Tuesday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv August 21

Tuesday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv

August 21 Episode

Indira gets furious as the school children misbehave and create havoc in the house. Indira further gets furious as the teacher is unable to handle the children. Sumer, who is posing as the teacher to investigate Rishi’s case, does not come in front of Indira. Sumer has entered Sharma Niwas in the guise of a teacher who would take care of the school children to whom Sharma Niwas has been rented out. Meanwhile, a peon from Indira’s office arrives at Sharma Niwas. He hands over Indira’s belongings and informs her that Mr Chadda got her cabin vacated. He also hands over Indira’s salary. Kutumb gets shocked on learning that Indira had been terminated from the job. Kutumb is worried how she would manage to run her household, if Indira does not earn. When she curses Rishi, Parimal enquires with her. Kutumb rejoices when Sumer offers to help her. Later Indira gets furious when she sees Sumer in Rishi’s room. She collects Sumer’s belongings to throw him out. However, Sumer stops her. Indira asserts that she would not tolerate anybody using Rishi’s room and his belongings in his absence. She also asks Sumer to leave her house immediately. Sumer refuses to leave and reveals about his plan to Indira. He informs Indira that one of her family members has abducted Rishi. When Indira refuses to believe him, Sumer informs her about the goons’ conversation wherein they had demanded Rs six crore.

When Indira refuses to believe Sumer, he mentions to her about the goons’ conversation wherein they had demanded Rs six crore. When Sumer questions Indira if she doubts anyone, she refuses to state anybody’s name. She believes that her family would neither abduct Rishi nor try to separate them. Sumer tries to convince Indira but fails. He warns Indira that she should not interfere in his investigation, if she does not want to cooperate with him. Inder gets surprised when he sees Sumer in Sharma Niwas. On enquiring, he learns that Sumer had come to Sharma Niwas to investigate Rishi’s case. Sumer warns Inder not to inform anybody about his identity and threatens to punish him, if he does so. Inder pretends to be concerned about Indira and hopes that Sumer would soon locate Rishi as well as arrest the kidnappers. Sumer, however, doubts Inder. Next morning, Kutumb gets surprised when Sumer asks her to serve him some almonds along with a glass of milk. At that time, Munna arrives. Sumer is left puzzled on seeing Munna and enquires. Munna introduces him as the heir of the Sharma family. When Sumer gives money to Munna and asks him to purchase some almonds for him, he refuses to do the work. Munna states Sumer should not ask him to do so such works. Sumer challenges Munna for a fight. Munna agrees to accept the challenge on the condition that if he wins, Sumer must gift him his expensive wrist watch. Sumer accepts Munna’s condition. Mandira gets impressed by Sumer.