Tuesday Update on Twist of Fate Zee World Tv Nov 13th

Tuesday Update on Twist of Fate Zee World Tv

Nov 13th

Aaliya asks him to do as she says and asks him to bring any girl and be prepared. Nikhil asks then what? Aaliya says Purab and Pragya will bring Abhi home and asks him to introduce the girl as Tanushree. She says she will call him before leaving and says they are coming to catch you, and asks him to be prepared. Nikhil says okay. Tanu thanks Aaliya and says you are really a genius and says I am so happy and lucky to get friend like you. She then apologizes to her. Nikhil says that’s why God has given you friend like Aaliya. Tanu hugs her. Aaliya holds her ears and asks her not to do anything without asking her. Tanu says okay and thanks her for making Pragya defeat. Aaliya says Pragya will be ruined when Abhi marry you. They laugh.

Dadi tells Purab that she knows that he is upset as Abhi scolded him. Purab tells that may be there is 4th person who is supporting them. Aaliya and Tanu come there. Aaliya asks Pragya not to force her mind. Tanu says mind don’t get specs. Aaliya says you have a big lost Purab and says I heard that Bhai shouted on you and got angry. I felt bad and I am sure that you felt bad too. He don’t trust you and says I told you that bad will happen if you support bad. She asks him to change his loyalty and side. Purab asks if you are done. Aaliya says she had informed Nikhil and says you might be thinking when did I call him as my phone was taken away by Dasi. She tells that just as she got to know about the report, she called Nikhil and made that plan. She tells that she has kept fake witness in his home and says I have cut your kite…Kai Po Che.

She says everything happened as per my plan. She tells Pragya if Abhi comes to know everything. Pragya is about to tell. Aaliya stops her and says once he gets back his memory, we will be caught. She says you are forgetting that they are marrying in a day and says we will not care if he gets back his memory after his marriage with Tanu. She asks them to forget everything and get busy in the marriage arrangements. She says we will meet for dinner. Purab apologizes to Pragya and says once again we have to see defeat. He says I got over confident and thought Aaliya and Tanu couldn’t do anything and didn’t keep eye on Nikhil. He apologizes.

Purab apologizing to Pragya. Pragya says you have lost brother like friend and feels bad. Dadi says even we have 1 day and we will stop the marriage. Tanu tells Aaliya that Pragya is planning and plotting and says two day shall pass. Aaliya asks her to relax. Tanu says we shall be alert. She says 24 hours shall be torturous to her. Aaliya asks what is your plan. Tanu shares her plan. Aaliya says not bad at all and appreciates her plan.

Abhi thinks why did I scold Purab and why did I believe on that report as if I want to believe on it and why I was looking at Pragya again and again. He reminisces dancing with her. He thinks I agreed to Purab as I want to stop this marriage as I love pragya and don’t want to marry Tanu. He thinks he couldn’t tell his feelings to Pragya.
Pragya comes to his room. Abhi thinks he is imagining her again and thinks who will help him now. Pragya tells him that she is thinking to go home now.

Abhi thinks she is here and thinks to apologize to her. Pragya asks why he is ignoring me and says listen….She slips. Abhi holds her and falls on her. They have an eye lock. He thinks why his heart is pumping heart. Pragya also thinks the same. Abhi asks did you hear anything. Pragya says no. They laugh saying music must be playing. Aaliya comes there. Abhi and Pragya make an excuse. Pragya says we fell together by chance and says good night. Aaliya is irked and asks her to stop. She asks Pragya to stay here tonight, and tells that Tanu’s parents are coming and asks her to arrange a nice dinner for them. She says Robin is not seen.

A fb is shown, Aaliya asks Robin to take leave and switch off her phone. Fb ends. She asks Pragya if she can do. Abhi says why Pragya will do servant’s work. Pragya says she will do anything for his family. Abhi thinks she is ready anything for me and if she turns then it means even she has feelings for me. Aaliya asks Pragya to supervise the cooks and see the decoration. Tanu’s parents come. Tayi ji greets them. Tanu comes and takes them with her. Tanu’s mum asks what Pragya is doing here?

Tanu says she is here as a secretary and asks Pragya to serve drinks to her parents. Abhi sees Tanu treating Pragya as a servant. Tanu smiles. Aaliya also smiles. Dasi looks on upset. Tanu tells pragya that she is marrying tomorrow and is the chief guest for today and asks her to serve drinks. Pragya serves her drinks. Tanu thanks her and goes. Dadi is upset and says I won’t let this happen. Dasi hopes some miracle happens and says Pragya will not be dominated by Aaliya and Tanu and will reply them.

Pragya serves drink to Abhi. Abhi looks at her and says thank you. Dadi says it seems Abhi will confess love. Tanu parents talk to each other. Abhi asks Pragya not to do work and says he can’t see her doing servant’s job. Pragya asks why? Tanu introduces her cousin Shonali to Abhi and says she is your Saali. Abhi says I forgot. Abhi says even wife shall have a name and says she shall be called as kamini. Dasi laughs. Abhi says if wife don’t work then she will be called kamini. Tanu is irked. Abhi asks them to have food.

Abhi takes Pragya to side and says he felt bad because. Pragya asks what? Abhi says he can’t lie? Pragya asks her to tell truth. He looks at her dupatta and covers her head with it. Pragya smiles. They have an eye lock. Music plays…

Abhi and Pragya’c conversation. Pragya says she is Mrs. Abhishek Mehra, and what will be tomorrow. Tanu asks Pragya to serve the food to everyone. Pragya serves food. Tanu asks what is this? Pragya says shahi paneer and palak paneer. Tanu says paneer is less and palak is not fresh and asks her mum if she shall get some other dish made for her. Tanu’s mum says she will manage. Dadi eats the food and says you have magic in your food. Dasi wishes that they get to eat food made by her daily. Abhi asks her to serve dal. Tanu thinks she has taught a good lesson to pragya and she became naukrani from secretary. Pragya is serving dal to Abhi. He says some more, some more…..and have an eye lock with her. Tanu gets upset and asks what is happening here. Pragya drops dal on Abhi’s
clothes mistakenly and tries to clean his tshirt. Tanu stops her and asks her to go and bring sweets. Tanu tries to clean his tshirt. Abhi says I will do and takes tshirt. Tanu is irked.