Tuesday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv November 20th

November 20th

Tuesday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv

Pritush telling everyone about the charity organisation. The family is happy… but Pronita is devastated .. Adi says to him that he cannot give Ganga a better wedding gift. Ganga is happy, she thanks Pritush and says sorry to Shonali for misunderstanding her.. Rano shooes away all the male members and tells Ganga its time for her chooda rasam.. Meera asks Pronita what she is thinking,.. how Meera spoilt her fool proof plan… Meera tells Pronita how she had planned everything with the help of Rishi.. she tells her that everything was going according to their plan but she overheard Rishi and Pronita talking the previous night (stupid overconfident people … ) .. flasback to Rishi and Pronita talking abt Shonali being a fake .. Meera tells her that she kept a close eye on them and she gave more money to the pundit and told him to tell Pritush to get the garlands and then he was kidnapped…

When Pronita was looking for him, Pritush was with her.. she asks him what he was doing… Meera scolds him for double crossing her.. Pritush tells her that he is not interested in Ganga anymore.. Meera tells him the truth abt Shonali but he does not believe it. She says that this is Mt. Abu and if anyone dies here they dont find their bodies also, so you better do as I say… I will kill you and your entire family so you better do what I tell you to do.. She tells Pronita that you must be wondering why I didnt bring him here with me but then I would not have enjoyed your show .. she says look at Pritush he is sitting there looking so scared.. he is scared that he coudnt understand Shonali but he has understood me quite well.. She says that I can do anything and kill anybody to win and thats the difference between me and you .. she says that Ganga is still her pawn and she shall win the trophy… she says that its 1 am now and tomorrow at 1 afternoon Pritush will come with barat, wed Ganga and take her and you will not be able to do anything, but make sure that you shower a lot of flowers as she is after all my daughter..

Pronita is thinking of everything that Meera told her … Koshish ek aasha is playing in the background… Jai comes there and asks Pronita why she is crying … Pronita is uncontrollable.. she is just about to tell him when Mr. Mittal comes there and tells him that he has been looking for him. He needs to talk to him abt the

arrangements for tomorrow and its just a 10 min job that needs to be done right away.. and takes him away (am sure its another of Meera’s plan) … Pronita asks God why he is doing this to her.. she says that when you wish upon a falling star then your wish is granted .. so today as a mon i want a star to fall so I can wish upon it.. Let the star fall but nothing should happen to my Ganga (quite heart wrenching scene.. ) … after she goes from there, we see a shooting star… Shonali is wondering what went wrong.. Rishi too is wondering the same what to do… she says that his parents are not leaving him alone even for a min so she cannot even talk to him… baba tells them that Pronita is nowhere to be seen. She is going thru a very bad time and that she needs all their support right now.. he gets a call… Mr. Mittal is souting at Pritush what he was going to do, Meera tells them that tomorrow is the wedding and she does not want anything to go wrong. She says I ope that you all understand that I can do anything to win this war.. the parents assure Meera that they will make sure that Pritush will not do any gadbad… Meera gives her usual dhamki and leaves… Mr. Mittal scolds him again to behave..

Baba, Shonali are driving… they are going somewhere.. Jigs calls and tells Partho to reach somewhere. He asks if she is sure Bani will be there.. She says that she is sure they will find Bani there. They reach the temple and Jigs asks Bani what she is doing there… She says that everything is over.. she lost… she had 10 days to save her child but she could not do anything now she has only 10 hrs left .. Jigs says that I feel like slapping you for talking like that where is that Bani who always fought for justice… Bani says that do it, cause I lost .. She says that I cannot do anything for my Ganga.. Shonali says dont be pessimist I have a plan .. Bani says what plan nothing can happen now.. Jigs takes her in front of Kali Maa and tells her to remember her Kasam of destroying the person who destroyed her kids..they show a flashback of Pronita taking a kasam in front of Kaali Maa.. Jigs says God will not help in everything.. you cannot step back now… Jigs is in tears and she is telling Pronita that a person looses after God gives him a chance to react but you are backing out and she tells her that Bani you still have 10 hrs.. thats enough to change the whole world… Bani prays to Goddess that she will not step back and to give her the strength. Jigs asks her if she wants to know what to do next. They all discuss their plan in mute. Finally Jigs, Partho, Shonali and Bani all pray to the goddess..

the family gathered around Pritush. They are having the haldi rasam .. they also apply haldi to Ganga… then Ganga is all dressed up for the wedding and she prays in front of God., Pronita sliently is watching everything .. Jai comes and asks Pronita why she was crying last night. She says that sometimes things happen that make you cry but I promise you that today there will only be tears of joy .. and I just want to share that happiness with only one person and that is you.. (awe so sweet.. ) Meera is looking at them .(jealous.. ) she comes to Pronita and taunts her that now chuda is alos done and everything is all ready.. now only thing left are the pheras and then bidai… she says that I have a lot of work to do since I am the mother of the bride.. see you later .. ( ) Shonali is leaving and she is saying bye to Pronita and Rishi. She says that I liked coming to India and I also liked the people of India too. Pritush is overhearing all this..(another game…) She leaves.. Pritush is about to leave from there when Rishi calls him and tells him to look over some bills of the functions till that day. Pritush’s parents too come there and he leaves. Rishi goes too. Pronita tells the Mittals that Shonali left something for them. Its a blank cheque.

The Mittals are excited. Pronita tells them that Shonali is madly in love with Pritush. She tried to even tell her their truth but she still is crazy about him. She is even ready to give away everything that she owns just to get Pritush. The Mittals are maha excited. Pronita tells them that I didnt even want to give you this check but what to do, I had to respect her wishes…She tells them that she is so heart broken that Pritush cannot marry her so she is set to leave India forever.. and I could not stop her. But she felt she wanted to do something for Pritush, so she left you this cheque. And Pritush can fill whatever amount that he wishes for in that cheque… she intices the Mittals more .. she says that I should not be saying this but with a heavy heart I suggest that you cancel Ganga’s wedding to Pritush and marry him to Shonali.. She says that Shonali loves him a lot and anyway you guys are here for money right. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW TO WEDNESDAY


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