Tuesday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv November 20th

Tuesday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv

November 20th

Indu goes to mental asylum and tells then that Indira isn’t her mom and they should send her back to Pakistan they send her off. Two men kidnap Indu while she is on road.

Rajrani comes to Indu whose hands are tied. Rajrani tries to threaten Indu, but Indu bites her finger.

On the other hand, Rishi and Indira come to the court to file case against Rajrani. Rishi signs the papers and then gets call from someone. Rishi gives papers to Indira and asks her to submit them.

Indu doesn’t get scared at all and tells Rajrani, open my hands and then I will show you what I can do. I am a “choti” Hitler. Rajrani says, same attitude as your mother.. now let’s see if she comes to save you or not. Indu says, whether anyone comes or no, but I know my Rishi Kumar will definitely come. Rajrani calls Rishi and makes him hear Indu’s voice. Rishi asks Rajrani not to touch Indu else it won’t be good. Rajrani asks him not to file any case and return him all the proofs if they want Indu to be safe. Rishi runs inside the court and Indira is about to submit the papers. On last moment, he snatches it away and says we don’t want to file any complain. Indira asks him, what are you doing? Rishi takes her outside and tells her about Rajrani kidnapping Indu. Indira is shocked and regrets for what she said to Indu and for locking her inside the room.

Rajrani’s men put Indu with other girls. Other girls are crying, and telling each other that they can’t escape from here now. Right then sunlight falls on Indu’s hand and she tells everyone not to lose hope. Rishi Kumar was saying if sunlight can reach to you, then nothing can happen to you.

On the other hand, Indira tells Rishi that she understands that Indu is not safe, but for Indu they can’t forget about other innocent girls who are in Rajrani’s control. They argue, and in end Rishi tells Indira, I am not going to stop you, but you have time until the evening.. we have to give him proofs by evening. Indira tells him not to worry about Indu.. she is not the one who will give up and get scared that easily. She assures him that by evening Indu and other girls will be with them.

Indu breaks the bricks and they are able to go out from place where they were locked. But as soon they go out, Rajrani and his men come there. Rajrani tells Indu, I have handled so many and you’re nothing. Rajrani takes a knife in his hand.

Indira comes to the police station and she sees many ladies searching for their daughter or grand daughter. Indira goes to talk with the police officer and sees him talking on the phone with Rajrani. Indira understands that he will be of no help and leaves from there. Outside, she tells everyone that they will go to commissioner, and even prime minister to save their girls and to stop this girl selling business. All ladies say they will support Indira and do whatever she says.

Rishi comes there with a package in his hand. He seems sad. Indira goes to him and it’s Indu’s clothes with blood on it. She gets shocked, and episode ends right there.

Indira and Rishi break down when they see bloodstained clothes of Indu. Indira says, this can’t be true, and then someone throws a note to them wrapped in a rock. The note is from Rajrani and it says that this was just joke, but if you don’t return the chip (proof against Rajrani) until the evening, then this joke will become reality. Rishi tells Indira to go and give chip to Rajrani right away. Indira agrees to this time. But then all other ladies run behind her and says, you’re the only one who can help us out. Indira asks Rishi to take her to Rajrani.

They come to Rajrani place where all girls, including Indu, are in a van. Rajrani tells only one to come forward and give him chip. When Rishi asks Indira to give him the chip and she doesn’t give, Rajrani laughs at him saying he’s a wife’s slave. While Indira going forward to Rajrani, Rajrani’s man takes Indu out of the van. Indira signals Indu to do something. Indira approaches to Rajrani and kicks him on his private part. On the other side, Indu does same with Rajrani’s man. Indira runs and asks Indu to get on the car. She starts driving. Indu asks Indira to stop, but she says she can’t as she has to save other girls too.

Indira brings all girls to their parents/grand parents.. everyone is happy and then she realizes that Indu is not there. One of the girls tells her that Rajrani pulled Indu out on last moment. Indira realizes that this is why she asked her to stop the car. Indira breaks down. On the other side, Rishi is begging Rajrani to let Indu go.. she is innocent. But Rajrani says, you and your wife had only one chance to save your daughter, but you wasted it. Rishi says, keep me but let Indu go. Rajrani says, what will I do with you? His man holds Rishi and Rajrani leaves with Indu. Indu says in her mind, Rishi Kumar begged to Rajrani to save her, and Indira doesn’t care about her.

Media come and congratulate Indira and praise her bravery. They ask if she got any proof and if she didn’t get scared. One of the girls’ grandmother says that she saved everyone despite her own daughter being under Rajrani’s hand. Media then ask what if he takes revenge by selling Indu. Indira is crying and doesn’t say anything.

Police commissioner calls Rajrani and tells him that media and everyone has gathered there and if everyone forces police, then he won’t be able to do anything. Rajrani decides to take revenge. One of his clients laughs at him, and he shoots him in front of Indu. Rajrani tells Indu if your mother says a word in front of media, then I will do same with her. But for now what I will do with you is also because of her. What kind of mother she is. I had just asked for a chip and she didn’t give. No one gets mother like this. Indu seems to be scared a little.

Media is asking Indira to say something. Rishi comes and says, she is a responsible citizen and has solution for everyone’s problem. Rishi tells Indira, but you forgot with that, you’re a mother as well. Indira tells him, I asked Indu to get on the car and started driving. How is Indu? Rishi slaps her hard in front of everyone and says, I had asked you not to do anything, but you didn’t listen. He asks her to give him the chip and asks media to leave from there. Indira takes out the chip to give it to Rishi, but then receives a call from Rajrani. Rajrani asks her, what do you think by coming in media you will stop my business? You won’t be able to do anything, but will definitely destroy your family. Rajrani reminds her that Indu is under his control and asks, so you’re lost now, right? Rishi is asking for the chip, but Indira doesn’t give it. She instead asks media to turn on the cameras. She says, I have a chip in which there’s proof against Rajrani and I will present this to you in front of everyone. Rajrani is shocked and worried.