Tuesday Update on My Golden Home Zee World

Tuesday Update on My Golden Home Zee World

Yashodhar is at another lawyer’s office. This lawyer also tells Yashodhar that it is not possible to get the auction notice of Swarn Bhavan today. Yashodhar tries to bribe the lawyer and the lawyer looks greedily at the money.

Yashodhar bribes the lawyer with money as the lawyer looks happy.

At Swarn Bhavan the MLA arrives. Vikram’s mother gets excited as she remembers that at a friend’s wedding the MLA gave 3 lakhs as shagun. She asks Abha’s mother if the MLA will be present during the shagun. Abha’s mom tells her that the MLA is a busy man so maybe he will leave after the officers will be honored. Vikram’s ‘s mom then asks if the shagun can happen first. Abha’s mother tells her that she will ask the Thakur.

Thakur vehemently says no as it is tradition that the officers will be honored first. And that was what Saptahi Samoroo is about. The Thakur introduces Vikram and his father to the MLA. Meanwhile Samarjeet gets a threatening call on his phone to pay his debt as soon as possible and he looks worried.

Abha and Vikram stare at each other and Abha’s sister noticed this and asks her mom if Vikram can sit with Abha. Her mother says yes and why not as they were both about to get engaged. Lata takes Vikram and allowed him to sit with Abha. Abha and Vikram continue to stare at each other as a romantic music plays at the background. Vikram holds her hand and Abha gets shy.

The MLA gives a speech about Swarn Bhavan special ceremony “Saptahi Samoroo” and also about Thakur Uday Pratab and how today 10 officers will be honored with 1 lack and 1 shawl. He invites Thakur Uday Pratab and his son in law Samajeet to honor the officers.
Yashodar enters with the court orders that the Swarn Bhavan has to be auctioned. Yashodar interrupted the ceremony and tells everyone that the Thakur is pretending to be rich and good and that all this was a drama and a lie as well. The MLA shouts at him and asks the guards to take him out but Yashodhar says that Swarn Bhavan will be auctioned and he has the court papers. Everybody is shocked.

Yashodar kept on saying bad things to Thakur that he is celebrating 100 years of Swarn Bhavan but he is out of money and he Yashodhar has paid for everything that night, for all the decoration and for all the food. Everybody is shocked and they all start leaving for their various homes. Abha, Lata and Prakash starts crying. Their mother also couldn’t help it but to cry as well.
On the other hand Vikram’s parents are also shocked upon hearing the financial crisis of the Thakur family.

The whole Thakur family is shocked upon the chaos been caused by Yashodhar. Thakur asks the invited guest not to go anywhere. He pleads with them to stay as it was his daughter’s engagement ceremony. Yashodar and the manager smirks and kept laughing at him. The MLA is also leaving but the Thakur asks him why he was leaving and that he was just like his brother. The MLA tells him that was why he was the last one to leave. He tells Thakur not to worry because the Sarkar will be on his side all the time.

Vikram’s mother says that now they are also leaving. The Thakurain tells them to wait as the sagaai is yet to happen. Vikram’s mother replies that the relationship will not happen anymore. The Thakur, his wife, Lata ,Prakash and Abha are shocked. Abha couldn’t help it but to start crying helplessly.

Abha looks sadly at Vikram. He also has tears in his eyes but he is helpless in front of his mother. Vikram and his family leaves from Swarn Bhavan. Abha on other hand is left heartbroken.

Yashodar is very happy and he shouts at the Thakur that he has a copy from the auction papers of Swarn Bhavan and that he can frame it and put it beside the paintings of his ancestors. He leaves and tells Devanji to come along with him. Thakur is shocked that his personal manager is on Yashodhar’s side. Prakash cries loudly as a baby and his father consoles him. Lata also looks worried at her husband.

Abha’s mother looks sadly at Abha who has tears rolling down her cheeks. Her mother wipes it. They all are crying even the servants also shares their sorrows with them. The Thakur couldn’t help but to hide and cry in his room. His wife also comes along in other to share his pains with her. Lata cries and her husband looks at her.

Abha reads the auction papers and cries again. She walks around the whole Swarn Bhavan remembering everything what has happened. She goes to the temple and pray to god and also asks god to give her strength to become her father’s support.

Meanwhile, Yashodhar and Devanji are partying. Devanji tells him that he has executed the plan but he was the mastermind of the whole story.

The next morning, Abha comes to her father and tells him that they should go and have breakfast. She is shocked when she finds her father crying. Her father tells her that he is ashamed that he couldn’t do much for his children.

Abha gives courage to her father and tells him that they still have 15 days to save their Swarn Bhavan and that they will surely save it at any cost. Thakur looks proudly at her. Abha’s mother who was listening to everything has tears in her eyes.

Abha and her father visits a lawyer’s office. The lawyer tells them that there is only one condition left that can be done to save their Swarn Bhavan but it is very difficult.

Samarjeet is packing his bags. He tells Lata to pack her bags as well but Lata tells him that she can’t leave her parents in that situation. Samarjeet gets angry at Lata and shouts at her that she can stay with her parents and that he will leave as soon as possible. The whole family sees what was happening.

The Thakur asks his son in law as to why he was leaving? Samarjeet apologizes and tells Thakur that he was sorry he was not able to help him during those critical moments. Thakurain gives him prasad and he leaves. Thakur smiles at his his wife and also thanks her for not breaking the tradition of Swarn Bhavan as she didn’t allow their son in law to leave with empty hands.
Thakur, Thakurain, Abha and Lata all look sadly at each other.

Meanwhile Samarjeet is leaving Swarn Bhavan. He looks upset about the fact that Thakur wasn’t able to give him the money he desperately needed

Abha and her father goes back to the lawyer’s office the next day. The lawyer tells them that the only way to stop the auction is to give Yashodhar all his money back.

The servants of Swarn Bhavan are discussing about the critical problems of Thakur and also says that he is such a great man but such a tragedy has happened to him and his entire family. They all voiced out that they will have to find a new job. A servant named Chamku says he will never leave Thakur’s side.

Abha is on the phone with someone when Prakash comes there to talk with his dad. He tells his father that he has promised them that nobody will take Swarn Bhavan away from them. Thakur tells Prakash that everything that has happened was his destiny and that whatever happens, will be a way somewhere. He asks Prakash where the button of his kurta is? Prakash tells him that it’s broken because he couldn’t sleep well. His father tells him not to worry so much.

Abha enters and tells his father that she has made an appointment with a bank manager and that maybe they will get a loan from the bank to pay the money to Yashodhar. Her father is shocked and tells Abha that no one from Swarn Bhavan has ever taken a loan from the bank. Abha tells her father that they have to go for the money because they must save Swarn Bhavan at any cost.

At the bank, Thakur says that he feels ashamed to take a loan from the bank. The bank manger says that it is alright as nowadays everybody takes a loan. The bank manager tells Thakur that he is ready to give him a loan of 5 or 6 cores.

He calls for Yashodhar. Yashodar and Devanji enters whiles the Thakur looks angrily at them. The bank manager tells both of them that the bank will pay the debt of Thakur Uday.

He asks as to how much is the debt in total. He asks if it was 5 or 6 crore’s. Yashodhar smirks and says that it was 25 crores. Thakur and Abha are both shocked. They look at the Devanji and he looks scared.

Unknowingly, Devanji has already made false papers and took the Thakur’s signature. Abha was so angry and she slaps Devanji. When her father asked her as to why she slapped him, she says that he had trusted him so much and that he even gave him her mother’s brother (Raghav) position and yet he betrayed him. Abha tells Thakur that nobody can hurt him and that she will not tolerate that person. Thakur tells Devanji that he has given him such a big surprise today. He tells him that he was greedy and that he should always remember his greed will ruin him one day.

Yashodhar tells them that they all are misunderstanding and that Devanji has not made fake papers. He smirks and says that the Thakur has taken so much loan already. The bank manager asked Yashodhar and Devanji to leave his office. He also tells Abha and her father that it is impossible to give them a loan of 25 crores.

The Thakur suggested that maybe they can sell their shops but the bank manger tells them that they all have court cases on them. The Thakur says he will win the court cases on the shops but the bank manager says he can’t help them any further. Abha and her father leave with sad faces.

At Swarn Bhavan, Prakash and Lata asks their mother as to how come they got so much debt. Their mother explains everything in details. She tells them that in such a big house with so many servants but they have no income and that the Thakur also had a habit to give big donations every time. Chandra Prabha tells them that even all her jewellery is fake at the moment. Lata is left shocked.

Raghav (their mother’s brother) has also come to visit them. He sadly tells them that he has no money to help them but he has come to rather share their sadness. Chandra Prabha agreed and tells her brother that everybody comes when there is happiness but nobody comes in during sad times but yet he has come. Abha and her father comes home and Abha hugs her uncle. The Thakur looks angrily at Raghav.

Thakur thanks Raghav for coming to Swarn Bhavan during their critical moments. He tells Raghav that if he hadn’t come he would have personally come to him to apologize that because of Diwanji he took away his job.

Raghav tells him not to apologize because when he lost his job in Swarn Bhavan, he also got another relationship which was more precious. He told Thakur that when he was leaving Swarn Bhavan after he was sacked, the Thakurain told him to become like her own brother. He tells Thakur that he was a servant but then he got a great sister and now Abha, Lata and Prakash calls him uncle.

Abha, Lata, Chandra Prabha and Prakash are all happy with tears in their eyes.

Thakur tells Raghav that he will always be ashamed of himself but Raghav tells him that he will always have respect for him as his former (boss) and also as Thakur and as his brother in law. Thakur hugs Raghav affectionately.