Tuesday Update on Lies of the heart 9 June 2020


Tuesday Update on Lies of the heart 9 June 2020

In a restaurant
Urmi and saroj have a talk about their future, and these troubling times. urmi talks hopefully about how

things would come and god would show a way, and how she just needs a job now. saroj assures her that she

would land a job soon too, and asks her not to be scared of the trouble that samrat puts her through. she

expresses her tension for shaurya and what would be his psychological state, when he sees all thgis. urmi

says that very soon, she would give a nice environment to him. Saroj puts forth an idea that urmi should

think about putting shaurya in a hostel for some time. urmi starts talking about how she would be unable to

live without shaurya by her side, as seeing him gives her support and hope, and the vice versa, and cant even

think that. She says that they would have to figure out another way, oblivious that samrat sits right behind

them, listening to their conversation with much ease and amusement. Samrat thinks that urmi’s life hangs by

shaurya’s happiness, and now he would have to use that to his advantage. He decides to capture shaurya, and

then automatically get urmi in his trap. He evilly sips his coffee.

Samrat’s residence
Diwaker gets his immediate boss’ call, and is shocked to know that he has been accused of misapropriation, just like samrat instructed his boss to do, and say. samrat watches amusedly as things go according to his plan. Rudra anxiously asks diwaker what happened, and he narrates it all. All are shocked, and diwaker thinks that something is wrong. samrat teasingly says that it might be a miracle, and then taunts him that this was the real reason he didnt want to join his company, so that his true nature shouldnt be revealed to his own family. Diwaker asks him to shut up, as he trusts his honesty. samrat asks him not to vent his frustration on him, and warns him that he may land in jail, due to his so called honesty. kanchan too is shocked and laments at the situation, and rudra asks him to be stuck on his honesty and sincerity. Diwaker leaves in a huff. Kanchan leaves to attend to her call. rudra asks samrat if he is behind this. he vehemently asks why is he being dragged. shashi asks rudra why is he always after samrat. Samrat tries to put him in the spot asking him to stop doubting him all the time. Rudra asks how did this happen suddenly. Samrat taunts and shuts him. he leaves. Shashi asks rudra why he cant keep and stay shut. rudra eyes him glaringly.

In samrat’s room, samrat asks mukti to pull out all of shaurya’s toys. mukti understands that samrat is again upto something. Mandira comes and excitedly asks if shaurya is coming. when samrat agrees, she asks if urmi would come too. Samrat excitedly says yes. Shashi comes and comments that he has gone nuts to get urmi back. Samrat shuts her up, while she lashes at mandira and asks her to leave. When she does, shashi tries to tell samrat that he has better options that urmi. Samrat says that he needs only urmi, not because he wont get anyone else like her, but because she doesnt have the stature, to reject a person, who has never been nor can ever be rejected. He says that urmi would have to come, even if he throws her out the next day. samrat tells shashi that he is going to get shaurya back, and then urmi would follow obviously. He says that she would use her motherly affection against her to her disadvantage. Shashi is tensed. Samrat evilly and smilingly gloats about his evil trap.

Later, Kanchan tensedly says that Diwaker isnt picking the phone. Samrat comes down and says that he must be busy solving the matter. Rudra asks him to shut up, and in fact leave his evil plan to get shaurya and urmi back too. Samrat asks shashi why cant she keep anything a secret or to herself. shashi is tensed. Rudra asks why would shaurya come with him, or if he would use force. Samrat says that he is his son and would come back. rudra says that had he loved samrat, he would have come back by now, and if he with urmi, thats because he gets love and affection from urmi, and that he wont understand it, that luxuries cant keep shaurya happy, the way urmi showers love on shaurya. Samrat remembers trying to lure shaurya earlier, and him being unaffected. rudra jerks him, saying that he should forget as shaurya doesnt have any tuning and attachment, which a father and son should have, but urmi has it with him, and asks him to leave it and let go. Samrat says that he is right and that he wont be able to get shaurya like this, but he would get urmi back at any cost, whatever he has to.

Later, that night, rudfra and diwaker wonder how and where did that money come from. Samrat taunts that he may have been doing so, but got caught this time. kanchan lashes out at samrat, saying that if she starts taunting him, he would be in trouble. rudra shuts them both and asks whats to be done now. Diwaker tells them that he has been asked to resign or else they shall hand him over to the police. diwaker tells them that he resigned. all are shocked. Kanchan starts lamenting as top how this happened. samrat asks him not to look in the past, and asks about tomorrow’s plan, if he would again start his search for the job, or join the family business, as it would be really bad for him to get a job now, given his stained reputation. He casually offers him the earlier job that he had offered, saying that it would always be there for him. diwaker eyes him angrily.

Beautiful Flower Primary School
All wait impatiently for the results of the entrance test, when urmi is assured by shaurya that he perfomed brilliantly. A lady comes and tells the parents that the results for the admission test shall be declared soon. The teacher comes and comments to urmi that shaurya was the best and the brightest, and got immediate selection. Urm,i is happy. The lady asks her to deposit the fees tomorrow, and then get him admitted to the school. urmi is tensed hearing about the fees.

Sushma’s residence
When urmi comes back happily along with shaurya, she finds the person who ordered the cake waiting for her. Sushma asks her to get the cake for him. As urmi goes to the kitchen, Shaurya excitedly says that he got selected. susham is unnerved. Urmi gives the man the cake, and then gets money, seeing which she is overwhelmed. Urmi wishes him for his son’s birthday. Urmi thinks that she would be able to give the fees now, but sushma snatches the fees from urmi. Sushma asks how come she got the admission when she didnt have money. urmi says that she was bplanning to pay and hasnt got admission yet. Sushma asks if she’s eyeing this money. She gives urmi the bare minimum. Urmi is happy. She narrates the entire balance. Urmi thanks her, while she asks her not to thank her for every small thing, and instead talk facts and keep a balance of the amount that she owes them. She agrees.

In the night, as they prepare to go to sleep, sushma’s husband tells sushma that their son is returning back. sushma tensedly asks him to tell him that he shouldnt come, but he tells sushma to say so herself. sushma says that she wont talk to him. Her husband says that then they shall just wait till he comes. sushma again reminds him tensedly that she wont allow him to enter this house.

Beautiful Flower Primary School
Urmi excitedly sends shaurya to school for the first day, advising him on his behaviour in the school. Shaurya assures her that he would behave like a good child. urmi waves him goodbye and best of luck for his first day. Samrat watches from his car, from a distance thinking that she maybe happy all that she wants, as its very short lived. He decides to get a sweet appraoch, wherein he wont be the bad guy but would have his work done too. He smiles evilly. He thinks that shaurya would drag urmi back to their house.

On the road
Urmi finds sushma’s husband arguing with a PCO owner, about not paying for a call that didnt go through, while the shopkeepr frustratedly tells him that meter ran and hence he would have to pay, whether he could talk to his son in London or not. urmi is surrised to hear this. urmi asks how can there be a bill when he didnt talk. He tells urmi that everytime he comes, he dials his son’s number in London and once the meter goes on, he doesnt respond back, and then sushma’s husband refuses to pay the bill. Urmi then pays off the money, while sushma’s husband is still confused and refuses to budge from his stance. urmi takes him away from there.

On the way, urmi is asked by sushma’s husband not to tell this to sushma as she would get upset and disturbed at it. He says that he does this without her knowledge. urmi asks why would she be upset. He then explains that their son was the apple of sushma’s eye, but then he betrayed them so badly, that she was completely shattered. Urmi asks what happened. he tells her that they looked after their son, ravi’s every need, and spent every penny of their savings in sending him to london for his further education, on his whim, but when they needed him in his old age, he changed and completely deserted them. He says that he stopped talking once he started asking for money, when he himself fell sick, and was in need of money. He says that only sushma stood by him, and they have only their house with them. He says that she was so shattered and hence she broke off all ties and relations with everyone, even humanity. He says that sushma wasnt like this, but she became completely rude and indifferent, and turned completely against her son. urmi says that she would help him out and wont even tell anything to sushma. He smiles and then blesses her thanking her. urmi smiles too.

Scene 2:
Location: Amrit’s and samrat’s residemce
amrit starts getting frustrated as aditi tells him on the phone that she is very scared, and wont be able to do this. but he keeps continuing to influence her about thinking for her unborn child, and how he would have everything, and for that she would have to do it now. He asks her to keep talking to him on the phone, and asks her to go to her mother’s room. aditi finally agrees. She opens the door stealthily, and finds that her mother is in the bathroom. amrit asks her to get in the locker and take the jewellery out. aditit asks what if shashi comes out midway. amrit is frustrated with her queires, and asks her to lock the bathroom from outside, and then get the jewellery outside. Aditi complies and then opens the safe, and tells amrit that she did so. She eyes the jewellery boxes and then takes them all, while amrit holds in anticipation over the phone. Aditi locks it back, and tells amrit that she did. He then tells her to place the key back in the bunch of keys and then silently move out, with the boxes. she complies, though being scared. She then cancels the call. amrit thinks that he finally got his way out. aditi guiltily hides the jewellery boxes in the dupatta and leaves.

 Beautiful Flower Primary School

Samrat starts getting impatient, waiting outside for the school to get over. he gets his manager’s call reminding about his meeting with the investors. His manager asks what about his meeting, and samrat says that he is fixed somewhere and asks him to take over, but he says that the investors wont listen to him. samrat says that he would make alternate arrangements. samrat then calls diwaker at home and asks him to finalise and manage an important meeting with the investors, as he is busy. diwaker tries to talk, but samrat hurriedly asks him to go and then cancels the call. Diwaker gets frustrated and tells all of this to rudra. Rudra too expresses his frustration but asks him to let go of it, and go instead and solve whats at hand. diwaker is tensed.

Meanwhile, waiting impatiently, samrat vents out his frustration at the guard for having the school open so late. The guard starts ranting, and samrat shuts him. the guard says that he would have to wait for half an hour, and asks him to have some refreshments till then. Samrat eyes him glaringly.

Sushma’s residence
Urmi is about to leave to get shaurya back from school, when she finds sushma reprimanding her husband asking her where he went, as he is feeling sick ever since he came back. Sushma asks urmi where she took him and why, as she saw both of them entering together. urmi is speechless. Sushma continues to ask, while her husband asks urmi not to reveal. Just then, urmi notices that her husband has fallen down and they both attend to him, as he collapses on the floor. they both get him to get up, and somehow manage to lay him down on the sofa. He starts relaxing, while urmi rushes to get water, while sushma reprimands him for going like this. She tells sushma that maybe his BP is low. Sushma asks urmi to get his meds from the kitchen. urmi rueshedly complies. She locates the meds, and then rushes out, while sushma keeps trying to calm him down. urmi understands that sugar would calm him down and after sushma administers the meds, she also gives him the choclate, and his BP normalises. He then says that he is okay, while sushma is still tensed.

Beautiful Flower Primary School
Later, when the school gets over, shaurya comes outside and finds that urmi hasnt come yet. As shaurya waits for urmi, after the schoolgets over, he gets a pat, and turns around excited that its urmi, but he is shocked and tensed, when he finds samrat, smiling at him. samrat lovingly aaddresses him and then taking him in his lap, asks excitedly about his first day and then says that today he shall go with him. Shaurya refuses to go with samrat. samrat maintains his cool, and asks why wont he go with him. He says that he would go with urmi. Samrat says that he would take him to urmi, but first they have to buy him something on the occassion of his first day. Shaurya is lured by the mentions of the gift. samrat takes shaurya away and gets him in the car,while urmi oblivious to all this, arrives rushedly in the auto. When urmi comes, and finds the security guards locking the gate, she asks whats he doing, and wondering why didnt shaurya come when all the other school kids did. he says that he is locking the gate, as the school is over and all the kids have left the school, and he himself personally checked it. urmi is shocked and horrified. Urmi wonders where shaurya is.

On the road
urmi dishevelled and distraught continues to search for shaurya, and screams for him. Meanwhile, in the car, shaurya sits tensed and samrat asks him why isnt he playing. Shaurya says that he wants to be with his mother. samrat says that he would take him there and tries to emotionally blackmail him, making him feel guilty, that he doesnt miss his father at all. Shaurya says that he is very angry all the time and screams too. samrat says that he never got angry at him. Shaurya says that he always screams at urmi. samrat says that she does work that gets him upset and angry. samrat tries to tell him, that he got angry because urmi took him away from his father, and has separated them, and also says that he is hungry, since they left. He pretends to be sick, and says that when he reaches home, he would be scolded and so would shaurya himself too. shaurya sits tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence
As shashi starts shouting from inside the bathroom, asking for the door to be opened, Aditi remembers closing the bathroom door and gets tensed. mandirs rushes to open the door, while shashi thinsk that samrat might have closed this door, and tries to appease hm, thinking that its actually he who has locked her and continues to apologise to him, from inside the bathroom, and asks to be released. mandira releases her, and asks what was she doing. Shashi coems out hollering for samrat. mandira tells that samrat isnt here. shashi then thinks that mandira locked her. Mandira says that she didnt lock, but opened her. But shashi refuses to believe her. kanchan tells her that mandirsa just came from school, and opened when she heard her scarems. shashi is all the more shocked, while aditi is tensed. rudra and kanchan are irritated with her overdrama, and asks her to calm down. She starts blaming rudra, while he teases her about her ordeal and her fuming.

Sushma’s residence
urmi comes back distraught and narrates everything to sushma and her husband. susham asks if she has gone mad, as he is inside only, and asks her to go see. urmi is shocked and goes inside. Sushma thinks that her husband has made urmi mad. Hurriedly, urmi comes inside and finds shaurya playing with toys. she hugs and kisses him, asking where had he gone, as she got so tensed. She asks him how he got back home. he says that he is okay and asks why didnt she come to pick him up. She notices the toys, and asks who gave this to him. he says that samrat gave him. She asks him when did he meet his father. He starts ranting and telling everything to urmi, about his meeting with samrat. She is angry and dials samrat’s number, who is very pleased to find her call. Urmi calls him and vents out her frustration at samrat, while he is in the office, asking how dare he try and take away shaurya from her, when he very well knows how tensed she gets when she doesnt see him, and he had the audacity to take him away without intimating her. samrat says that he is his father, and has the right to meet him. urmi says that she isnt implying that he cant meet, but very well understands what she is trying to convey. samrat interrupts her and asks her to get in the habit of this now, as this would hapoen on an everyday basis. He asks her to learn to stay without shaurya, as he would stay with his father now, Samrat Singh Rathore. urmi is distraught and speechless. she asks whats he saying. He says that very soon, shaurya would leave her, and come back to him, as her time with him is over now. He asks her to kill her motherly affection, as fatherly love beckons him. urmi says that this wont happen, while he casually says that this shall happen, and the day isnt far when he would himself come and say, that he doesnt want to stay with his mother, and wants to go to his father. he places a bet and asks her to dare to challenge him on this, and agree to touch his feet, if shaurya comes back to him. she is renedered speechless. He smiles and says that this would happen, and that she can go on with her life as she usually does. He cancels the call, while she is shocked, and apalled, and shaken from inside, as his words haunt him. she goes and starts getting angry at sharuya, venting out her frustration at him, asking him never to go near or talk to his father ever again, and shaurya ghets the idea that his father was indeed right, about her being angry at him and his father too. urmi sits shocked.

Scene 4:
Location: Outside the jeweller’s shop
Amrit thanks aditi outside the shop, for having doent his, and assuring aditi when she says that she still is very scared. Aditi asks him to return them asap, before shashi finds that they are missing. Amrit agrees and asks if this is easy for him, and says that this is very uncomfortable for him too. He says that he would get them back the minute his partner is back in town. He asks her to go. she begins to go, while he pretends to be very concerned and caring for her. She leaves, while he is happy that his plan was a success. He then gives the jeweller the jewellery, and then asks him to make artificial replicas of these. the jeweller inspects them and finds that they are 100% genuine. The jeweller probes and asks why is he doing this. Amrit gives in an excuse of preventing the original ones, and the jeweller buys it.

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