Tuesday Update on Lies of the heart 5 May 2020


Tuesday Update on Lies of the heart 5 May 2020

Samrat’s residence
Urmi is shocked at the revelation from tauji, that samrat was behind this, and all the humiliation that he put her through in front of the whole family. tauji tells her that the betrayal is always with the closest person. urmi asks why did samrat do this to her. He says that he did o, so as to beable to teach her a lesson so as she isnt able to step outside the house and is under house arrest. tauji tells her how samrat knew about her dance classes from shashi, who she thought was her confidante.

Monday Update on Lies of the heart 4 May 2020

urmi is shocked and apalled that shashi did this, and refuses to believe how could she do this. tauji says that its all intentional. urmi asks why does she do this, as she always considers her more than even her own mother. tauji tells her to stop crying and asks her to think what to do next. tauji asks her to identify the enemy and have a revenge action with much plan. tauji says that the toughest fight is with the one who is in family. Urmi asks who would she prove when samrat has drooped so low. tauji says that she knows, he does and samrat does too, and if others dont know, what difference would it make, as the rest of the family would always deem her as characterless.

He says that the fight isnt with samrat and shashi anymore, but between right or wrong, and she wont fight as a wife, or else she should just resign herself to a life devoid of self respect and full of taunts. urmi says that she tried to convince everyone, but noone believed. tauji says that samrat played a very strong bet. urmi says that she doesnt find any other option. tauji asks her to counteract wisely.

Urmi asks what to do and how, she isnt able to fathom.tauji asks her to be just ready for action, as the mind games should be decided by him and he would guide her, what to do, when and how. He says that he has serached the world, and can definitely help her. he finally gets her to smile, and blesses her.

Urmi comes back to her room, remembers samrat’s taunts and eyes samrat and shaurya sleeping, and thinks that till date, whatever torture samrat did to her, she suffered without saying a word, but this, what she did, she wont ever be able to forgive him for this, that she was deemed characterless in front of the whole family by him. she says that she never got broken down like this ever before, and always had hope. she says that just to keep his ego alive, he sold her and his owm respect too.

The next morning, all are chatting at the breakfast table, when shashi asks everyone not to disturb samrat as he must be tensed. samrat asks her not to over bother herself and that he is completely okay. diwaker comes down dressed, while kanchan comes with sugar and curd, to wish him the best of luck. Samrat taunts that it isnt this easy to get a job like this only. diwaker leaves, while kanchan too retorts back. urmi eyes tauji and when he signals her to go, she starts descending down the stairs along with a suitcase. samrat is surprised, and asks her where is she going. All others are tensed too. urmi pretends to be disturbed and teary eyed, tells him that she is leaving the house. She says that after what she did, she doesnt deserve to stay in this house, and she cant stay here after breaking everyone’s trust. shashi gets excited and asks here to leave. urmi says that she broke her trust too. shashi says that if she gets her way, she wont even cast her eyes on them. urmi is tensed to see such shamelessness on her part. tauji is amused and urmi continues on her task.

 Annu’s residence

Granny reprimnads anu in front of the entire family, while all stand tensed. they ask the reason why she said no. devi says that she insulted everyone in front of the guests, as they came under the impression that she must have been an obedient girl. Anu says that she had already told her that she wont get married, but they forced her to meet, and when she complies, they forced her to get married. Granny asks what was the fault in the guy that she refused to marr without even thinking twice. anu says that she doesnt want to get married like this. Saroj asks her to be quiet. Granny says that they would have to carry this burden all their life. Anu says that if they have such problem, they they shall leave so that noone shall carry the burden. gaurav asks her to think nicely. Anu reminds him of the promise that he had made about not being forced againts her wish. gaurav asks her to have atleast given a chance to that guy to get to know him better. Anu asks how can she judge someone in just a couple of meetings. She reminds them of the fiasco about asha and samrat, and how can it prove that the person is right or wrong, in just one meeting. anu asks why should she intentionally be stupid. Granny and devi reprimand her for talking like this, and devi leaves the room. Gaurav tells anu that she didnt do right. anu says that they all think she is wrong, and nothing wrong is happening to her. she too storms inside.

the next morning, saroj is in a dilemma what to do with anu and devi. granny says that the guy was very good, hence she was insisting anu to agree. Granny comments that asha is dangerous and silence is highly suspicious. asha comes in just then and again starts chatting nonsense, without even undrstanding Granny’s taunts. saroj asks where is she going. Asha says that she is going to the temple to fulfill granny’s wish of a grandson. Saroj and granny bless her and she leaves.

 Samrat’s residence
Tauji instigates urmi that due to punishment, she is leaving the house. Samrat catches whiff of this, and says that she wont be off the hook so easily, and that he would render her punishment. Urmi says that this is just to say, and that punishing her wont get his self esteem back. Urmi says that she cant stay here. Samrat stops her again and that her punishment isnt freedom but house arrest in this house, and that she wont be allowed to step outside the house. All are shocked as samrat asks them all to take care of this. Urmi remembers tauji’s advise and eyes him, thinking that samrat wanted this all along, hence played so hard. She says that she wont even know what he would have to face from tomorrow onwards.

Samrat’s residence
While all the family is busy amongst themselves, urmi gets a phone on the landline, and says hello. Its tauji on the other end, asking er to dial up the flirt and horror a little more, and talk by addressing him. She follows the advise and then pretends to be horrified and shocked, shouts out Manish and then asks why has he called her here, even after repeatedly being told that he doesnty have to call here or talk to her. The entire family is shocked, while samrat is bewildered. Shashi asks urmi who was it. urmi pretends to be embarassed and tells them that it was manish who isnt willing to let go of her. samrat is terribly at discomfort, while shashi takes pleasure at humiliating urmi in front of samrat, not understanding what urmi is upto.

When rudra has a coughing bout, he composes himself, before urmi walks in tensed, hearing him cough. He resignedly asks her whats she doing here. she is hurt and asks if he too truly believes that she could do this, and betray her family. Rudra says that there’s nothing much to believe now since its all crystal clear about how callously she betrayed him, when he believed in her so much, Tauji comes in and sarcastically claps for him, saying that he never knew his deep founded faith in her was so shortlived, and how he never thought that rudra after even staying with her for so many years, couldnt understand her character. Rudra is boggled. Tauji tells him about samrat’s masterplan to humiliate urmi and rudra is shocked. He is highly apologetic to urmi, while she asks him not to do any such thing. tauji tells him that he wont be off the hook so easily and that if he is truly apologetic, then he has to be with them in their plan, to get urmi her self respect back. Rudra readily complies. Urmi and tauji smile.

Later, Shashi starst instigating tauji for teaching urmi a lesson. Tauji says that he has to deal with her first. shashi gets tensed and wonders whether tauji knows that she told samrat about urmi’s dance classes. tauji asks whats she thinking. shashi asks whats he trying to say. tauji says that she had sent urmi to dance clasess. Shashi agrees, and says that she promised urmi to be with her, but urmi betrayed their trust. tauji hears amusedly. Samrat comes in while aditi goes to get a glass of water. tauji calls urmi indiscreetly, while asking samrat not to work so much. He starts singing trying to give urmi, the message that samrat has come down. urmi takes the hint, and eyeing herself in the mirror, steadies herself for whats to follow.

At the temple
Asha goes to the temple and starts searching for the baby to be able to get Granny happy. She starts hankering parents and mothers as to where they got their child and is thought of to be mad, or terribly stupid. When she finds a couple coming out of the temple, with a child in their arms, asha nonsensically misconstrues that babies come from, inside the temple. She goes inside, and starts searching for babies in the trunks and bags, boggling the priest who asks her if she is searching for anything in particular. asha explains her desire to have a child, and the priest thinks that she wants to do charity. He asks her to donate things to children, and that she should come on friday. asha is a little disappointed but then thinks that she would come on friday, and finally get the child that she wants from so long. She leaves.

Samrat’s office
Samrat hollers and reprimands manish on phone while manish is boggled and tries to clarify that he didnt call. But samrat doesnt listen to anything, and threatens him never to call his wife again.

Annu’s residence
While annu excitedly gets icecream for everyone, devi refuses to take it. granny asks him to get rid of the anger and starts saying that she isnt old yet,and that anu should be given the leverage to marry whenever and with whomever she feels like. Anu akss her not to butter her up, and she wont fall in her trap and won get married. Granny asks what would she do then. She says that since they wont allow her to do a job, she would take up some course. Granny suggests her a baking course, like the one, urmi took. Anu says that she doesnt want to cook, but wants to do something in computer software.

devi again relates it to karan, who is computer trained too and would teach her too. anu says that she would do it herself. Granny asks if she wouldnt mind spending gaurav’s money on that. asha comes and makes in a nonsensical comment about the same and leaves fr the kitchen. gaurav agrees to anu’s demand and she gets very ahppy. saroj asks asha that she took a lot of time at the temple. Asha says that it would take time, to get what garnny has asked for. granny gets tensed. While asha leaves, all eyes turn to granny. Granny is asked by everyone what she wants, while she changes the topic.

Samrat’s residence
While all are bantering with samrat, shashi and tauji, as per their plan, when samrat comes home, urmi comes down the stairs, hollering and shouting that he came here too, and she saw him too and that they have to do something about it. Urmi is asked who did she see. She says that she saw manish. Samrat is shocked to hear this. All are surprised. Urmi tells him that he saw manish outside, while she was drying clothes. tauji tells kanchan and aditi that manish, urmi’s lover boy has come. they are shocked.

Urmi goes along their plan, while shashi laments at their insult. Meanwhile, samrat comes inside, and says that he didnt see anyone, and asks if she is sure she saw him. urmi says that she did see him, and must have hidden being scared of him. Rudra comes down and asks if they are talking about manish. When urmi complies, he says that he just saw manish outside. all are surprised.

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