Tuesday Update on The Promise Zee World July 31

Tuesday Update on The Promise Zee World

July 31 Episode

Jigyasa and Karuna bring Pia back to consciousness as she had fainted on seeing Bani. Pia calls up Dia to make sure that Bani is at Deb’s house. Dia tells Pia that Durga is sleeping in her room. Deb goes to see Bani sleeping and his mother sees him. She tells Deb that she wants him to marry Durga and that it is her last wish. She tells Deb that she has a fatal disease. Rashi is ready to give a surprise to everyone. Pia takes Atharva and Krishna from the school. Pia tells him that she will take the kids with her as she has the official custody of the kids. Pia tells Jai that either he marries her or forget the kids.

Jai is worried and wants his children back. The lawyer tells him that they cannot do anything. Jai wants to shoot Pia and finish the story. Dadi slaps him to bring him to his senses. At that moment Rashi comes. Everyone is shocked. Pia, Jigyasa and Karuna go shopping for Pia’s wedding. Ranvir and Rano are shocked when Rashi comes back. Rashi tells them that she will release Rano from the obligation of being wedded to Ranvir. Pia tries bridal outfits when the lights go off. She comes out dressed in prison clothes. Pia is confused. Bani calls her and warns her of the impending doom.

Pia comes from shopping and asks Jai about the wedding preparations. Pia gives him a letter to read at the party. Pia tells Jai that Bani will be at gun point and ifhe does not do all this, she will be killed. Maa is not well. Bani sees the file and comes to know that Maa has brain tumor. She makes Deb and Bani hold hands. Bani is in a dilemma. Bani saves a girl who is dressed as a bride, from committing suicide. Bani tells Deb that she is ready to marry him. Bani tells Maa that she is ready for the marriage.