Tuesday Update on Iron Lady Zee World July 31

Tuesday Update on Iron Lady Zee World

July 31 Episode

Indira gets shocked when she sees her cartoon sketch published in the newspaper along with Rishi’s apology letter. Munna, Sunaina and Kutumb are surprised on reading the letter and try to convince Indira to forgive Rishi. Before leaving for work, Indira warns the family not to subscribe the newspaper from the following day. On her way to the office, Indira gets furious when she hears some men discussing about Rishi’s apology letter in the newspaper. Later in a bus, she sees some passengers reading the same letter in the newspaper. She further gets furious when one of the passengers recognizes her. Indira is surprised when she sees Rishi in the same bus. When Rishi apologizes to her, she fumes with anger and gets down from the bus immediately. In the office, Indira receives Munna’s call. He informs her that the doctor has decided to discharge Inder from the hospital. Indira tells Munna that she had already paid the bill and so he can take Inder home. When Munna asks Indira for the taxi fare, Indira gets irritated and tells him to borrow money from his fiends. Before disconnecting the call, Munna questions Indira about Rishi’s letter. She gets furious and asks him to mind his own business. When Indira returns home, she brings Inder’s medicine and hands it over to Kutumb. Indira is furious when she sees Sameer in her room. On enquiring, she learns that Sameer had helped Munna to bring Inder home. Indira gets furious and asks Sameer to leave. She further fumes with anger when Sameer holds her

Sameer is surprised to see Rishi on Amma’s terrace. Rishi mocks Sameer that he can never win Indira’s heart. Sameer gets furious and hits Rishi hard with a metal rod. Rishi too retaliates by throwing a brick at Sameer. Indira panics and tries to stop the duo. In the midst, Sameer pushes Indira due to which she falls downstairs. Rishi gets worried and rushes to save her. Sameer too rushes to save Indira. She gets furious and throws Sameer out of her house when he tries to hug her. Indira gets furious when Mandira asks for pocket money. Indira refuses to give money to Mandira as she has to pay the repay the loan, which she had availed for Inder’s treatment. Kutumb overhears their conversation and gets angry when Indira states that she had to feed Inder even after he abandoned her family. Indira calls up Ishaan’s school teacher and asks her the final date to pay the school fees. Indira is surprised on learning that Ishaan’s school fees was already paid. She is further surprised on learning that someone has given donation to Ishaan’s school on her behalf. Indira believes that there must be some confusion and so decides to visit Ishaan’s school in the afternoon. When Indira goes to the bank to pay the EMI, she is left astonished on learning that someone has deposited Rs 7 lakh in her account. When she calls up the person, she is left surprised as it was Diwan Builders’ contact number.

Sameer is furious on learning that his employee had given his office number to the bank, while depositing money in Indira’s account. When Sameer confronts the employee, he states that he was compelled to do so, as it was a huge amount. Meanwhile, a furious Indira barges into Sameer’s office. In front of the staff members, she confronts Sameer for depositing money in her account and also for paying Ishaan’s school fees. Sameer feels insulted and requests Indira to follow him to his cabin but she refuses. Sameer expresses concern for Indira and states that he wanted to help her. Indira gets furious and warns Sameer not to interfere in her life henceforth. Jhumpa visits Sharma Niwas and expresses concern for Inder. When Jhumpa tries to get romantic with Inder, Kutumb gets furious and asks her to mind her behavior. Jhumpa feels insulted and is about to slap Kutumb but at that time Indira arrives and holds Jhumpa’s hand. Jhumpa tells Indira that she had come to take Inder back home. Indira understands Jhumpa’s intentions and mocks her whether she had come to take Inder back or she wanted the keys to his shop. Jhumpa, who had come to Sharma Niwas with an intention to get the keys back, requests Indira to hand them over to her. Indira refuses to give the keys to Jhumpa instead she returns it to Inder. Inder had given the keys to Indira, when he was in the hospital, and had asked her to take care of them. When Inder refuses to handover the keys to Jhumpa, she gets furious. Jhumpa calls out to two hired goons and asks them to teach Indira a lesson. When Indira tries to throw the goons out of her house, one of them pushes her down. The men are about to assault Indira when Rishi steps in. Rishi assaults the goons, while Indira throws arm twists Jhumpa into asking her goons to leave. Jhumpa too leaves frustrated. Rishi feels upset when Indira asks him to leave the house soon.