Tuesday Update on Lies of the heart 7 July 2020


Tuesday Update on Lies of the heart 7 July 2020

Ishaan’s residence
Ishaan finds that urmi isnt eating and forces her to eat, and stop catering to others need for a second. she says that she doesnt want to. He says that she has to for giving him company. He says that he likes when she irritates him. He forces her again to eat, and finally succeeds in making her eat. They enjoy the meal together. urmi says that the food is very nice. ishaan boasts that its from his restaurant. She asks about how his parents liked the arragmements, and jut to tease her, he says that it wasnt very good. He asks how did she like the guy, who was Damini’s match for her. She diverts the topic saying that she doesnt need a life partner, and she doesnt want to get married. He teases that lots of bachelors would die for her attention, indirectly speaking of himself. She laughs it away, saying that it isnt so.

They enjoy their meal, while he eyes her lovingly, as urmi is unaware and oblivious of it. She then teases him, on the pretext of giving him food, but when she takes a bite, she starts coughing, and he rushes to give her a glass of water, to soothe her. His concern and love is evident. He asks if she got upset at the mention of marriage. She says that she had her dreams of marriage, and the way it shattered, she is scared to see a dream again. He asks why does she presume, that every dream would break, as someone might come, who would realise all her dreams. Seeing her confused and surprised, he again takes a humourous turn, and begins to teasing her. As a romantic number slows, Ishaan, urges and then dances romantically with urmi. While she smiles and dances, he starts getting romantically attached with her.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
An infuriated samrat walks helplessly on the road, desperate and distraught on one side, and enraged on the other.

Urmi’s residence

The next morning, urmi finds shaurya blissfully asleep, and tries to wake him up, lovingly and caressing his face, while he keeps asking for some more time. She asks him to get up, as he is getting late for work. Asha’s son, Cheeku comes and says that he shall wake up shaurya. urmi is amused. He gets on shaurya and he shoves him away. Asha comes in continuing with her rant, now in english, and cheeku gets frustrated. Gaurav hollers at her, while she asks urmi to take her to the parlour later. Urmi amusingly agrees. gaurav asks for his file, and asha intentionally delays it, so that gaurav may spend the day with her, and not go to the office. urmi says that she is getting late in all this. She gets an idea. Intentionally, she tries to make it look like, that she is going, and he wakes up instantly. They have an amusing banter, and he agrees to go down with her for breakfast.

Scene 5:
Location: On the road
While shashi keeps out some money from the purse, to give to samrat, he finds her hiding money, and snatches the purse, and takes it all. She asks him to leave some for her atleast. Samrat asks what would she do with the money, and tells her that he wont let her live in peace. She gets angry and says that this is due to what he did all these years. He gets enraged, and she changes her tone instantly, saying that she would find it very difficult to lend him money everyday. samrat says that god should save from such a mother. He says that she should have died instead. She too retorts back. He says that she should remember what all he did for her, and then talk. Shashi thinks that samrat would make life unliable for him, if he stays here, and hence he should be sent somewhere else, so that they can live in peace. She asks him to leave Jhansi, as he has been insulted so badly, that he wont be able to settle business easily. He gets angry. She says that she is leaving as if Diwaker gets to know, he shall be very angry. Samrat starts counting the money, and then sees Devi in the market. He progresses towards him.

While Devi is negotiating in a shop, samrat springs up from behind, and asks the shopkeeper to give the stuff to that person, at whatever rate he needs, as he is his father in law after all. Devi turns around surprised and shocked to find confronted with samrat, who greets him with utmost courtesy. Devi is tensed and angry, while samrat gives him a wide grin.

On the road
Devi turns around to see samrat and then ignores him and continues to negotiate with the shopkeeper. Samrat continues to talk to him. Devi finally turns and asks samrat, if he knows him, and asks who is he. samrat identifies him, with his full name. Devi asks who Samrat, as he doesnt know anyone by this name, from the farthest of relations. Samrat gets frustrated, but keeps his calm, asking how can he forget him, and why is he doing this. Devi says that he doesnt know him, and that he doesnt want to be unnecessarly bothered, as he is used to this now, since his son and daughter became big shots. The shopkeeper also asks him to go. samrat asks him to shut up, and asks devi to tell him who samrat is. Devi then pretends to remember and says that he is the one, who tried to kill his daughter and then went to jail. Samrat is flabbergasted and utterly humiliated. Devi asks him to leave him alone and walks off. He is enraged further, when other shopkeepers around start taunting and teasing him on his status. He grabs one by the collar and beats him to pulp. He goes berserk and breaks down the shop and walks off, while all others are shocked.

Screen 2:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Damini talks to her husband, talking excitedly about last night’s party, which was a huge success. But he isnt interested. She continues to try and talk to him, but he ignores her. Finally, after having had enough of it, he says that the party was worth something, but noone shall forget what Tani did, and how she embarassed him at the party, when the police walked in. She says that she reprimanded Tani for what she did, and she apologised too. He says that Tani wont drive from this day onwards.

He says that she should take the car keys from bani, as he wont tolerate that his reputation and fame be maligned at any cost. She says that bani would never agree to this, and that she has apologised too. But he is adamant, saying that tani’s behaviour is beyond reprieve. She tries to say that all chidren arent the same. He tries to point out the stark differences between ishaan’s credible character and Tani’s completely reckless behaviour. She says that Tani has become like this, due to her stay in hostel. He retorts that rati too stayed in hostel, Ishaan’s sister, and she is someone any parent would be proud of. She says that Tani too is sensible. He says that he wishes she wouldnt have differentiated between Tani and Rati, and paid more attention on Rati instead. He says that she wanted tani to be a part of her society, and now thats all what her life is. He says that Rati is the only one who gives him hope now, as she has no hope from her tani. She asks how can he divide his children amongst them, and that he is speaking this out of anger, and wants for another chance, fopr her sake. she tries to cheer his mood, but he is visibly tensed.

Meanwhile, downstairs, rati who is busy studying, is disturbed by her mamiji, who is tensed about her daughter’s dark complexion and bugs her to give a credible solution. Rati is surprised, when her daughter comes out, with loads of cream splashed on her face and arms, in a desperate attempt by her mother to get her fair. Rati tells her aunt, that this isnt needed, as she is too young right now. But she is far from being convinced, saying that she would get her daughter to become fair, as thats very important today, as she realises, since she is dark, and she herself is always neglected. Rati asks her to let her study. But she doesnt let go, of her trivial matter. Rati says that she is pursuing MBA, and not medical sciences that she can help her. But her aunty is unconvinced and continues to give senseless logic. rati offers that she would search and tell her. The aunty is relieved a little, and focusses her attention on her daughter instead. Rati is amused and relieved too.

Scene 3:
Location: Urmi’s restaurant and Jhansi’s market
Ishaan finds urmi caressing flowers, and asks who is this, who has sent her flowers everey single day for the past six years. Urmi says that she doesnt know who sends her these flowers. He says that he finds it hard to believe, and says that its very evident, in her smile, that this person means a lot to her. She says that not the man, but the flowers mean to her. They continue their amusing banter, while ishaan keeps lovingly eyeing urmi. But he continues to tease urmi, not letting her know of his feelings. She says that the day she gets that person, she would get thorough with her. She finds Devi’s call, who asks about her and shaurya. She says that all are fine. urmi is tensed to find the tensed tone of Devi’s voice. Devi doesnt tell about his encounter with samrat, but tries to bring the topic indirectly, saying that she should move on, and never look back, be it good or bad past, she should never return back to it, and just move ahead with life. she agrees but asks whats the matter, and if there’s anything that he is hiding. He doesnt relent, and says that there’s nothing. But urmi is still tensed of his response. He cancels the call hastily asking her to take care. Urmi explains and discusses tensedly about Devi’s phone call, with Ishaan, while he tries to assure and asks her not to overly read between the lines. she says that he was indirectly hinting at something. But he continues to assure her, saying that he must have been tensed of the past memories, and hence as a parent he was concerned, and shall always keep advising her. She says that she has forgotten all that happened with her, and there’s no point of looking back. ishaan says that its noteworthy the way she has established herself in the Mumbai City. She gives him the entire credit for his support, that made her reach where she is today. she says that the way, he has stood by her, in thick or thin, is what has kept her through.He says that her success is entirely her own, and they start discussing who has more credit. Shaurya comes in asking how much will they continue this mutual admiration. He and ishaan together keep teasing urmi, saying that she is a big fan of ishaan. She gets fake angry and goes after him, while ishaan is amused.

Scene 4:
Location: On the streets
As the police chase after him, samrat makes a mad dash, trying to evade the police, and finally reaches the Jhansi Railway station.

Scene 5:
Location: Mumbai Streets
Samrat arrives in Mumbai. He exclaims in ego, that finally he got out of Jhansi and arrived in mumbai, and soon he shall conquer and rule this city too.

Ishaan’s residence
All ladies sit to discuss suitable grooms and brides, for the eligible people in the famile. They ask rati’s opinion, and she says that its ishaan who has to decide and not them. Suddenly tani comes down, and starts throwing a tantrum, asking where are her car keys. Before damini can respond, anirudh comes in with mamaji, saying that he has them, and she wont have them, after her rash display of driving some days back. Tani tries to protest, but he is adamant. damini is tensed.

Mamiji assures her, as tani walks out hastily, that she should let it be, as tani brought this on her. The matchmaker gives two grooms for tani, but Damini says that she asked for urmi. mamiji retorts why does urmi need to marry, as she is already married once. ishaan comes in just then, to hear damini, professing that she still has a chance at happiness, and every right to deserve it, even though her first marrige was a disaster, she has the right to move on in life. ishaan is happy.

As ishaan sits with his family, the matchmaker shows pics of eligible girls of young age for ishaan. But he discards them all, saying that he needs someonme older and more mature, someone different. All wait to hear his type, and he starts saying that she should be mature, caring, and has depth of thinking. the matchmaker says that she wont be able to get 25, 26 years aged girl for him. They start teasing him if he wants to marry an old lady. The matchmaker says that if he wants to go for older women, she would either get widows or divorcees. All are tensed. But ishaan says that he doesnt have any problem, even if they get a divorcee for him. Damini is shocked, while all others are surprised. She is disgusted, asking how dare he say that, and mami too says that he wont marry a second hand girl. Damini says that she doesnt like jokes like this. Ishaan says that she was just finding a match for urmi. Damini says that it was different, but here the question is for his future and his happiness, and that he wont compromise, and she wont listen to anything like this again. Ishaan tries to speak, but anirudh, listening to all this tensedly, says that Damini is right, as a divorcee or a widow, shall not be married to him, as he has no lackings, that he should settle in life. ishaan tries to clarify, but his father asks him to drop the idea. He is tensed and leaves too.

While damini is stuffing some things, mami comes in and asks whats she doing. She says that she is packing some things for Urmi’s NGO ladies. She retorts that urmi’s ladies are very lucky, to land their hands on branded labels. Mamiji sees a purse, and says that she shall take it instead. Damini says that she shouldn talk like this, as she just did extensive shopping the past week. Mamiji says that she loves this purse. damini agrees to give it to her. She thanks damini saying that she can send this stuff, and that she doesnt need to go to urmi. Damini asks whats wrong if she goes. Mamiji reminds ishaan’s urgency to marry a divorcee in the morning and then tells damini, that urmi has created some kind of mabgic on him, and she suspects that there’s something more than friendship amonsgt them. Damini is super tensed. But damini is sure of urmi, and says that she trusts ishaan enough, that he wont do it, and that Mamiji is uselessly bothering herself. she leaves. mamiji is tensed.

Screen 2:
Location: Gaurav’s bank
Gaurav asks ishaan till when is he going to make secret safe deposits for Shaurya, and asks if he shall let him do soemthing, as he is his uncle after all. ishaan smiles, and says that he is getting late and he shall leave for the court. gaurav gets ishaan, however to sit for sometime. He asks ishan whats the matter, and why wont he tell his heart out to urmi. ishaan says that he loves urmi, but he loves his parents too, who wouldnt let him marry a divorcee. Gaurav is tensed. ishaan says that he is screwed from both sides.

Gaurav says that then he should marry whom damini decides, and see urmi become someone else’s. Ishaan says that his problem is that he never fell in love, and hence doesnt know what it means. gaurav says that he doesnt want to fall in love, as its too complicated, and again continues to tease him, that he isnt able to muster the courage and guts to tell about his feelings to urmi. Ishaan is angry at him. gaurav continues to tease him, saying that damini is also after getting urmi married. ishaan

understands that and then gaurav asks whats stopping him now. He says that he is scared, that in order to get her love, he would lose her friendship too. Gaurav agrees. Ishaan says that he just wants to see her happy, and they have worked a lot to get above her past, and he doesnt want any kind of trouble in her life due to him. He begins to take his leave, but gaurav asks if he would just keep sighing to himself, and tells that he should tell to urmi, or else this one sided love affair shall go with life. Ishaan is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Hotel
Samrat checks into a hotel, and is shocked at the mediocre level, frustrated at the living conditions, that are middle class, but are horror in living form for him, as he cant even imagine this. The bearer asks him where is he coming from, as he too doesnt have anything. He shuts the bearer out. Samrat sits on the bed, and finds that it creaked, and he finds that plastic bottles are stuffed underneath his bed. He is frustrated at the wide contrast that he has to live his life in now, having fallen from what glory he had earlier.

Scene 4:
Location: Urmi’s residence
While urmi is serving everyone icecream, gaurav continues to tease ishaan that if he wishes, he can talk to urmi, about his feelings. Ishaan shuts him, while gaurav again tries to ask him to speak up. Shaurya tries to find out, but ishaan asks him to sit silently. Ishaan turns around, and almost avoids a collision with urmi. She is amused, while he eyes her longingly. Asha amuses them with her rant of nonsensical english. But she callously mentions Samrat’s name, and all get tensed, including shaurya. He flares up, saying that he doesnt want to be compared to him, as he never was, and never will be like samrat, as he was only and will only be like his mother, urmi. All are tensed.

Scene 5:
Location: Urmi’s hotel
While urmi is working, she is surprised to find damini. Urmi says that she should have called her instead, for her geneours offer to the NGO ladies. Damini asks her not to bother. They both sit down, and urmi orders a coffee for damini. Damini says that she wanted to talk something special, as she is very tensed for Ishaan, as till he doesnt get married, nor can Tani. Damini tells urmi about ishaan’s hesitation to marry, and asks urmi to find out whats the matter instead. She says that being ishaan’s closest friend, she would definitely know what kind of girl urmi likes. Urmi is tensed and feels awkward too.

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