Tuesday Update on Twist of Fate 21 July 2020


Tuesday Update on Twist of Fate 21 July 2020

corporator seeing Abhi and his team out and running back to his den. He ties Pragya on chair again and says he will teach her a lesson. Pragya starts laughing and says her husband will not spare her, he will make him apologize soon. Coproator says her husband will also be punished and he will apologize instead. He shuts her mouth and asks his goon to find a route to get out. Goon says they have one route, but it is risky. Corporator goes to check the route and asks his men to come there when he calls.

Abhi asks inspector to get more force to block the routes. Inspector says he needs 1 hour and leaves. Abhi thinks what to do till then. He sees a slum kid playing drums on utenils and gets an idea of doing a live concert on road to block it. Kid who is his fan agrees to help him with his friends.

Daadi calls Abhi and asks if he found Pragya. Abhi says no and before they could reach her, kidnapper eloped again. He asks her not to worry and to have faith on him.

Mitali gets into Aaliya’s room and tries to find something in cupboard. Aaliya comes and asks what is she doing. She says she is searching her son’s books and says she is worried they will also be caught if Corporator is caught. Aaliya asks her to relax and search book outside her room.

Abhi starts his concert on road. People stop their vehicles seeing him and block the whole road. Inspector says Purab that Abhi’s idea of blocking road is working and now they can easily find the kidnappers now. Corporator car gets caught between traffic jam. He asks a person about the jam and person says Abhi is doing free live concert. Corporator says Abhi did this purposefully to catch them.

Abhi performs on Tujhe dhund raha hai ye…..song… with his guitar.. Daasi switches on TV. Daadi asks why is she switching on TV when they are all tensed. Daasi says to divert attention she wants to play religious channel. They both see Abhi’s live concert and Daadi asks why is he performing concert instead of searching Pragya.

Sarla and her family are worried about Pragya. Purbi gets a call from her friend about Abhi’s live concert and informs Sarla. Sarla gets annoyed seeing Abhi performing concert instead of searching Pragya..

Abhi performing live on street to block the road and find Pragya. Coporator’s car blocked between cars, he thinks of taking Pragya out by making her wear burqa. His goons drape burqa over Prgya and take her out. Pragya runs again and shouts for help. Abhi identifies her house and they both get happy looking at each other, but goons kidnap Pragya again. Fans surround Abhi and don’t let him reach Pragya.

Ugly minded Aaliya and her puppet Tanu get nervous thinking about Abhi’s live concert. Aaliya says corporator will be caught and even they will be soon. Daasi hears them and asks who will get caught. Aaliya gets tensed seeing her and says she was talking about Tanu’s modeling assignment and if she does not do it, she will be caught into financial crisis. Once Daasi leaves, she calls Abhi and asks why did he do live concert. He says he wanted to catch kidnapper by blocking road and was almost succeeded, but kidnapper escaped again with Pragya. She says Daadi is worried and asks him to come back home soon. He says he will reach home in 10 min.

Corporator ties Pragya to the pole in his den. Pragya says her husband will not spare him and will find her soon. He says he will toss a coin and will know if he loves her or not. After toss, he says her husband does not love her and loves Tanu, he may want to get rid of her and may make a deal to kill her. He then says he will not kill her and will think what to do.

Abhi comes home sadly. Cousin daadis ask where is Pragya. Abhi says he did not find her. Daasi says she knows he is joking and asks him to call her. Abhi says again he did not find Pragya yet. Daasi slaps him and says she is very disappointed and instead of finding Pragya, he was busy pleasing his fans, daadi is worried and has not eaten yet, asks him to go to his room and enjoy his performance on TV. Once he leaves, Purab comes and asks why did she slap Abhi, he is very tensed and did live concert to block road and catch kidnappers and even risked his life. Daasi feels guilty.

Ugly minded Aaliya asks filty minded Tanu to go Abhi’s room and use this opportunity. Tanu Abhi needed this tight slap for his mistake. Aaliya says if she loses this chance, Abhi will fall for Pragya more and will forget her.

Abhi reminisces his helplessness when Pragya was kidnapped second time in front of his eyes and Daasi slapping her. Bulbul comes and asks him not to feel bad about Daasi’s slap. Abhi says he deserved that and gets emotional. Daasi on the other side feels guilty for slapping him. Sarla calls Bulbul and asks about Pragya. Bulbul says she will come home and tell. Abhi takes phone and apologizes her for not finding her yet and says his power and money is waste and he is good for nothing. Sarla asks her not to think like that and says she is very happy hearing he cares for Pragya a lot, says even Pragya must be happy seeing him searching her and says she knows he will get Pragya back at any cost.

Bulbul worrying for Pragya in front of Purab. Purab asks her to calm down and goes out of room. Purab’s phone rings and Bulbul picks it. A person says he has arranged valentine meeting with his girlfiend, but forgot girlfriend’s name. She says Bulbul and cuts call. Purb comes back and she says she knows his valentine’s day plan and goes into flashback where Pragya and her discuss about valentine’s day and boyfriends. She tells Purab that Pragya started to love Abhi, but now she will not unite with Abhi on velentine’s day.

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