Tuesday Update on Twist of Fate 8 September 2020


Tuesday Update on Twist of Fate 8 September 2020

Pragya comes to the bedroom and sees Abhi has misplaced CDs and the room is in a mess. She starts keeping everything neatly and they have silly cute arguments. Abhi goes to freshen up. He sees Pragya’s pregnancy report kept openly and tells Pragya to either throw it or keep it somewhere else as he does not want to see it again. Pragya arranges some files and keeps the report in it half way out. Dadi and Daasi come there and ask Pragya to make tea.

When Pragya goes to the kitchen Daasi searches the room for the reports. By then Abhi comes and tries to hide the report but Daasi finds it. Pragya comes with tea but they deny it and leave the room. Abhi tells Pragya about it and they run behind them to find out what are they up to.

Tanu meets Nikhil in a restaurant and tells him that she loves him and that she realized Abhi does not love her. Tanu wants to marry Nikhil. Nikhil is very happy. Tanu tells him her parents are having problem with their house documents as they need to sell it and settle down in Mumbai. Nikhil tells he will go to Delhi and help them as he has many lawyer friends in Delhi. Tanu is happy that she can get her work easily done when Nikhil is not around. NDaadi and Daasi reach the hospital and start questioning the receptionist and others about the wrong pregnancy report. Nurse tells them to be quiet and wait. Abhi and Pragya hide and peep from behind.

Dadi tells them their one wrong report created havoc in their house. They want to speak to the manager of the hospital. Abhi and Pragya are thinking of ways to stop them. Meanwhile Tanu calls on Abhi’s phone. Abhi does not want to talk so he gives it to Pragya. Tanu blackmails by telling she is going for abortion. She wants to talk to Abhi. Abhi makes her understand but Tanu does not listen and tells she has no option but to go for abortion. Abhi gets angry and says do what you want and cuts the call. Pragya convinces him to go meet Tanu.

Tanu is at the restaurant waiting for Abhi. She wants to keep Abhi busy so that Dadi can get to know about her pregnancy from the clinic. When Abhi come there she gives him two options either to sign the abortion papers or divorce papers. Abhi is shocked and confused.

DD scolding the nurses for giving wrong report. Pragya peeps there and thinks to inform Abhi. Abhi asks Tanu, what is all this? Abortion papers and divorce papers. Tanu says what she will reply to her parents. Abhi gets worried about Dadi’s reaction and says this is not the way. Tanu says she will know somehow and says her life will be over asking him to decide what he chooses. She asks him to call Pragya and inform her. Abhi thinks to call Pragya. Pragya talks to manager and asks him not to show report to Dadi. The manager says he can’t hide as Dadi threatened to go to Media. Pragya asks him to write some other thing in the report, other than pregnancy. The manager says he can’t write anything else, as his job will be at risked. Pragya threatened that if anything happens to Dadi seeing the report, then you will not get job anywhere. The manager agrees and reminds her that you promised me under the CCTV. Pragya says it will not be needed. She calls Abhi and tells him that Dadi will get other report. Abhi calls her genius.

He informs Tanu that everything will be solved. Tanu thinks she has to worked on this plan, and asks on which papers he wants to sign on. Abhi says he will inform tomorrow. Abhi asks her to not worry and says he will make everything fine. Pragya thinks it is good that she managed to convince the manager. She checks the report and says this is my report. She recalls giving the original report to ward boy and thinks he might have given to Dadi. The manager comes to Dadi and apologizes. He then gives her report saying it is original. Dasi asks her to open the report and see what Abhi and Pragya are hiding. Dadi tries to open the envelope, Pragya comes running and stops her. She asks why did you come here? Dadi says she came to see the doctor. Pragya makes excuse that she came to take Bulbul’s report. Pragya thinks how to take report from Dadi’s hand before she reads it. They are on the way to home in their car. Pragya wonders how to take it and asks her to give. Dadi says she will keep it.

Sarla calls Pragya and talks to her. Pragya gets emotional hearing her. Sarla says I know you are very understanding girl. I was very happy about your pregnancy. Pragya says she couldn’t say anything seeing her happiness. Dadi takes the call and asks Sarla, why did you make her cry? Sarla says she is a mum and have right on her. Dadi says she is her bahu now. Sarla says she is your daughter in law first and my daughter later. She asks if Pragya is crying? Dadi says yes and gives call back to Pragya. Pragya talks to her and says she will call her after sometime. Dasi asks Pragya to go to her room and rest. Pragya calls Robin and asks him to give water to Dadi. She worries that Abhi might come and thinks how to take report from Dadi’s hand before Abhi comes. Abhi comes home happily and asks Dadi about her hospital visit. He snatches report from Dadi’s hand and says he will read out. He gets shocked and looks at Pragya. Dadi asks what is written in it. Abhi says everything is fine and tries to go. Dadi stops him and takes the report. She is shocked to read that Tanu is pregnant.

Dadi questions Abhi, about Tanu’s pregnancy. Dasi asks Tanu if she is pregnant. Pragya gets tensed. Tanu’s parents come there. Her mum says Tanu is pregnant. We knew that she is pregnant. Dasi says you knew that your daughter is going to be a mum without marriage. She accuses their bringing and asks who is the father of her child. Her Dad asks her to stop it and says we know it well. He asks her to ask Abhi. Dasi asks why you are taking Abhi’s name. Tanu’s dad asks Abhi to accept that Tanu is pregnant with his child if he has shame. Abhi looks on tensed.

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