight year kid. Mannu signs no. Jai says no, I did not see anyone. She asks what are you doing here, did you impress Amba or not. He says Amba has got hidden and asked me to find her, help me. She asks why will I give you money then, do your work on own. She goes. Mannu argues with Jai. Jai says I don’t keep money for free, take this jewelry back, I will take money after I do work, where are you going now. Mannu says its family matter, you won’t get money, you won’t do any work without money. Jai says Sukhi told me Raavi is in problem. Mannu asks will you help. Jai says no, mabe if you say your partner, he can help. Mannu asks partner, will you
help. They smile and join hands.

Jai, Mannu and Raavi scare doctor. Doctor asks what do you want. Mannu says just tell them that you gave injection to Raavi. Doctor agrees. Raavi thanks Mannu and apologizes. Mannu says you are my family, I can do anything for you. Raavi says I realized this today, my mummy and husband got against me and my baby, the woman who can kill my mum in law, she can kill my baby anytime. Mannu asks did you know this. Raavi says mummy told this to me yesterday night in sleep. She asks Mannu how do you know him. Mannu says I got Jai, he will act to marry Amba, she will be with me always. Raavi asks are you Preet. Mannu says yes.

Jai asks Raavi can she tell this in police station. Raavi says yes, I will give statement. Doctor tells Jagan and Sushila that he has given injection and Raavi will lose the child. Raavi comes. Sushila thinks Raavi is not crying, what happened to her, there is something fishy.

Mannu talks to Jai. He says I fooled doctor. Amba comes to them. Jai says I have found you, this was my plan, you will come to me yourself. Amba goes. Mannu holds head. Jai says its happening because of you. Sushila holds doctor’s neck and asks did he abort Raavi’s child or not. Doctor says I will tell you, forgive me, I did big mistake, I lied to you, I did not abort Raavi’s child, Mannu asked me to do this. She says Mannu. He says yes, there was someone with Mannu. Sushila says Mannu started spoiling my work, I will see how Mannu gets saved.

Amba sits annoyed with Jai. Raavi comes to her. Amba asks are you fine. Raavi says I want to talk to you. Jai and Mannu come. Raavi says I came to apologize from Jai’s side. Amba says no need to apologize. Raavi says they both were helping me, else I would have lost my daughter….. Jai could not find you. Mannu asks Amba to give another chance to Jai. Amba says I have forgiven Jai.

Amba holds Mannu and smiles. Waaris….plays……… Jai praises Mannu. Mannu says we have to go police, so that Raavi gives statement against Sushila. Raavi cries and says I never thought I will have to do this against my mum. Mannu says if you don’t do this, you will lose your daughter.

Raavi says come Mannu. Sushila comes to them. She asks where are you going Raavi, doctor asked you to rest, I will take you to room. She drags Raavi.

Mannu looks on. Raavi gets tensed. Sushila gets a stick and scares Raavi asking her the truth. Raavi says I was going temple. Sushila hurts her. Mannu hides and looks on. Raavi says I was going to police to give statement against you, I got to know you killed Bebe. Sushila gets shocked. She starts laughing.

She says I know your truth, you did not abort the child, Mannu came there. Raavi sees Mannu. Mannu signs her to say. Raavi says Mannu has come, but don’t know how. Sushila asks who was that other man with Mannu. Mannu thinks if Sushila knows Jai was with me, she will n Mannu and Preet are same.


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