Tuesday Update on Lies of the heart 31 March 2020


Tuesday Update on Lies of the heart 31 March 2020

It starts with Urmi talking to Samrat in the morning.

Urmi again asks Samrat what happened between him and Ishan because of which he brock friendship.

Samrat gets Angry and scold Urmi for daring to question her, Samrat’s mother comes and makes Urmi understand that husband and wife don’t look good fighting over another man.

Trisha goes to her hostel but gets to know that it will open after 10 only.

The boy whom Trisha slapped by mistake meets Trisha and convinces her for coffee with him.

Samrat comes at 4 in night and Urmi questions where he was.

Samrat’s and annu’s residence
As Diwaker comes home, he is tensed to find the ladies coming in together. Jhumki and kanchan overenthusiastically tell what happened and what urmi did, and how she was applauded. shashi also resignedly agrees and praises urmi, but isnt happy inside. Samrat’s father too praises urmi galore, while she is shyly receiving the compliments. She takes his blessings.

Saroj, on granny’s insistence, calls up urmi to invite her to holi. She does so and asks urmi if she is coming and says that she would call samrat too. urmi says that it isnt needed as she wont come. saroj is tensed and asks why wont they come. Devi and granny are tensed. Urmi says that they wont come with samrat’s condition. Devi takes the phone and asks urmi what happened. Urmi says that if they come, trisha wont, and she cant let that happen, and trisha would be alone, and she might still be able to play with her family. Urmi says that she has learned from him only, not to spoil old relations over new ones. She tells him that she wont but trisha would come, and he himself would call him, happily, if he wants her to be happy. She cancels the call. He is tensed.

Holi preparations are on in full swing. Samrat’s father asks about samrat and if urmi called him. They are all tensed when they find that noone knows anything about him. suddenyl, they are shocked to find an inebriated samrat, being carried by his employee and servant, claiming that he has a great wife, and she is very good. they all are apalled. Urmi is confused and boggled. The employee tells that someone mixed thandai in his drink, at the office holi party. after they leave, they are amusingly surprised to find samrat completely drunk, and ranting about urmi and her being a great wife, and flirting with her in front of others. Others are amused. Urmi gives water to him, on shashi’s order. But he doesnt take it and continues to rant, much to others amusement. urmi is embarassed. Kanchan goes on her incessant rant, and samrat joins in with her too. shashi asks urmi to take samrat and put her to sleep. But samrat refuses to go, again ranting the same thing about urmi, while urmi finally asks him to come up and sleep. But samrat in her drunken state, says that she would walk ahead being the bigger person, and he would follow her, being the smaller person. Finally they are somehow able to get him to take urmi’s lead and go to his room.

In their room, as urmi puts samrat to sleep, tucking him in his bed, and is about to leave, samrat takes her hand and stops her from going, while she is puzzled and tensed too. He takes her and again rants the same thing. He sleeps again but doesnt let go of his hand, as he finally drifts off to deep sleep. she is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Trisha and others are walking on the road, when the same guy comes up and starts to initiate a conversation with her. He tells about his tragedy and slap that trisha had given her, and says that coffee is too less a price to pay. The girls convince trisha, while he teases her that if she drinks coffee with him, then she might just fall in love with him. But trisha is adamant that she wont go outside to humour him. she leaves with others, while he keeps smiling.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
The next morning, all are busy with holi preparations. Shashi asks urmi to be cautious as everyone’s eyes would be on her only. samrat comes down with a hangover, and asks for a beverage. His father asks Kanchan to get lemonade for him. samrat has a splitting headache. Shashi asks him to freshen up to receive the guests. urmi gives him the lemonade. He eyes her and thanks her. they all make up a plan to tease him, by repeating to him what he was ranting last night. As samrat asks everyone whats the matter, kanchan is shocked that he doesnt remember anything. Finally shashi tells him about his inebriated rant last night. urmi is tensed, while samrat is boggled. He lets it just pass, blaming it on drinks and asks them not to blame or tease him. But they are unable to resist it. samrat finally leaves.

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