Tuesday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv Nov 6th

Tuesday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

Nov 6th

Abhi makes her see her back. Pragya says so you was trying to hide this and covering it up. Abhi says yes, and offers help. He zips up her blouse. Pragya looks on.

Mitali checks Tanu’s diamond earrings. Tanu asks her to keep it all, if she likes them. Mitali gets happy. Tanu says you can keep everything for forever. Mitali asks if you are giving this in charity. Tanu says no. Mitali asks her to take her body parts after her death. Tanu says I need your help. Mitali says I will correct your make up. Tanu says I need your help to kill Pragya. Mitali asks are you joking? Tanu says I am giving you so many diamond jewellery. Mitali refuses and says she don’t want to go to jail. Tanu says nothing will happen as when Pragya dies, you will not be around. She asks her to bring Pragya to kitchen and then she will die. Mitali asks what you are going to do? Tanu says she makes me jealous, so I will burn her alive. She says I will do it all and asks her to bring Pragya to kitchen. She asks her to think and says it was all small work. Mitali gets greedy and agrees.

Raj tells Dadi, Taya ji that Abhi gave a good surprise to Pragya. Taya ji says Pragya would have been more happy if he was having his memory back. Aaliya hears them. Dadi says we are helpless, but not God. She tells that whatever happens is because God’s wish. Aaliya says if everything is left on god then this line do work and don’t wish for fruit was not valid. Dadi says it is for good people. Aaliya says Abhi and Pragya will be going far from each other after Abhi marries Pragya. Dadi asks her to see what is happening now. She sees them coming out of room. Pragya thanks Abhi. Dadi tells Aaliya that Pragya and Abhi are so close that they will not be separated. Tanu asks Mitali to bring Pragya to kitchen and says she will burn her from head to toe. She goes and get petrol from car.

Abhi tells Pragya that he called special drink for special person and says he made it with his hand. Pragya says you can’t make even nimbo pani. He tells that he got this drink recipe from his friend. Pragya says lets see if it is good. Just then glass falls down.

Nikhil comes and asks I don’t understand what do you want? Sometimes you ask me to go from this city and sometimes you need my help. He asks what does she wants? Tanu says you will get all answers in the newspaper tomorrow.

Pragya asking Abhi to drink her glass as Abhi’s glass falls down. Abhi tells that they can use two straws and drink. Pragya says what people will say. Abhi convinces her. They have drink together with two straws. Allah Wariyan plays as they look at each other…..Pragya laughs….Mitali is scared and thinks what wrong she is doing? She thinks if she don’t do Tanu’s work then she will not leave her. Tai ji asks Mitali why she is sweating. Mitali says she is feeling hot due to stove in the kitchen. Tai ji asks why you are joking. Mitali thinks to focused and see diamond jewellery before doing anything. Tanu signs her. Mitali thinks she can’t do this work. Abhi thinks Pragya drank juice with him and thinks to tell his heart feelings. Pragya comes and asks him to tell whatever
he is thinking. Abhi asks how do you know. Pragya says I can read feelings and talks.

Abhi asks her to find out about his feelings. Pragya says it is good to hear than to find out. Abhi says I understood that something is in your heart, and says I want to say something. Someone comes and says executive is calling you. Pragya says he is coming. She asks him to go and come back, says wait is enjoyable. Mitali comes to Pragya and tries to talk to her. She says it is good that you met me and tells that she was searching her, because something wrong happened there. Pragya says Robin is there. Mitali says starters are less and he panicked. Pragya says I will check in kitchen.

Tai ji sees Mitali sweating and asks what happened to you. Mitali asks her to do her own work. Tai ji asks her to go. Pragya goes to kitchen and calls Robin. She thinks Robin and caterers are not here. Tanu thinks I sent everyone from here so that when you are burning, nobody is around. Pragya thinks starters stuff is less and thinks to call grocery shop. Tanu thinks it will be last wish. Dadi calls pragya. Pragya comes out of kitchen and falls down. She checks the liquid on floor and thinks if it is water. Tanu thinks it is diesel and gets tensed. Dasi comes and asks Pragya to come, as Dadi is calling her. Dadi introduces Pragya to her friends. Guest praises Pragya and says if they have found her before, then she would have been their bahu. Dadi says everyone wants her to be her bahu. Dasi says she is their bahu indirectly. Tanu thinks how to bring Pragya to kitchen again. She asks Mitali to send her again. Mitali says I have sent her once.

Tanu blackmails her and gives greed of diamond jewellery. Mitali asks her to give jewellery else she will not leave her. She warns her and goes. Dadi tells Dasi that paneer dish was good. Dasi says I am waiting for it. Pragya tells Dadi and Dasi that she will be back in 5 mins. Tanu sees her going towards kitchen and thinks if you want to kill someone, kayanath helps her to kill it. Pragya checks paneer and says it is not there. She thinks to orders the things and writes the lists. Tanu locks the kitchen door. Pragya finds the door lock when she tries to come out of kitchen. Tanu brings more diesel around the kitchen and in the house. Pragya knocks on the door. Tanu thinks my haldi and mehendi is done, I will do your chautha and terwa and will marry Abhi. She says I will sprinkle diesel on your dead body, and says for the first time in history, a girl is burning other girl.

Abhi asks music album producers to talk to Pragya and finalized something. They ask her to call Pragya. He collides with Aaliya and asks where is Pragya? Aaliya asks if she is your secretary and you are his secretary. She asks him to search Tanu instead. Abhi says both are missing. Aaliya thinks she has sent Tanu to room. Abhi says may be both are fighting. Aaliya thinks to help Tanu and wonders if she came down. Pragya knocks on the door and thinks her phone is with Dasi. Tanu thinks you are caught in my chakravuy and will come out dead from here. She says if you wouldn’t have made my heart jealous, I wouldn’t have burn you.

Pragya thinks door is locked, and thinks Abhi might have locked her to tease her. She asks him to open the door and says starters are ending outside. Tanu thinks she is locked inside, but takin Abhi’s name. She says I will take it as your last wish, when you die while taking his name, may be you get moksha. She lights the match sticks.

Pragya asking Abhi to open the door thinking he has locked her inside due to some mischief. Tanu lights the kitchen walls on fire. Abhi searches for Pragya in the room and looks at the pics collage made by Purab. He thinks whenever she is infront of me, he feels good and whenever she is not with him, he feels really bad. He asks her to be with him always, and then thinks he is marrying Tanu, but have feelings for Pragya which is totally wrong. Tanu comes back to party and eyes Pragya’s poster angrily. Aaliya sees her standing infront of Pragya’s poster and asks what happened? Why you are sweating although AC is on. Tanu says she is coming from washroom. Aaliya says there is kitchen there. Aaliya asks if Pragya was with you in the kitchen. Tanu says no. Aaliya asks her to
do if you have done anything with Pragya. Tanu says I have locked her in kitchen and then sprinkled diesel on it and sets fire. Aaliya asks have you lost it, and says who lights fire in house. She says she will inform everyone. Tanu stops her and asks her to keep alarm silent. Servant comes and says kitchen has caught fire.

Aaliya runs towards kitchen. Pragya thinks Abhi can’t lock her like this, and asks someone to open the door. She sees the kitchen catching fire and shouts for help. Abhi comes to Dadi and asks where is Pragya? Dadi says she must be here. Dasi says she must be in bathroom. Abhi says she is not here. Dadi asks him to call her. Dasi says her phone is with me and asks him to check. Aaliya goes near kitchen and calls Abhi, Raj and Tau ji. Abhi says this is Aaliya’s voice. They go there. Aaliya says kitchen has caught fire. Abhi asks everyone to go out.

Aaliya thinks whenever we try to kill Pragya. Abhi rescues her and thinks she won’t let Abhi save Pragya this time. Tanu asks Abhi, how the fire broke out. Abhi says I don’t know. Tanu tells him that she will not leave him. Abhi asks her to go. She falls and hurts her foot intentionally. Abhi helps her get up and takes her out of house. Abhi thinks where is Pragya? He thinks she might be in the kitchen and calls fuggi. Pragya thinks it means that he is searching me. She hears his voice and replies that she is in the kitchen. Abhi thinks how to go inside, shall I wait for fire brigade to come, thinks he can’t take chance and have to do something. Pragya thinks if he went back.

Mitali asks Tanu if she is feeling hurt. Tanu asks her not to worry about her. Raj asks Mitali to keep quiet for sometime. Taya ji says fire brigade people will tell who had set the fire. Mitali thinks to keep her mouth shut. Abhi wears blanket and come to rescue Pragya.

Abhi opens the door with a long rod. Pragya asks who are you and ass him not to come near her. Abhi manages to come inside and asks why she is shouting and tells that he came to save her. Pragya says you came..and smiles. Abhi asks her to come under his blanket. They have an eye lock. He asks her to come out with him. He rubs his face and black color is applied on his face. Pragya laughs seeing his face…

Pragya asks him to come and cleans his face with her saree pallu. They have an eye lock while she cleans his face.