Tuesday Update on Lies of the heart 24 March 2020


Tuesday Update on Lies of the heart 24 March 2020

samrat’s father noticing Urmi sleeping downstairs and calling Samrat in anger.

Samrat warns everyone not to come between husband and wife and taunts that he has already spoilt Diwakar and now they will spoil his wife.

Diwakar comes from upstairs and speaks loudly for speaking ill words to hI’m. Diwakar says Samrat considers him spoilt because he keeps his wife with love and respect his parents.

After fight Samrat takes Urmi to room.

In morning Samrat asks Urmi to say sorry for his happiness and Urmi does that.

Samrat’s mother tries to ignite Samrat but gets upset to know that Urmi said sorry.

Rashmi takes her husband to Samrat’s hotel for lunch where Samrat welcomes them.

While talking Samrat comes to know that Rashmi has nor given Palma to baby neither she kept her name Mandira.

Samrat is talking to his cousin sister Rashmi where he gets to know that palna and name was not bought by her. Samrat comes home in anger and asks his mother who bought the palna. Samrat’s mother lies again on which Samrat shots to tell truth. Samrat’s brother comes from behind and answers that he is thinking right and their sister Aditi bought this as it’s bought by Bua. Samrat goes to his room after fight and tells Urmi to close light and sleep.

Urmi tries to talk to Samrat but Samrat in turn scolds Urmi and tells her to keep her focus on him. Samrat closes light and says no one will keep any relation with Aditi and she is dead for hem.

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