Tuesday Update on Kindred hearts 6th August

Nisha yells what are you doing Adi? what is happening here? you asked me to rest so you can be with Jhanvi? Adi glares at her angrily. Jhanvi says nothing like that is happening, I was thinking about kids, Adi came here and just spent time with me, Nisha says I am talking to my husband, how your hand reached on my husband’s cheek?
Adi says she was checking my fever, Nisha says no I have fever, I am blind and fool, tell me this is wrong too, Adi says yes you are thinking wrong, we will not plead you, dont understand if you dont want to, Nisha says I am a fool, I see everything wrong? she glares at Jhanvi, she turns around and asks Adi to come behind her, she leaves. Adi says you are doing this for this kind of girl? Jhanvi asks him to calm down and dont do anything wrong.
Nisha comes to her room, she says to Adi what is going on and from how much time? that Jhanvi is all over you, her kids call you papa, you are always with her, I know these kind of women, her husband left you and she trying to trap you, I dont know what she was doing with you for months when I was in coma. Adi says shut up and raises hand but doesnt slap her, Adi says you are saying all this for a woman who saved your life? Nisha says what are you saying?
Adi says she gave you blood when you had accident, that innocent woman gave up her happiness for you, and you are thinking all this about her? you should be ashamed of yourself, she even put her marri.. he stops and says she put her happiness at stake for you, you should be ashamed, he leaves. Nisha says I could understand that Jhanvi saved my life but how did she put her happiness at stake for me? Adi is hiding something, I have to find out.
Jhanvi is worried and says dont know what Nisha must be talking to Adi. In morning, Nisha comes to Jhanvi and says I wanted to talk. Jhanvi says actually.. Nisha says you have habit of coming inbetween, I was talking and you cut, I am sorry, I overreacted last night, Adi has told me all truth but I want to know from your mouth, Jhanvi gets tensed.
Nisha says I didnt know you gave me blood and saved my life, this is a huge favor and I can never repay, thank you, even after coming home, you took care of me so much, I know truth but I want to hear from you. Jhanvi says I didnt do something big, anyone would have done it and I believe if husband and wife are loyal then they dont need to hear any truth from someone else, she leaves. Nisha says why everyone is twisting words here? Jhanvi didnt tell me truth but it has to come out oneday.
Jhanvi comes to kids and says why my dolls are sad? Kids say today is Rakhi but we dont have a brother. Jhanvi says you know me and Survi didnt have a brother so my mother showed us secret brother so your mama will make you meet secret brother too, you can tie rakhi to him and he will protect you. Kids get happy.
Maa says to Survi that I saw a very bad dream today, Nisha fell from cliff, Jhanvi tried to save her but Nisha pulled her off too, Jhanvi fell off from cliff, Nisha cameback but Jhanvi didnt. Survi says you are overthinking, Adi is with her. Maa says my heart is worried for her, she is way too good thats why she is helping woman like Nisha, she can get hurt.
Jhanvi shows Kahna to kids and says he is your brother, she gives them gifts and says Kahna sent it for you. Jhanvi asks Kaki where is Adi? Kaki says he was in hurry and went to office, Jhanvi says I am going to Maa’s house, she leaves. Nisha looks on.
Jhanvi meets character from new show. Jhanvi is her friend, friend says its so long to see you, Jhanvi says did you find your prince? Friend says that can protect me from evil? no but I have built self confidence and I can fight any evil myself, Jhanvi says thats great to her, let me drop you somewhere, they drive off.
Nisha comes to Neha, she asks for store room keys, Neha says its with Jhanvi and she is not at home, Nisha says what? Neha says actually there are notebooks of Chinni and Binni thats why keys are with her, Nisha nods and leaves.
Nisha comes to Jhanvi’s room and looks around. Nisha opens cupboard, she finds photo of Jhanvi, Survi and Maa. Nisha says these are the women who rented room to Avi that is Jhanvi’s husband. Nisha looks at it and thinks that they have photo with her like they know Jhanvi from years, there is something missing, I have to find out.
Jhanvi comes to her Maa’s house, she ties Rakhi to her step brother, he gives her gifts. Jhanvi’s father smiles at them. Survi ties Rakhi to her step brother too. Father says to Jhanvi that thank you for forgiving me, I did injustice with you people still you did this pooja, he says to Maa that you have given very good upbringing to them. Jhanvi says I am so happy that step brother Mukul came here too, keep moving forward in life Mukul, father gifts her Ganpati and says he will protect you.
Nisha is in car, she recalls how she met Jhanvi’s Maa and she introduced herself as Avi’s renter and not having any relation with Jhanvi but then she found their photo in jhanvi’s room.
Father says to Jhanvi that you are so nice, I got to know about your marriage and how you are helping Nisha after everything, I just pray that you get to spend good life with Jhanvi, Jhanvi thanks him. Maa serves them all lunch.
Nisha arrives outside Jhanvi’s house, she says all are lying to me but I will get to know the truth. Nisha rings bell, Survi opens door and is shocked to see Nisha outside. Nisha comes in and looks around, Survi says excuse me? Maa says you came here again? Nisha says i came here to find Jhanvi, where is she? Maa gets tensed.
Jhanvi is in car with Adi and says thank you for picking me up from Maa’s house. Adi says I am sorry about Nisha’s reaction last night, Jhanvi says its not your fault, I was trying to contact you since morning, Adi says I didnt want to see Nisha’s face and left house even forgetting my phone there.
Jhanvi says I got tensed when Nisha talked to me today morning, you know she said thank you for saving her life and told me that you told her all the truth but she wanted to hear from my mouth. Adi says she was playing tricks again, I didnt say anything to her, her nature can never change, I am sorry for all this, Jhanvi says just drive.
Nisha says to Maa that dont lie, I know you know Jhanvi so tell me where is she? Maa says we have no relation with her. Nisha says again lying, she shows her photo in which Jhanvi is hugging Maa and Survi. Nisha says how are you hugging her when you dont know her? what is your relation with her? just tell me, what she is to you? Tell me…
Maa blurts that she is my daughter. Nisha says she is your daughter and she is staying at our house? our house is not an orphanage, you are her mother and letting her stay anywhere she wants? Maa says I dont care about Jhanvi, she married Avi against our will and we cut all ties with her so I dont care where she is living.
Nisha says but you said Avi was renting room here? Maa says you came here and kept asking me questions so I lied, Avi never lived here, I dont care about Jhanvi so leave, Nisha says I know you are lying, I will soon find out About you and Jhanvi’s truth, she leaves.
Jhanvi is serving refreshments to Adi’s family. Nisha comes there, she shouts Jhanvi, she drags Jhanvi to family, Adi says what are you doing Nisha? Nisha says I have got to know the truth, why did you lie Jhanvi? you know Adi she is a liar, she is taking advantage of our goodness, I met her mother and sister, they live in Mumbai and very close to our house, she shows him Jhanvi’s photo with her mom and Survi.
Adi and family members get tensed. Nisha asks Jhanvi why did she lie? why did you say you have no one here? when your family is here then why you are staying at our house? Adi asks her to stop it, Nisha says no, I met her mom, you know her mom said that Jhanvi married against her will so she disowned her and threw Jhanvi out of house so Jhanvi lives here after Avi left her.
Nisha says to Jhanvi that your husband left you, you could have mended your relation with your mother and live with her but you want to live here because you have greed, you want to take advantage of their innocence, Adi asks her to stop this nonsense, Jhanvi has told us everything about her marriage and family.
Nisha says she must have cried and you must have fooled by her, she is greedy. Kaki says enough, we know Jhanvi. Nisha says she is an outsider, she is trying to take over this house. Nisha says to family that this Jhanvi is greedy and wants to trap everyone so she can rob us, she calls my husband anytime, cries on his shoulder and tell him her problems, puts hand on his cheek anytime, her kids call him papa,
you people are blind to her deeds but I want to save this house, so either she will stay here or me, Adi tell me whom do you choose and want to stay in house, her who doesnt even deserve your sympathy or me that you took pheras with and promised to be with for life, Adi glares at her.
Nisha looks at family and asks why they are silent? why Jhanvi is needed in this house when I am here? why are you all thinking so much? Adi? Adi says Jhanvi wont go anywhere, she will live here in this house, why are you behind her? what wrong has she done to you? Nisha says you dont care about me leaving house but wouldnt allow jhanvi to leave? Adi says she hasnt done anything wrong.
Nisha says she has trapped this whole house, her kids call you papa, she can get anything she wants from you, you are always behind her but she hasnt done anything wrong? Nisha asks Jhanvi what magic you have done on family? tell me so I can do it too. Adi screams enough! Nisha says yes enough is enough, just tell me if Jhanvi will stay here or me, tell me who will stay here. Jhanvi says I will go, what you want will happen Nisha.
Adi is stunned and says no Jhanvi you wont go anywhere. Nisha says why not? she wants to leave so let her, she knows the situation and wants to go so let her go, whats your problem? Jhanvi says Adi please, its good if I leave as soon as I can.
Nisha says good you can understand that, please leave Jhanvi, just go and give my family back to me. Kids run to Jhanvi and hug her, kids say mama wont go anywhere, we will be with mama. Nisha says obviously kids you are not going, you will stay where you mom is staying, you kids will go with her, dont worry. Adi says Nisha have shame, atleast dont do this infront of kids.
Binni says papa I am scared. Nisha says they are still calling you papa? Adi I know you are attached to them but Jhanvi has to leave this house, when she entered, you all must have thought that her life will be stabled and she will leave one day and now that day has come, she wants to leave so why you are stopping her? she will leave and her kids will go with her.
Baba says enough Nisha, we brought Jhanvi in this house and we wont allow you to disrespect her, we want her to stay, Kaki says and she has done a lot of favors on us. Nisha says decision was either me or Jhanvi will stay here and you people have taken decision, your silence is the answer, thank you for telling me my real place in this house, fine I am leaving this house, I will call my parents and ask them to take me from here.
Jhanvi says Nisha wont go anywhere, we shouldnt argue with her in this condition, its Nisha’s house and she will stay here, I will leave this house in this situation. Baba says if you have taken decision then fine but you have to agree that till I dont find a suitable place for you and kids, you will not leave, your and kids’ protection is my responsibility, you will not leave till I prepare your stay somewhere else. Adi asks Nisha to have some shame for woman who saved your life. Nisha says Jhanvi can stay here, she can stay with her kids till a suitable is not found for her stay. All look on.
Adi comes in his room and has headache. Nisha comes there and says what the hell was that? why were you taking Jhanvi’s side? she wanted to leave so let her, Adi says what is your problem? you are throwing woman out of house who saved your life? Nisha says oh God, she just gave me blood, she is fake and a liar, so what if she saved my life? I cant give her my husband and family in return, Adi says you dont know anything, why are you competing with her? Nisha says you dont know what she is doing, I am a woman and I know her plans.
Adi says what plans? you think that Jhanvi wants to trap me? thats why I have kept her here? Nisha says yes, she is trying to trap you, Adi says enough, you know nothing about her, I am tired of your rants, he angrily storms off from the room, Nisha shouts that you cant insult me for that Jhanvi!