Tuesday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv August 21

Tuesday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv

August 21 Episode

Jigyasa s sitting with a lawyer. Bani comes  and JigJigyasa tells her that she got the property papers prepared to be returned to its rightful owner, she tells the lawyer that Mrs Bani Walia is the owner of Walia mansion and industries, and everything that belonged to the Walias. Bani speaks of Mr Walia but Jigyasa tells her that Jai is wrapped around Bani’s finger and after todays marriage he’ll only do what Bani tells him to do. So she wants the papers signed as she doesn’t trust these Mt Abu girls. She proceeds on her rant in front of the lawyer and tells Bani that one should never be shy of doctors and lawyers. Bani looks disgusted, takes the papers and leaves.

Finally the wedding. Jai is in sherwani and sehra and everyone is dancing. Aditya ribs Jai telling him to climb on the horse. Jai is hesitant but Aditya tells him that he must be the only man getting married twice and to the same gir. Jai climbs on with Atharva in front of him. Jigyasa as usual is looking disgusted, Aditya tries to dance with her but she shoves him away. Dai, Maasi and Rano receive Jai and Rano puts the tilak on Jai. All look very happy and are smiling away. Maasi says Jai must be the only father going to get married with his children. At the mandap Jai and bani  are sitting in front of the havan. The priest asks for the brides father to tie the knot and give her away. Aditya steps forward but Jigyasa begins spewing venom again to everyone’s discomfort. She tells everyone that one should tie the Jai and bani knot very tight coz it keeps breaking. Bani and her sisters are fatherless girls who once were dependant on the Walias but this very Bani had stripped them of everything and sent them to live in the chawl. Jai tells her to shut up but Jigyasa said that it was this very Bani who had humiliated them in front of these very guests some time back, why is he embarassed now. Dadi tells the priest to proceed and Aditya ties the knot. Jai and bani takes the pheras and it is constantly juxtaposed with the scenes from the first wedding. Amidst vedic chants Jai ties the Mangalsutra and is about to put the sindoor when he sees tears in Bani’s eyes. He smiles lovingly at her and tells her ‘No more tears’ and fills sindoor in her maang. Everyone begins dancing and they show one of the bhangra dancers climbing the stairs. He goes into one of the rooms and Veer is bundled up in a shawl and carried away.

A heart shaped wedding cake has been organised by Nachiket and Maasi tells him that unlike the English customs where candles are blown out, we Indians light diyas to celebrate. Dai says that Jai and bani are going to cut a heart. A tearstained faced Pia is waiting in a car and the kidnapper comes and hands Veer over to her. She gives him money and tells him that they are not to recognize each other ever again.

Bani is looking for the kids to cut the cake. All come but Veer. Rano goes to call him and comes running to tell everyone that Veer is missing. Jai yells at the Security for letting the kid disappear and immediately guesses that it’s Pia whos snatched him.

Rano blames him for this and says that if he’d not reacted the way he did with Pia earlier then this would not have happened. Jai says that how am I to allow that woman whose destroyed our happiness back in our lives. And how can I give her Veer I’m his Father, Pia will simply turn him into someone like herself. Aditya and Nachiket decide to inform the police and leave. Jigyasa congratulates Bani that Pia by removing Veer has for once made things easier for Bani. Bani looks distressed. Damn Pia, she had to spoil the duffers’ hard earned happiness.

Pia is telling Veer that from now on it’ll just be the two of them. Veer wants to go to his Papa / Krishna/ Atharv and tells Pia that she never plays with him or tells him stories. Pia apologises for not having paid him attention earlier. He cries that he doesn’t want to live with her and Pia snaps at him making him cry. Pia apologises and says that now that Bani Maasi is back they cannot go back to that house and that his Papa and the others of Walia mansion don’t love him.

The entire family roaming around the hall in tension for Veer when Aditya comes in.Dadi asks him whether they found out anything about Veer?Aditya replies no.Jigyasa tells Adity that  Pia cannot be trusted and jigyasa hopes Pia does not do anything bad to Veer as Pia can do anything.Aditya tells jigJigyasa that her thoughts are always negative and if she cannot say anything positive to reduce the tension atleast not to add to it.Jigyasa replies telling Aditya he is always yelling at her whenever she is saying something about the three sisters and when happiness came to the home after so many days one sister runied it.Jai asks her to shut up and goes away angrily,aditya follows him but dadi stops Aditya telling him to leave Jai alone as he is very tensed.

Pia is driving alongside veer.She sees the roads are closed and there is a lot of police security for a moment she wonders whether the walia’s are hunting for veer but then she thinks that they wont do that as they did not see Pia.She is passing the road when the policeman stops her and sees the kids in her car.He asks pia who is the child?she says he is her son.He asks veVeerer whether pia is his mother and Veer says yes.The policeman says she is a kidnapper and that is mr Walia’s child.

Pia gets scared and speeds her car and goes away.She is driving at a very high speed with the police following her when she bangs into a tree and the door opens and veer rolls on the road.Pia bangs her head into the steering wheel and is bleeding.

Jai is standing in his room looking worried when the phone rings.The police has called mr Walia asks him whether they found out anything about veer?he says the car Veer and Pia were in had a bad accident and they have been admitted in the hospital.Jai asks the name of the hospital and rano,bani,aditya and jai rush to the hospital.

Jigyasa is in walia mansion sitting on the chair and is very happy and she says Walia mansion is finally feeling like before without any of the sisters when Rashi passes.She asks Rashi where is Rashi going?Rashi replies the kids are alone she is going to them.Jigyas tells Rashi that she is always acting like the childrens maid when none of the children are hers.Rashi feels bad and goes away.

They find Veer’s room and Bani runs  to him and tells him she is sorry she behaved so badly with him.The doctor enters and asks bani whether she is veer’s mother and bani says yes and asks the doctor whether she can take veer home?he says yes.Jai sees all this and gets very happy he has tears in his eyes.

The doctor tells the Walia family that Pia is in danger and her head was hurt badly but veer is safe.Rano asks where is Veer?when Bani and Jai enter with Veer.Everyone is glad to see Veer fine.Rano tells Bani that Pia is hurt badly and baBanini tells her she does not know any pia and goes away.

In the car Jai is driving and Bani is sitting in the front seat beside him.He puts his hand lovingly on hers and they have an eye-lock session.Bani tells him to look ahead and drive and she is looking at veer and they smile at each other. Bani enters the home with veer and Jigyasa is shocked to see her.She says she has seen the 8th wonder of the world right now.The kid who she did not even touch till now today she is looking after him and will have to look after him lifelong.Jigyas says destiny has played an adbhoot khel and Jigyasa thinks that Jai married bani in majboori as pia is his first love and right now he is in the hospital with Pia and she is here alone. Jigyasa tells Bani that god knows what Pia and Jai are doing alone when Jai enters. she asks Jai how is Pia?he replies i dont know and goes away.

Rashi enters and bani asks her to get Veer milk.Rashi says ok she will get it in veer’s room but bani says get it in my room.Rashi tells bani she is very nice and Bani goes away. Jigyasa tells Rashi if she thinks bani is so nice then why doesnt she learn from Bani and share her husband?her husband is going away in front of her eyes and who is he going after?that bani’s sister rano.Rashi is stunned.