Tuesday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv November 20th

so you will get your money and Shonali will get her love. Mr. Mittal says that its too late for this now. He says that now if we refuse, Meera will kill us. Pronita says that she will kill you if she comes to know. She says I have a fool proof plan if you guys decide to follow it.. Mrs. Mittal says what will happen if the Walias come to know we broke off the wedding… Pronita says that if you follw my plan, then they will find out that Pritush likes Shonali and they will never let him marry Ganga.Mr. Mittal says that Mr. Walia is very happy with this wedding, so then why will he break this marriage ? Pronita assures him that when Mr. Walia finds the truth he will berak off this marriage on his own. Mr. MIttal doubts how that will happen..Pronita says I will tell you…

Jai and Ganga are talking to each other. The father-daughter are having a chat.. Ganga looks nice.. Jai is teasing her that princess dont get up for anybody and he bows down to her.. She says that there are very few people in this world who can marry the person of their choice.. whose dreams come true.. she says whatever is happening in my life today is because of you ( wait and see what happens next… ) she says that if my life is a fairy tale then you are its author.. she says if it wernt for you , I would never have know that I love Pritush … she is getting very emotional.. Jai stops her and says that I shall pray for you that you will be always be happy .. Pronita overhears and thinks how can I tell you Mr. Walia that our daughter is entering a life of misrey and not happiness…

The barat arrives… Adi tells Krishna and Vidya to not let the dulha in unless he pays you a hefty sum.. Rashi gets Ganga to the mandap.. Krishna-Vidya dont let the Mittals in and say that they cannot enter unless their “Jiju” pays them.. The Mittals assure them that Pritush is comming and he will definately pay them.. The Walia’s welcome the Mittals … Mr. Mittal says that before the next resam is done, we would like to talk to you. Jai says why are you being so formal.. he asks them what they want to say.. Mrs. Mittal says that it will be better if they talk about give and take before the pheras.. Jai and Adi are surprised.. Jai says I am not able to understand. He says that the muhurat will pass so lets do the pheras then we can talk. Mittals say that we have to talk before the pheras. Jai is confused. Mr. Mittal says dont act innocent..you are the father of bride.. you know that you give your daughter something for her happy future life. Jai says that ya all parents give something to their daughter happily..

Mr. Mittal says that we just want to know what you are giving your daughter. Meera intervenes that what are you saying.. Ganga is Walia’s daughter…she says dont worry . there wont be anything less.. Mrs. Mittal says that we are talking so that there is no tension. She says we just want to know how much money and jwellery we will get .. the family is shocked.. ( yeh Walia’s ko shock khuch jyada hi laghte hai na… ) Jai is shocked (again.. ) that the Mittals are talking about dowry when the barat is at the door.. Mrs. Mittal says that its a happy thing .. Jai is now angry and he says that its not about happiness. its like making a deal..he says that I want to make relations not deal .. we have never given nor taken dowry.. The Mittals say that they will have to reconsider… the family is shocked … again

Meera is wondering why the Mittals are behaving like that..she tells Jai that lets sit down and discuss this matter before it gets worse. she asks the Mittals how much money they want.. Mrs. Mittal says that other than “other things” and jwellery, we want cash 50 crores.. its time for Meera to get a shockkk.. and also the family.. incl Ganga… Meera goes to Mittals and asks them what new natak they are up to.. He says this is the time when they can make some money…he says the money you gave us is too little… Jai tells Meera not to talk with them. He says I wont give them Rs. 50 also.. (there’s my man… )

Mrs. Mittal says that ok then we will leave. Jai says, Ok as you wish.. Meera is stunned.. he says that today they are talking about dowry..tomorrow they will talk about sending my daughter back, they they might talk about divorce …Meera says that we have done all the rasams and Ganga is wearing her wedding dress.. what will people say ..jai says I dont care about socient, I cannot marry my daughter to such a house..Meera says that its just 50 crores.. Jai tells her its not about 50 crores he says I can give 500 crores also .. all my money is for my kids..but I cannot marry my daughter to such greedy people..Meera says that for your ethics you are ready to sacrifice your daughters love.. Jai says my decision is final.. Ganga speaks up and says I havent taken a decision yet. she says that it was my decision to marry Pritush and if this wedding breaks off, then I want to talk to him first. She is confident that Pritush cannot do something like that.. ( get real girl… ) ..he is not so greedy and she is pretty sure that whatever is happening he does not even know about it.

Mrs. Mittal sasy dont involve him in all this. Ganga says its important that we do.. she says untill he tells me that he wants dowry, I will not believe it..Pronita says that I agree with Ganga..she is getting married to Pritush and not Mr. & Mrs. Mittal.. we have to know what he thinks..Meera says ok lets call him and everything will be cleared.. Shonali enters with Pritush .. he has a blindfold over him and he is wondering where she is taking her.. she says its a surprise.. they are wearing garlands around their neck.. (again the Walias are shocked… ) Pritush says to Shonali that he cannot believe that they are going to be one soon.. he says I thought I will have to marry that Ganga but thank God I could run away from the barat and we could get married.. he asks her to open his blindfold so he can see their dream house.. she says that once the blind fold opens you will get the biggest shocking surprise of you life.. he tells Shonali he loves her .. ..he is shocked to see where he is .. the screen splits into two.. with Meera and Pronita…

Shonali opening Pritush’s eyes… everyone is shocked, including his parents. ( I hope they didnt really marry).. Pronita asks Pritush what he is looking at .. she says Sorry that I had to get to like that in front of everyone, but then what can I do, I had to bring out your truth in front of everyone. She says to the family that you must be wondering what is happening..she says its a long story..he says that the London ke business tycoons Mittals are actually bankrupt… she says this is the truth of the Mittals.. sso to save their reputation and themselves, they made a plan. they trapped a lot of locals in UK and then ran away here and they did their homework. They were looking for the one rich businessman in Mumbai who has a unmarried daughter. They found Jai and Ganga.

Then Pritush started to impress Ganga. I tried time and again to get their truth in front of you guys, but you never believed me, and their good fortune saved them.. but I could not sit quitely and let them destroy Ganga’s life..so I made a plan… they were in look out for money, so I got someone who was supposed to be even richer than the Walias’. So, in comes Shonali, who BTW is nither my niece nor multi-billionaire.. but she helped me more than any relative.. thank you Shonali.. and to support her was Rishi … Ganga’s friend and he proved to be a true one..he has not only done a favour towards Ganga but the whole of Walias’. then what happened ??? the Mittals thought that lets trap Shonali..so she played along and made them believe that she really loved Pritush..

Pritush felt where that $200 billion girl and where Ganga.. he felt trapped so then today he ran away from the barat and married Shonali .. (Oh no.. did he really ?? ) Pritush tells Shonali that she cheated him … but Pronita tells Mr. Pritush Mittal.. that was a fake wedding..she says everything was fake.. I cannot let you destroy Ganga’s or Shonali’s life.. Rishi takes out his shoes .. Varun tries to go somewhere but Adi stops him and tells the Mittals to leave from there before they do something.. (hey dont just let them go like that … ) but the police come there and arrest them and take them away..Meera hopes that they dont involve her name in all this..Ganga is so sad… Pronita asks Meera if she is scared. She says all this could have happened to you too, but I wont let you off so easily.. I have a special plan for you. .. but aren’t you curious to know how I did all this.. I learnt it from you.. you picked up Pritush from the mandap I picked him up from



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