Tuesday Update on This is Fate 22 January 2019

Kareena calls Sherlin and scolds her for not responding to her messages. Sherlin was irritated by her attention seeking personality. Kareena asks her to come to her soon, she wants to know what happened between her and Rishab last night.
Sarla speaks to Rakhi and informs her about Preeta’s Roka. Rakhi was happy and promises to be in the function with her whole family; she suggests they can even speak about Sameer and Shrishti’s proposal there. Preeta had just arrived from behind Rakhi and went upstairs. Sarla tries to speak to Rakhi about postponing the talk about Sameer and Shrishti but Rakhi stops the servant. She takes a leave from Sarla as she has to take care of Dadi’s breakfast. Sarla decides to speak to her tomorrow.
Rishab had climbed the room stairs looking for a file. Preeta comes bring him down as he might get a back strain. She herself gets the file for him. She tells Rishab he was looking for the file restlessly, if he concentrates on positives more than negatives it might bring better results. Rishab thinks about speaking to Preeta about his own wish and stops her. Rakhi comes there with sweet for Preeta and informs them about Preeta’s roka. Karan had come there and spits the sweet hearing the news. Rishab asks Preeta why she is marrying. Karan comments if Preeta has nothing but to marry. Kareena was curt hearing this. Karan tells Preeta he won’t come to Roka. Preeta says she would like it.

Kareena greets Sherlin happily as she arrives. She tells Sherlin about a breaking news; Preeta is going to get away from her life soon. Her marriage has been fixed. Sherlin smirks recalling Prithvi’s promise. Sherlin says she prayed to God and was answered. She then thinks she can easily fool Kareena; determined not to lose Preeta as well.
Rishab comes to the hall restless. He wonders what kind of a joke is this. He decides to tell his heart out else he might always regret. Karan stops Rishab at the staircase and was in a hurry. Karan stops him to speak about sponsors. Rishab asks if he knew about Preeta’s wedding. Karan says Sarla told him. Rishab wonders why she didn’t tell him. Karan says she doesn’t understand whom to give importance.
Rishab comes to Preeta in the kitchen and finds her a jug of milk. Preeta says it was hidden behind a lot of jars. Rishab takes it metaphorically, and says let’s not hide anything from each other. He wants to be one special man in her life whom she shares everything with. Preeta thinks if he is complaining that she didn’t share about her proposal with him. She assures Rishab she trusts him. Sherlin comes to push her hand off Rishab’s hand, hugs her and congratulates. She asks Preeta about Prithvi, and points if she was behind Rishab as well. Rishab interrupts Sherlin and asks her to behave. Preeta tells Sherlin that Prithvi is like Rishab, rich and well mannered. She doesn’t need to run behind Rishab anymore.

There, Sarla was happy to see Preeta’s roka dress. She and Janki go to bring tea. Shrishti sits with Dadi. Dadi says one must fix a proposal with any guy after a lot of inquiry. Shrishti asks about Prithvi and wonders why he is in such urgency. Dadi insists Prithvi isn’t going to get anything except Preeta; he only liked Preeta. Preeta joins the tea with Sarla and says everyone except Karan would be here at Roka. He has a practice match. Janki suggests what if he is jealous of her Roka. He was upset at the fixing of her proposal. Preeta denies Karan feels anything for her. Shrishti asks Preeta what if he comes to confess his love for her on the wedding stage. Preeta was lost in some thoughts, then says she will leave everything and go to Karan. Preeta now makes fun of Shrishti if this is what she wanted to hear? She clarifies to Sarla she won’t marry Karan even if he is the last guy. Sarla scolds Shrishti about such a joke and sends Preeta to take some rest.
In the room, Prithvi gets ready. Sherlin jumps inside from his window. Prithvi was happy to see her. Sherlin locks the door of his room and asks if she can’t dare for him? Prithvi asks if she is happy. Sherlin places her arms around his shoulders and shows her happiness for getting Preeta away from her life. Prithvi says he can go to any extent for her happiness. He will make Preeta apologize her. Sherlin was happy about her wish come true. Sherlin says she will be there with Rishab’s family to keep an eye.

Shrishti prepares Preeta and compliments her. She says Preeta looks so pretty, people would go crazy. Preeta asks which people. Shrishti says Karan and Rishab. Preeta calls her senseless, she considers her brain as waste bin. She reminds what happened last time. Shrishti says she has reached a conclusion, both Karan and Rishab like Preeta.

Shrishti tells Preeta Karan is a better choice for Preeta. Preeta says Prithvi is a very good natured and nice man. She says there is a deep line of status difference between their families. She teases that Shrishti may marry Sameer as she is obsessed about her. she gets emotional as she would leave the house in sometime. Shrishti tells Preeta she doesn’t like Prithvi, he is too good to be true and no man can be so perfect. Preeta says she is only being over protective. Janki comes to call the girls to hall.
Karan was driving while the driver sat with him. He watches some balloons and was lost in thoughts of Preeta. His car hits another car, the other car gets some scratches. The driver insists on Karan to let him handle. Karan gives him his wallet. It was Prithvi in the other car,

he grabs the driver’s caller furiously. He calls him name and punches him as well. Karan comes from behind and says he was driving. Prithvi turns into a gentleman at once, apologizes the driver and denies taking any money as well. After Prithvi had left Karan thinks there is something wrong. Prithvi is a devil in disguise, he is being nice only to impress Preeta and her family. He must figure the truth.