Tuesday Update on Lies of the heart 17 March 2020


Tuesday Update on Lies of the heart 17 March 2020

At the temple
Shashi gets samrat’s call and wonders how to pick it up here. she decides to ignore it. Just then, a girl comes to her, married, asking if she’s been waiting for too long, addressing her as Maa. shashi hugs her and asks her about her health, and expresses her concern for the same. they sit down at the stairs of the temple.

Shashi gives her some sweets and some money, for her worik. Shashi asks about her husband’s work if he has got any finally. The girl says that he did try some work, but it got flop after some time. shashi says that this cant go on like this, and she cant see her being tortured like this, but he would have to start it somehow. She asks how would samrat react if she got to know about this. The girl gets angry saying that she feels like she is being treated like a beggar. Shashi says that the condition that she is going through right now, is worse than the fact that she would have married the person that samrat wanted. She says that she’s very happy with him, even if they are in financial crisis, and angrily gives away the money. but shashi asks her to keep it saying, that she doesnt like staying like this, as she’s her daughter after all. as she goes on a rant of the motional turmoil that she goes through seeing her like this, the girl too gets teary eyed. shashi composes herself and cheers her up too, and feeds her sweets.

 Annu’s residence
Devishankar asks gaurav to calm down and not scold annu for this when she returns. the entire family gets tensed when annu returns. Anu comes and asks why are they all silent. gaurav says that they had to collect eher due to her low level behaviour. devishankar asks him to calm down, but gaurav asks annu what is she upto these days. she doesnt seem to understand and asks whats he talking about. he shows her the diary and she is shocked to see it. all stand tensed, as annu is confronted by gaurav. anu in turn, lashes at saroj, for checking her books and diary. gaurav says that this is what it has led to. Anu is tensed and scared. gaurav demands for her phoen, while she doesnt give in. Gaurav tries to forcibly take it, but his father stops him asking him to calm down as anu would herself tell them. He and saroj ask her calmly whats happening. anu is scared. Buaji and gaurav too ask her. Granny compares her to urmi, for whom there wasnt any complain. Rashmi tries to get her to confide. But anu doesnt relent. the family stops gaurav from hitting her. they send her off to the room. After she leaves, buaji asks gaurav to calm down, as she needs to be dealt with concern and care, and she would confide in her. They are all tensed.

Samrat, ishaan and urmi come to a market, to buy urmi some appropriate clothes. While urmi is surfing through the markets, a foreign couple approach samrat for a pic. he complies, but the foreigner says that they want a picture with the pretty indian lady, referring to urmi. Samrat is surprised at first, and then tells urmi about it. samrat makes a joke out of it too, saying that even such people like weird things. Urmi is surprised and hur too. Ishaan stands tensed. But samrat gives in finally. Urmi thanks them for the compliment. Urmi chats up with the foreigners, in english sending samrat is surprise as ishaan looks on smilingly. He is tensed, when they ask samrat only to click the picture.

Goa hotel
Ishaan is teased by samrat the foreigners request to click their pic along with urmi. samrat resignedly takes it, while ishaan teases him all the more. as urmi smiles, samrat taunts her at that too. Samrat clicks it, while urmi stands tensed. They compliment samrat on his wife and leave. Ishaan tries to tell samrat, that urmi is already winning over hearts. Samrat says that even monkeys and mad men, and wierd things garner attention easily. ishaan is surprised while urmi stands hurt. Samrat lashes out at urmi too, saying that the first chance she gets, she starts chatting up with people, and asks if she would have to be taught, who or who not to talk to. urmi is tensed at his behaviour. He asks her to hurry up with her shopping. urmi starts surfing through stuff. He asks her to take a swimsuit and urmi is disgusted with it. samrat asks whats wrong with it, and urmi says that she isnt comfortable wearing it. ishaan barges in when samrat insists her to take it. He asks urmi to hurry up and take whatever she is comfortable in. Urmi takes a cloth and shows it to samrat and asks him to comment. samrat asks her to take in abundance and alsdo passes on the swimsuit to try it on, and teases her that he would make her wear it, if not here, then in the room, only for him. she shyly takes it and goes for the trial room. While samrat and ishaan are trying hats, they are surprised to find urmi in western clothes, tshirt and skirt. Ishaan compliments her on this, and asks her to change if she’s uncomfortable. Samrat barges in saying that isnt required as she’s looking good. He asks her to take off the mangalsutra for the dress to match the style here. Urmi is shocked and says that she wont take it off, as its a sign of her matrimony. ishaan asks samrat to relax and asks her to wear the mangalsutra and take off the other jewelllery. Urmi complies.

As they reach the beach, samrat is very happy lustily watching the foreigners in their bikinis, while urmi says how can they be so disgusting as to dress like this publicly. Ishaan says that this is the reason indian beauty is revered everywhere. samrat asks her to adapt herself to this world too, where beauty is revered by being exposed. He intentionally takes the sofa facing the swimsuit girls, and lustily eyes them. urmi is ranting at her excitement, and her opinion of Goa, while samrat is busy feasting his eyes. As urmi finds him staring at foreigners, she is shocked and tensed too. She asks him whats he doing. He asks whats she implying. She reprimands him that she is talking to him and he is eyeing other girls. He says that he had asked her to wear it, but she denied, and hence he has no option but to feast his eyes on others. Urmi watches him hurt and sad. He shamelessly gets back to watching the girls. urmi snatches off his glasses. He gets irritated.

ishaan gets anu’s call and gets tensed. he asks them to carry on aned excuses himself for snacks. Samrat says that ishaan is upto something as whenever a call comes, he excuses himself. urmi smiles. ishaan receives anu’s call, who urgently asks that he didnt call or message her. Ishaan says that he didnt get the time. Anu is insistent. ishaan says that he would but right now she should concentrate on studies. He cancels the call, while anu is tensed. remembering gaurav’s threats, she deltes ishaan’s number from the call list.

Ishaan comes in with snacks, refusing to divulge who was he talking to. samrat drags urmi close to himself, asking her to pose for the pic. ishaan clicks their picture together.

Samrat’s residence and Goa
Shashi is tensed that she isnt getting through to talk to samrat. Her husband asks her to let them be, and enjoy their honeymoon without their interference. kanchan comes in saying that their temple visit is scheduled tomorrow. as shashi offers to go tomorrow, kanchan says that she is still recovering from her fall, and hence she has asked rashmi to come along. After kanchan leaves, shashi’s husband has a good laugh while shashi is irritated.

Later, shashi and others are trying to advise kanchan not to bend too low, as her pregnancy has almost matured and she should tread with caution. shashi is high hopes with expectations of a boy. But her husband wants a girl and kanchan too wants the same. Diwaker says that they dont need a girl, as she isnt respected here, just like what they did to aditi. Samrat’s father says that what she did was wrong, and is being punished for her mistakes. Diwaker says that only samrat thought she was wrong and hence she was banished. His father says that he too supports samrat in this. Diwaker says that he didnt like his stance on this case. He asks diwaker not to dig old graves, as that would lead to troubles. Diwaker comments that they cant talk in front of samrat and not even behind him. The entire atmosphere gets tensed.

Shashi gets samrat’s call and lightens up. She excitedly picks up. She finds that its urmi, and shashi asks how is she. urmi says that there’s network problem. urmi says that she did call in the afternoon, but she didnt pick up. Shashi remembers meeting aditi then, and says that she didnt get any call. urmi asks about everyone at home. shashi says that everyone’s okay and asks about samrat. urmi finds him laughing with ishaan. Shashi asks them to take care. urmi cancels the call. She smiels seeing them so happy. She runs upto samrat. urmi asks samrat to talk to shashi too. He says that he would do later as she has alreasdy talked. urmi says that he would sit over there. samrat asks her to stay here with him, and enjoy the party. but urmi insists that she would sit there only. Samrat asks her to go ahead. Ishaan comes back with a drink. Ishaan asks samrat where is urmi. He points at urmi sitting stranded at a distance. ishaan says that she’s alone and must be bored. Samrat says that she was offered to party along with him. ishaan says that she must be hesitating to join in such a forward atmosphere. samrat says that there’s only way to get rid of her hesitation. He smiles evilly as ishaana sks whats it.