Tuesday Update on Kindred Hearts, 3rd of September, 2019


Tuesday Update on Kindred Hearts, 3rd of September, 2019

Nisha is in hospital and says I should stay here the night, I hope Jhanvi’s ghost doesnt find me here. She sits in waiting area and hears someone coming there, she gets scared, someones opens door, Nissha is shivering and looks at door, its dark there. Nisha sits on floor and says I am sorry, Jhanvi, I will repent my mistakes, please leave me, dont do this with me.

Jia comes out of nurse’s room dressed as nurse. She comes outside Samar’s room, guard says some other nurse was checking him, Jia says she is ill so I will medicine to patient Samar, he says okay and lets her go in ward room.
Nisha looks down and says please dont kill me. Tamra says get up from floor, its me. Nisha looks up and says what are doing here? Tamra says my ball showed that there is no Jhanvi’s ghost and never was, she is a living human.

Jia comes to Samar’s room as nurse. She takes off glasses, Samar looks at her and raises his injured hand. Jia holds it and says I havent come to hurt you, I am not responsible for your condition, I just wanted you to not tell my truth to Nisha. Samar tries to say somethin but cant speak. Jia says you want to say something? He says Nisha.. Nisha.. Jia says you want to say Nisha did all this? she tried to kill you? Samar is heaving. Jia says tell me if Nisha did it? Samar’s machine starts beeping, he huffs and loses breath. Jia is stunned.

Tamra says to Nisha that Jhanvi’s ghost is a human and your husband knew the truth. Nisha says how can you to be confident about it? Tamra says I say what fate shows me, I can see everything cleary. Flashback shows Tamra in Nisha’s house and says I did everything to trap Jhanvi’s ghost but all failed, how? she tries again and says why my power is not working? am I looking for answers wrong side? She comes near statue and finds a note there.

She reads Arjun’s note that Jhanvi’s ghost is not a ghost, its Jia and she is lookalike of Jhanvi like I am for Adi, your husband knows it too and he is using it to torture you, flashback ends. Tamra says to Nisha that she is not a ghost, I am telling you. Nisha says but what I experienced, only a ghost can do it. Tamra hides Arjun’s note and doesnt tell about it to Nisha, she says if you dont truth me then find girl name Jia, she maybe lookalike of Jhanvi, Tamra leaves. Nisha says she means to say Jia is doing all this? She has guts to make me scared, she tortured me a lot so now I am ready to give it back with interest, be ready Jia, I am coming.

In morning, Arjun tries to start his bike but its not working, he says Kareena please start, bike doesnt start, he sits down and looks at engine. He eats banana and throws peel there. Jia comes there and says Arjun? she slips on Banana peel and falls on Arjun. They both share eyelock. Jia recalls Adi and Jhanvi’s moments. Arjun says you are on my level, she says what? he says you say I have stooped low and now you are low too. She gets up and says your friend Babblu? Arjun says he is my brother. Jia says you care about money only, I have come to warn you. Arjun says I am tried of you saying Nisha is bad. Jia says she is dangerous, she killed her husband and me 25 years, she is more cheaper than you, I am doing this for my family, dont involve in my work. Arjun says I wont leave my job. Jia says she killed her husband Adi and tried to kill Samar too. Arjun thinks I wrote letter to Nisha about Jia and now things have changed. Jia thinks maybe he will now understand. Arjun says why would she want to kill Samar? Jia says we have to find out, you want to tell my truth? fine go and see what she does. Arjun says how is Samar? Jia says he is alive but Nisha wont sit quitly. Arjun says lets go meet him, you say Nisha did all that with him so lets talk to him. She says okay come with me.

Doctor checks Samar, he says to Nisha that he is recovering nicely, Samar huffs. Doctor says he wants water I think, can you bring it? Nisha goes to bring water. Samar whispers Nisha’s name in doctor’s ear and tries to say something but cant talk. Nisha comes there. Doctor says I think he is missing you, Nisha says darling soon we will go home,dcotor leaves. Nisha locks door and smirks at Samar, she says are you missing me? dont be scared, you will take your last breaths calmly. Samar is stunned. Nisha shoves cloth in his mouth and starts strangling him with dupatta. Nisha says if your tongue slipped then I will kill you.

Arjun and Jia are in cab. Arjun is jiggling his legs, she says behave yourself, he start jiggling more, Jia says God how much more to tolerate him. Arjun starts barfing towards Jia to irritate her more, Jia glares at him and says what the? Arjun says its gas. Jia asks driver to drive faster, I cant bear him much. Arjun is on verge of laughing and says my stomach ache.
Nisha says to Samar that you dont use your mind in right way,you want to use my secrets but your secrets are open infront of me. Nisha says you knew she was not Jhanvi’s ghost but Jia, you didnt tell me but instead kept silent and kept seeing me scared and sleepless while you slept peacefully, you planned my murder in my party? what you wanted? you saw Jia and thought you couldnt get Jhanvi but can marry her lookalike? what you couldnt get 25 years, you wanted now after removing me from way? how dare you? you are going to die… someone knocks on door, she says shit and moves away from Samar, Samar huffs for breath. Nisha opens door and says oh my God, see Samar is breathing heavily, nurse gives him oxygen. Nurse says we have to take him to MRI to see improvement. Nisha says my husband have phobia of hospital, can we do it tomorrow? nurse says its important so we will do it today. Nisha thinks if he is alone and could say the words out then my plan will be finished, I have to kill him at any cost.
Jia and Arjun comes outside hospital, Jia says Nisha wont stay silent, Samar will tell you truth, Arjun says it can your and Samar’s plan too. Jia thinks how to tell him that Nisha is not good.

Nurse goes to bring Samar for MRI, they take him on stature. Nisha thinks I have to do something. She comes near fire alarm and starts fire, alarm starts playing. All start rushing here and there. Jia and Arjun comes in hospital, Jia hears alarm and says Nisha must have done it to kill Samar. Someone steps on Jia’s foot, Arjun hugs her and protects from people. Nurses are rushing Samar ons stature, Nisha comes there in doctor’s dress and mask, she says to them that leave him here and run, there is fire breaking out, nurses runaway leaving Samar with her.
Jia comes to Samar’s room and says he is not here, we have to find him, Arjun says fire brokeout in hospital, I am leaving. Jia says you can leave but I am finding Samar, she leaves, Arjun goes behind her.
smirks at Samar lying on stature, she says goodbye. She pushes him towards window, his stature rolls towards, Samar panics but cant do anything. Nisha smirks as Samar’s stature falls out of window and lands on ground, he falls from height and is lying there in pool of blood. All gather around him. Arjun and Jia comes there, Arjun says what happened? He is shocked to see Samar in pool of blood, Jia says I am sure, Nisha did it, Arjun says let me tell Nisha, he leaves. Jia is shocked to see Samar dead.

Arjun comes to Nisha in Samar’s wardroom, Nisha says I am decorating room for him, he doesnt like hospitals so I am giving it personal feel, I want to be with him always and take care of him. Arjun thinks that here Nisha is being so nice wife and there that clingy girl Jia is blaming her, dont know what problem she has with Nisha. Doctor comes there and says I am sorry Nisha, your husband Samar died. Nisha acts shocked and says you took him for MRI, I wanted to go with him but you didnt allow it, its my Samar. Doctor says fire alarm went off, Samar’s stature rolled off and fell from height, he died on spot. Nisha screams how could you let his happen? how I will live without him? she faints. Arjun thinks if Nisha killed him then why would she faint, this Jia is lying to me, he comes out of room. Jia says now you believe it? she killed her husband and left. Arjun says Nisha was decorating his room, doctor told her that Samar died because of hospital’s carelessness, you hate her, I dont know why but you do and I am going to expose you to Nisha, he leaves. Jia says shit, I have to do something tonight.

Nisha looks at Adi and Samar’s photo, she says my first husband was so clever that I had to kill him and other was so foolish that he gave his life to me, now I am alone and going to enjoy my life, she drinks wine, suddenly lights go off. Nisha smirks and says I was waiting for you Jhanvi.. no Jia.. bring it on. Jia comes there dressed as Jhanvi. Nisha puts spotlight on her. Jia says you lied to me again, you didnt repent your mistake, you didnt give rights to Kaki, baba and Chinni. Nisha says I am sorry, I didnt repent my mistakes and I lied to your soul, I should be punished, please forgive me. Nisha acts like crying and says I should kill myself. She puts gun on her head. Jia says no you will not do suicide, I will punish you.

Nisha says no I have to die, I have to kill myself, forgive me. She shoots herself. Jia runs to her and says Nisha? suddenly lights come on and Nisha points gun at Jia. Jia is shocked. Nisha says its good to see you after so many years, you act nicely but you should think about enemy’s strength. Jia thinks if Arjun told her everything? Nisha says you are stupid like Jhanvi, you act nicely but I am more experienced, how was my acting? my life was boring, you have made it interesting, I didnt know I would see Jhanvi and her lookalike in my life, I have to say that Kaki and Chinni did work on you and made you Jhanvi from Jia. Jia thinks that she doesnt know that I was Jhanvi is earlier birth, she doesnt know its my second life. Jia says you think you will be safe? I know you killed Samar, Chinni and Kaki are bringing police. Nisha laughs and says seriously? Chinni and Kaki? they are living on others money, money is most important in life. Jia says you are beggar, you lost your family but still not changed? Nisha says I change people, what you got being with Chinni and Kaki? Jia says peace.

Nisha says I will give you peace by killing you, I gave it to Jhanvi 25 years and now I will give it to you darling, get ready you are finished. Jia gets tensed. Suddenly lights go off, Nisha and Jia fights for gun, Nisha asks her to leave it, Jia tries to snatch it from her, fire is shot in darkness, Jia screams. Nisha has the gun and she shoots towards Jia. She shoots at Jia’s arm, her arm bleeds, lights comeback. Nisha says are you in pain? you wont only get pain but also death. Jia cries in pain. Nisha points gun at her. Jia is tensed. Nisha shoots again but there are no bullets in gun, Jia runs away. Nisha laughs and says rats runaway like that, show this pain to Kaki and tell her what happens when you ignore my power, she cant take revenge from me.

Arjun is in house and cutting onions, he says I should get a girl that can cut onions for me, Babblu says she will cut your pocket too. Jia comes there and is in pain. Arjun says why God sent bitter girl. Jia stumbles in house. Her arm is wrapped in bandage, he says its bleeding, were you trying to scare Nisha again? Jia says its all your fault, she shows him knife and says I was going to die because of you. Arjun hides in washroom and says leave. Jia says Nisha have done this, she tried to kill me, she cries in pain and sits on bed. Arjun comes there and says Nisha did this? Jia holds her collar and says you can irritate me but I thought you could be Jhanvi’s Adi, that your heart might be of Adi, she looks in his eyes, he is confused and cant look away. Jia gets dizzy and faints. Arjun holds her in his arms.

Kaki says to Chinni that Jhanvi didnt come till now, I am worried. Chinni says she is Jia, dont call her Jhanvi, she might feel bad. Kaki asks her to call her. Door bell rings, Kaki opens it and is shocked to see Nisha there. Nisha comes inside and says such big house? when did you get it? Kaki says you here? Nisha says why you are sweating? Chinni tries to message but Nisha takes phone and says Jia? its Jhanvi’s lookalike, who was trying to scare me as Jhanvi’s ghost? Chinni and Kaki are shocked.

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