Tuesday Update on Lies of the heart 26 May 2020


Tuesday Update on Lies of the heart 26 May 2020

The driver reaches urmi’s place, and gaurav sees him. when the driver gives the rakhi, gaurav gets angry and begins to reprimand the servant, that now they seem to be bothered, when noone raised a voice when his sister was facing torture at samrat’s hands. He asks him to go and relate that they dont want to keep any relation with the house, and their family anymore.

When the driver comes back, shashi asks him whats the matter. the driver says what happened with gaurav. shashi begins to fume. The driver apologises, and then shashi turns him to her side. She asks him to tell kanchan that not gaurav but urmi sent the rakhi back, and that she bears no relation to this house and its family members. the driver complies and leaves. shashi stands to watch the dr5ama. kanchan is shocked to hear what the driver said. diwaker is shocked too. Shashi likes that fact that kanchan is unnerved, when the driver plays to her tunes. kanchan and diwaker are stunned that urmi could behave like this. kanchan starts being angry at urmi for doing this, when she loves her so much. Diwaker is unable to believe this. kanchan still fumes, saying that when urmi has decided to be enemies with her, then so be it, and that mandira shall forget about her brother, shaurya. Shashi is overjoyed at this.

The next morning, mandira refuses to have breakfast, saying that she would eat only after seeing shaurya’s pic with the rakhi, hearing which kanchan is angry. mandira is hurt seeing aditi and diwaker and samrat celebrate rakhi. As samrat gives a wad of notes, aditi is disappointed, but when he asks her to ask for whatever she wants, she says that she would duly ask in time. samrat is amused at this. kanchan comes back from the kitchen and finds that she still hasnt eaten. mandira refuses to eat. kanchan starts angrily feeding her, and she throws off the plate of food. Shashi gets angry at mandira. aditi goes to mandira and calms her down. mandira refuses to be quiet and she takes mandira out, to compose her. rudra is apalled to see this.

Later, when samrat returns home early, shashi goes to his room, to talk to him. Shashi asks samrat to forget about urmi, and think that she died. she hesitatingly proposes samrat’s second marriage, but is scared when he eyes her tersely. But samrat agrees thinking that this would be a huge setback to them and particularly urmi. samrat thinks that urmi would have to come, as he would fill her life with so many problems, that she would have to bow. samrat gets a call, and thinks that very soon she and her family would get the first fatal blow. He happily picks up the phone.

Scene 3:
Location: Urmi’s residence
gaurav holds out his hand, while urmi ties him rakhi. gaurav makes her a promise that she can stay here as long as she wants. urmiu is emotional. Annu too ties the rakhi, and then gaurav leaves, citing that he has a long meeting. shaurya asks about his rakhi. just then, mandira comes in with aditi saying that she came for tying rakhi. all are shocked but welcome them. They are all happy that finally shaurya and mandira can celebrate rakhi. urmi and aditi eyee each other apalled. granny asks saroj to calm down. mandira ties the rakhi with annu’s celebration. urmi thanks aditi that she got mandira. aditi says that she cant even tell her to come back. urmi says that such situations do come in life, when everyone is helpless. Shaurya asks her what does she want as a gift. mandira says that she just wants him to come soon. urmi is distraught to see this.

Gaurav comes back early in the evening, lost and disappointed. all are concerned and everyone asks whats the matter. gaurav says that he lost his job. All are shocked.

Urmi’s residence
All throng gaurav with questions as to how this happened. Devi asks how can he be fired right after promotion. but gaurav doesnt give a straight answer. Granny starts commenting that the bread winner of the family is now rendered jobless, and then asha’s mother too starts ranting about how unfortunate this is. saroj and annu ask how did this happen. urmi understands that he is hiding something, and asks him to tell clearly what happened. Gaurav says that he lost his job due to samrat, who threw in his word, and got him fired, as he is the biggest customer of his bank, guving in the promise of lucrative business. urmi is apalled at listening to this. Granny starts lamenting that her mistake is costing everything, and asks if she is still shameless. devi too joins in. urmi is apalled. saroj is angry too at devi and granny. gaurav asks him not to scold urmi, as she isnt at fault. asha too favours urmi. devi says that she is responsible as she left samrat, and gaurav did this due to slapping samrat. saroj reprimands devi for being so biased towards urmi and gaurav. devi tells that they forced samrat like this. urmi says that she cant believe that he is saying this. Gaurav too says that he wont accept defeat, and urmi too says that she wont get down at any cost. asha is happy, much to her mother’s disgust. annu agrees with urmi. Devi tells urmi that it would be good if she returns back to her house, so that their lives can be normal. devi emotionally tries to blackmail urmi, that if she doesnt return, samrat wont stop at turning their lives into hell, and ruining them, and only she would be responsible for this. devi leaves hastily. urmi is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s and urmi ‘s residence
Samrat is impatiently waiting for urmi and her family’s reaction, and gloats about how this would definitely weaken urmi’s stance and that they must now have known that he would ruin them all, and definitely urmi is on her way back, and she may come back, but here too she would see her life turned to hell. Shashi comes in excitedly saying that there’s an award. Samrat is disappointed that urmi hasnt come back yet. shashi says that she too would go for the award. But samrat rubbishes her invitation off. She leaves. Samrat is impatient for their reaction. Just then, mukti comes in saying that urmi has come back. Samrat is victorious that his plan worked. Downstairs, urmi tells rudra what samrat did. shashi starts reprimanding urmi. samrat comes down saying that she had to return, and taunts her as to what happened now that she had to change her stance. urmi starts reprimanding samrat for what he has done, and bad mouths him for being a lowlife. urmi says that she just came to tell him, that he may try whatever he wants to, but she wont come back to him. Samrat is stunned, while all are shocked. all are surprised when they get to know what samrat did to gaurav. urmi reprimands him. rudra joins in too, while samrat vehemently says that he did this, as gaurav raised his hand on him. samrat exclaims that he would ruin them. Shashi starts reprimanding urmi, for being so shameless, and that after all she is a woman, and would need her husband. Urmi says that when a husband is like him, she doesnt need one. Samrat starts screaming, and urmi hollers back asking him to calm down. urmi tells him to leave her and her family alone, as she has changed her path. kanchan and diwaker ask her not to take it too far now. rudra asks her to stop this now, and finish it now, and come back one last time. urmi says that this relation is dead after what happened to her, and begs him not to ask her to come back. Shashi says that she would get samrat remarried. urmi tells him that he can get remarried for all she cares, shocking everyone. she turns around and begins to go, unfazed by what they continue to say. samrat tells her that she would severely regret this ego. shashi reminds her of annu, and ask her to behave mature, atleast for annu and her impending marriage. urmi says that she wont like to be in a family like theirs. urmi asks him to fend for himself, and not bother for annu. rudra himself apologises for what happened, and asks her to come back. shashi asks him not to do so. urmi with folded hands, requests rudra not to do so, as she doesnt want to insult him by disobeying him, but her descision remains unchanged, and that she wont return. She again asks for apology. diwaker says that urmi broke off all relations with this family, hence talking to her is in vain. urmi begins to leave, while shashi starts ranting in frustration. samrat threatens urmi that he would ruin them completely.

Scene 3:
Location: Amrit’s residence
Amriut is frustrated with his condition, but is unwilling to accept defeat. He thinks that he would have to get over samrat, who’s unfazed even after urmi left him. He gets a devilish idea, that samrat is image conscious which he would break.

Scene 4:
Location: Award Show
Samrat gleefully is giving interviews after receiving the awards, and he is shocked, when amrit starts raising questions about urmi and her having left him. He wards it off as competitor rumours, but the reporters continue to probe her with the jail incident too. A flustered samrat thinks that urmi is behind this image tarnish, and that now he would make her so cheap, that she would be embarassed to come out in public.

scene 5:
Location: Urmi’s residence
saroj is shocked to see that urmi has decided to do a job, while urmi tries to convince that this is the right thing to do to fend herself and her child, and that she wont go back to samrat, and the sooner he understands this, the better.

Scene 6:
Location: On the road
Samrat finds leering men at a cheap bar and dhaba, and gets the evil ideas, that these available men, at such cheap rates, would ruin urmi, so much so, that she would be mortified.

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