Tuesday Update on Lies of the heart 14 April 2020


Tuesday Update on Lies of the heart 14 April 2020

Urmi’s residence
Rashmi’s parents are shocked that rashmi did something like this, as she has been distractyed and discarded all the traditions and rituals of marriage. shashi is tensed. She asks saroj if there was any arguement. saroj denies anything liek that. Buaji talks about her acting and modelling passion. urmi says that she wont leave the house like that for this pupose. buaji says that she’s sure that she ran away with Makhan.

samrat reprimands them for keeping makhan in the home, without having done a background check, when anu is also in the house. He asks them to have atleast also kept Makhan in check, and that Rashmi is as it is a fool, and must have been distracted by him. Granny and devi agree with samrat and say that rashmi actually insulted them completely.

  garnny says that they kept rashmi wot Samrat says that Gaurav is at fault, as if he had kept her in check and controlled her, she wouldnt have had the guts to ever do something like this and cause the entire family, insult and infamy. All are tensed, while gaurav sits silently. samrat says that women can never be trusted. rashmi’s mother asks for her to be found out, so that they can get her back. samrat says that its too late now, and that rashmi isnt a child, and that there’s no point now for her to come back. devi is asked by him if they would accept her back. urmi is shocked at samrat’s double standards. devi says that he wont allow her to come back. samrat says that daughter in laws, should never be made daughters and should always be kept at a distance. Urmi is shocked. urmi says that this opinion doesnt spoil the girl, and that every woman cant be generalised and that every woman should be respected and doing anything against it, is wrong for the family and the society. urmi asks samrat not to generalise all women in rashmi’s name. All are tensed, as urmi silences samrat.

Annu’s residence
gaurav tells urmi that samrat is right, and that5 every woman doesnt deserve the right to be treated with love and respect and that rashmi was like one of them, and hence they dont have any relation with her, and she is dead to them. Her parents are shocked. gaurav leaves, while urmi is distraught. Samrat reprimands her for talking like that, and raising issues of woman’s respect, when the man is facing insult due to her. All are visibly tensed, while urmi is silenced.

The next morning, saroj comes in gaurav’s room, to find him dishevelled and distraught with teary eyes. she opens the windows and doors and asks him to come out and eat, and that loneliness isnt going to solve his problems and he would pain himself more. gaurav asks what wrong did he do, that rashmi did this to him. saroj says that he isnt to be blamed at all, and asks him not to think like that. gaurav says that he left no stone unturned to find out what would make Rashmi happy, even never pointed out that she couldnt sire a son to him. He asks her how could she not think of him just once before leaving. she says that she understands his pain, but shouldnt think like that. he says that if he isnt at fault, then why rashmi left him. saroj asks him to compose himself, and not do this. he breaks down into crying incoherently.

Trisha’s room
The guard comes in trisha’s room, saying that a gift has come for her, and they dont know whats in it. She locks the door, and opens it to find a lifesize portrait of herself, and likes it instanslt, but then finds a button asking to Press Here, and when she does, the whole framne lits on fire. she is shocked and calls the guard. The guard says that some small child came to give this for her. She asks him to take down the name of the sender next time.

In the night, while trisha’s door is locked, an intruder manages to sneak in, while trisha is fast asleep. he comes by her bed and places his hand on hers, just slight inches away and then fake caresses her face. She gets up, and switches on the lights, scared and black ink smeared on her face, but doesnt find anyone. She wonders whats happening and if she was dreaming. she carefully locks the door back again. she sees her reflection in the mirror and is shocked to find her face, smeared with black Ink. she is horrified and distraught. she breaks down crying.

On the road

Much to everyone’s surprise, samrat stops the car, as they drive home, midway, and assk them that they shall have lunch first. urmi wonders how can he think of food in such a state. His father too says that he isnt interested to eat. All are tensed. samrat says that the food is so good, that they can have it, and then begin to worry again. urmi says that she doesnt feel like eating at all, and that they can eat at home. samrat says that they should eat something first, as she hasnt eaten much in the last few hours. He points out that her own family didnt even serve them water. samrat says that those who have left shouldnt be mourned, and that they should eat rather. he again starts taunting her in the name of her family’s callous behaviour, saying that he knows how to take care of his wife and child, as thats his priority. shashi too agrres with samrat on this. they ll go resignedly along with samrat inside the restaurant.

 Samrat’s residence
Amrit comes in, with a red rose, and finds that noone’s at home, except for kanchan and aditi, working in the kitchen. he begins to lustily eye the haveli thats soon going to be his. he gets on the rooftop balcony, and feels good, behaving like the riches. as he comes down, he comes across samrat and urmi’s room, and finds it strewn around with Samrat’s pics and is amused. He lies down on samrat’s bed, and feels good, then gets up determined, saying that the true deservant of this house has come now, and finally he got what he wanted, as aditi’s marriage proved his aims unsuccessful, but trisha helped him get closer to this. He smiles evilly, saying that he has two women after him, hence he is bound to be successful. He teases samrat’s pic, that revenge has made him overlook amrit’s evil intentions. But just then, the servant comes out of the bathroom, and he is tensed. the servant asks whats he doing here. Amrit reprimands him. the servant says that he was just asking, and ask him to report if he feels like. Once he leaves, amrit wonders if the servant heard anything.

In a Coffee shop
Trisha is relieved to know that samrat understands that she wasnt wrong and amrit was. But she gets tensed and urmi asks her why does she look so tensed. trisha explains the weird incidents that have been happening with her recently, and that someone comes in her room after the lights go off. urmi is shocked and asks if she informed the management about it. trisha says that she complained too, but they refuse to believe it, but she is certain that these things happen to her. urmi refuses to believe trisha, asking how can trisha go through, what she is explaing, amidst the tight security thats there around her hostel. trisha says that she has almost a certain doubt that amrit is after this, just to irritate her, seeking revenge. urmi is tensed to hear this. urmi wonders if amrit could do this again. trisha says that there’s noone else who could be enemies with her. urmi says that amrit stays with them only, and he never goes out, then how can he be in trisha’s room. trisha says that she has noone else to doubt. urmi asks trisha not to be tensed, as she would take care of him in the night, and whoever it is, would have to be exposed.

Samrat’s residence
While urmi finishes off her work in the night, she finds Amrit still inside his room. Meanwhile, she gets samrat’s call from the office, saying that he would be late tonight, and asks her not to wait up. he cancels the call, after knowing tht everything is okay at home. She thanks that its good that samrat is going to be late and that everyone has fallen off to sleep, so that she can hide here and keep an eye on amrit. Just then, shashi comes and asks her to go off to sleep, and go to her room as its too late. urmi says that she wasnt feeling sleepy and wants to be here only for some fresh air. shashi reminds her that its a Lunar eclipse today, and she shouldnt step out as its harmful for the baby. urmi is tensed, but agrees nevertheless, saying that saroj had also warned her about this, but she was talking about solar eclipse. shashi says that even Lunar eclipse isnt good, and that she shouldnt go on the roof. Shashi asks her to be cautious or else samrat would get furious at them, if something untoward happens. Shashi leaves. urmi calls up trisha to find out whats she doing. when trisha picks up, urmi finds amrit coming out of his room, and throws off the phone, and hides under the table. urmi keeps her eye on amrit and is tensed and surprised when she finds him stealthily sneaking out in the middle of the night. before amrit can step out, trisha, who’s tensed to find that she cancelled the call, afte having placed her a call, trisha calls urmi back. the phone rings alerts amrit.

Samrat’s residence
Finally urmi steps out of the house.

Later, when Samrat comes home and hollers for her in her room, and she doesnt respond, he gets increasingly tensed. He checks the bathroom but doesnt find her there. he runs down to find where she went. He searches from the balcony, but doesnt find her anywhere. he calls for her, but doesnt find her anywhere. He is super angry and decides to call her to find out,. where she went, in the middle of the night. When her call doesnt get through, he wonders where could she be, and is tensed thinking that she could have gone to trisha.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Urmi, on the road, arrives at the same point, where trisha had met those hooligans. she identifies them to be the same opnes, and decides that first she has to save herself from being seen by them, and then go onto save trisha. She hides behind the wall. Her phone starts ringing, and they are alarmed wondering whose phone rang. urmi runs from there, while they all search around wondering whose phoen was ringing. while trying to outrun them in haste, so that she doesnt fall in trouble, her leg accidentally falls on a boulder and she falls on the ground, as her legs give away. she lets out a scream. She falls into a pithole. Meanwhile, trisha is scared with a lizard, and tries to call urmi, but her phone isnt able to take the fll and breaks off. trisha is increasingly scared for her life.

Meanwhile, urmi is in writhing pain, in her stomach and her ankle, that has suffered a sprain from the fall. she searches for her phone and finds that its broken. she is in wincing pain, but manages to get up still, and wonders how to get to trisha in such a condition of hers. She prays to the lord to help her. She tries to get out of the pithole somehow, but in vain. meanwhile, claustrophobia gets over trisha, and she finally starts dozing into unconscious state. urmi takes a spade and tries to pave a way out of the hole.

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