Tuesday update on Mehek 6th August


Tuesday update on Mehek 6th August

Shaurya tries to help Nehal with mattresses but she says I dont need your help. Karona tries to help Mansi but Mansi says let it be. Karona whispers to Shaurya that they dont even want to talk to us, we are hurting them.
Nikki comes to Ajay, he is shirtless, she says wear your clothes. Ajay says I have girlfriend now so dont dream about my s*xy body. Nikki says I wouldnt choose you as my gardener if it was not about money, Ajay says I wouldnt bear you ever if it was not about money.

Nehal beats bugs out of mattresses and says rich people have many demands. Shaurya says I have to do something, he gets idea.

Pammi beats Ajay and says thank God Nikki told me you want to make that old Delhi’s witch as your wife. Ajay says she is innocent and dont dare talk bad about her.

Nikki says she is playing with you. Ajay says you are jealous that you dont have Ajay in range now, Mahek is very nice than you, if you irritate me then I will bite you, he says to Pammi that if she doesnt talk about his marriage then he will snatch her tongue, he glares at them and leaves.
Shaurya calls Mahek, Mahek says what are you making me? Shaurya tells her some plan. Mahek says you make me do weird things, I will do it, she ends call.

Ajay is lying in his bed and singing. He starts itching everywhere on body, he screams. Nikki, Pammi and Rohit comes in lounge, they are itching too, Pammi says what is it? are there bed bugs here? Nikki says it must be Mahek’s work. Mahek and Kanta comes there and are itching too, Ajay says see you keep blaming Mahek for nothing. Pammi scolds servant for not washing bedsheets nicely. Mahek recalls flashback how they saw servant with bed sheets, he made him busy in something else and put itching powder in bedsheets. Mahek thinks me and Kanta had to apply itchcing powder too because of Shaurya, I wont spare him. Rohit is itching too much, Ajay says I will call pest control tomorrow.

In morning, Nikki calls pest control team, temm asks family to stay in garden, Mahek thinks how Shaurya will come now? They all go to garden. Shaurya is hiding in pest control team car, he gets down from car and starts going in house, he strikes with Nikki but she doesnt see his face and goes in garden. Shaurya enters house and starts spraying on windows so they can see inside. Shaurya starts searching rooms. He doesnt find in one room so seaches another. One worker starts working on cleaning bugs on bed.
In garden, Ajay brings juice for Kanta and Mahek and leaves. Kanta asks Mahek if Shaurya will find papers? she says dont talk right now.
One workers takes mattress off from Nikki’s bed and finds safe there, he shows it to Shaurya, Shaurya thinks Nikki is smart. Shaurya tries to open safe but its locked.

Nikki leaves garden and goes in house, worker says you cant come inside, work is going on, she doesnt listen to him and starts going to her room. Shaurya is in her room and tries to open safe but its locked with code, he tries to enter different codes. Nikki comes there so Shaurya hides and starts leaving. Nikki sees her bed messed up, she stops all pest control team and checks their faces but Shaurya runs from there before she can see him. Shaurya comes out of house, he looks at Mahek, she is tensed to see him, he leaves.

All family members go in house. Nikki asks servant to bring headache medicine for her. He gives water to her but glass falls from her hands, she is in lounge, she sees Shaurya’s note lying on floor. She reads it, its Shaurya’s note saying that Mahek these divorce papers are fake so sign them. Nikki smirks reading it.

Shaurya comes to Digvijay and says I found safe in Nikki’s room but its locked with code, we have to crack it, Digvijay says then Mahek have to live there for more days, you have to convince them, Shaurya says its like become hunt for crocodile.

Ajay comes to Mahek and shows her ring, he asks her to take it. Nikki comes on door, she tries to call him outside. Ajay avoids her and tries to kiss Mahek but Nikki calls Ajay and asks him to come outside, he leaves.

Nikki says to Ajay that Mahek is fooling him. She shows Shaurya’s note to Ajay that said that divorce papers are fake. Ajay tries to read note but words have been faded, he asks what it says? Nikki says this is not my or your writing and I have checked,its not even Pammi or Rohit’s writing, she asks what happened yesterday? ajay says Mahek signed divorce papers… he thinks about it, Nikki says you are doing mistake. Ajay says I will do crime now. He asks Nikki to not talk to anyone about it.

Karona says to Shaurya that he has to end this game soon, she gives him ultimatum.

Mahek says to Kanta that we have move ahead in our plan and can et papers soon. Kanta says we talked about two more days to stay here so we will do that only. Ajay spies on them and tries

to hear standing outside of door but cant hear it.
Shaurya is at food truck and says to Karona that just give me sometime, she nods and leaves. Shaurya sees Sonal working and says you could have asked me to help. Sonal says I ask for many things but you dont listen, she leaves. Shaurya comes in kitchen and drinks water, he leaves. He drops his pest control team fake card and leaves. Sonal comes in kitchen and finds his card there, she says what is this? she says Mahek and Shaurya can hide things but there is something going on.

Ajay reads Shaurya’s not that divorce papers are fake, he says is this some plan? is Mahek cheating me? this cant happen, if I talk to her about this then she wont marry me, even wont talk to me but I am her boyfriend and can talk to her.

Mahek is lying in her bed. Shaurya comes there, she gets scared. Mahek says are you mad? there are security cameras here, Shaurya says I handled everything, they see Kanta sleeping silently. Shaurya pins Mahek to wall. Mahek asks if there is some emergency? Shaurya says its about my heart pain, my wife is away from me and there is a monkey flirting with my wife so give me some remedy, Mahek says you have enough capacity to talk rubbish. Shaurya hugs her and says being away from you is changing me, I have learned to stay patient and my heart keep asking about you, he kisses her forehead.

Mahek says we cant go home without papers otherwise our fate wont change. Shaurya says this is our last chance otherwise we will have to leave this city. Mahek says we have to do everything in two days otherwise Kanta will take me home. Ajay comes outside Mahek’s room, he is drunk and says Kanta must be asleep and I cant wake her up, my impression will be bad, he starts to leave. In her room, Shaurya says its just two days, you have to win for our love, Mahek nods. Shaurya asks Mahek to give him kiss, she says not at all, she turns to move aways but drops some books.

Ajay hears it from outside. He opens door but Mahek and Shaurya hides behind door. Ajay comes in room and asks who is here? he asks for Mahek? Kanta wakes up and says why did you come here? Ajay says I was going to my room but came here, he slurs and says it happens with me when I drink too much. Kanta sees Mahek hiding behind door with Shaurya. Kanta says I want to say something, think something, why do you drink so much? she makes Ajay busy in talks. Shaurya and Mahek runs away from room behind Ajay. Ajay says I am thinking of selling wine, all are sad here and wants wine.

Shaurya climbs down from balcony, Ajay hears noise and goes to check in balcony,he asks who is here? he looks around but Shaurya hides behind him. Ajay comes to Kanta again and says there is no one there. Mahek acts like coming out of washroom. She says Ajay you here? are bugs biting you? Ajay says I was going from here and heard some noise so thought jerk Shaurya.. I mean some thief came here so came to check. Kanta says I must have dropped flower pot in sleep, it was that noise, you are drunk Ajay so go to sleep, she pushes him out of room.

In morning, Sonal comes to pest control company and shows receptionist card of Shaurya and says I want to meet him, receptionist says no he doesnt work here. sonal says did you people do pest control in Khanna house? he says why should I tell you? Sonal says my sister in law lives there and her jewelry is stolen so tell me nicely, he says yes our team went yesterday for pest control there. Sonal smirks and thinks so this couple is fooling everyone and playing a game, I see.

Mahek is having breakfast in Khanna mansion. Ajay comes there with wedding band and gives flying kisses to Mahek, Pammi is irritated. Ajay says I have surprise for my big tummy Pammi, and irritating Nikki and biggest surprise for my would be wife, he makes Mahek stand up and says we had done wedding rituals before and I cant stay away from you, your divorce papers are already filed so today will be our engagement and cocktail party, tomorrow will be our wedding and day after will be our honeymoon. Mahek is stunned to hear all that. Ajay asks what happened? congratulate me that I am finally marrying my dream girl, he offers sweets to everyone. Ajay says to Kanta that I will take you to doctor for you sleep moving problem.

Mahek is tensed, Ajay notices it. Ajay asks Mahek to call her ex-husband Shaurya and asks for divorce papers copy, his lawyer will check it once so they can get married, he asks Mahek if she will bring divorce papers copy or not? is her intention is to marry him or just fool him with wedding card? tell me that you will bring papers? answer me that you will be marry me. Mahek gets tensed and holds Kanta’s hand. Ajay shouts Mahek! Mahek says yes, yes.. Ajay smirks at Nikki. Mahek is worried.

Kanta brings Mahek to room and says now will you go for second marriage too? will you marry Ajay and leave Shaurya now? Mahek says I cant do anything, Shaurya have asked me to stay here for two days, Kanta sighs. Mahek thinks Shaurya have made me stuck here.


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