Tuesday Update on Iron Lady August 27

Tuesday Update on Iron Lady

August 27 Episode

Ranjeet Kukreja visits Sharma Niwas before time. He gets shocked when he sees Mr Kapoor and his family already in the house. Kukreja doubts Kapoor family’s intentions. He gets puzzled when he fails to find Inder in the house. Kutumb and Inder go to meet the director, who had assured to cast them in his next film. When the couple reaches the place, they fail to find anybody there. The Kapoor family inspects Sharma Niwas along with Kukreja. Kukreja asks his manager to contact Inder and ask him to return home immediately. Kukreja gets furious on learning that Inder’s cell phone was unreachable. Meanwhile, Inder calls up Sharma Niwas. Kukreja’s manager receives the call. Inder panics when he learns that Kukreja has visited his house and has immediately summoned him. Inder asks the manager to wait until he returns home. A worried Inder asks Kutumb to follow him home. When she refuses to leave, Inder drags her. Indira, Sumer and Rishi get worried when the manager informs Kukreja that Inder would return home soon. Meanwhile, Inder and Kutumb arrive outside Sharma Niwas. To prevent Inder from entering the house, Sumer purposely dashes against him. At that time, Inder’s cell phone slips from his hand. Sumer secretly puts SIM card in Inder’s cell phone. Before Inder and Kutumb could go to meet the director, Rishi had removed the SIM card from Inder’s phone so that Kukreja would be unable to contact him. While at the shoot location, Inder had believed that his cell phone was not charged and therefore he was unable to switch it on. Inder gets worried when he learns that Kukreja was angry at him and had already left from his house. Sumer asks Inder to contact Kukreja. Inder is about to enter Sharma Niwas when Rishi calls him up posing as an income tax officer. He questions Inder about his plan to sell Sharma Niwas. The officer asks Inder to visit the Income Tax office immediately for verification. Inder gets scared and rushes to the Income Tax office. Kukreja gets puzzled when all of a sudden Indira who is posing as Mr Kapoor’s grandmother decides to cancel the deal. Kukreja does not convince her to change her decision, instead assures to help her buy a house in a posh area. Sumer and Rishi get worried. Mr Kapoor’s grandmother is determined to buy Sharma Niwas. She refuses to finalize the deal with Kukreja and asserts that she would seek some other agent’s help to buy the house. Mr Kapoor’s grandmother is about to leave when Kukreja stops her. He assures not only to help her buy Sharma Niwas but also to give her a profit of Rs 1 crore.

A pizza delivery boy arrives at Sharma Niwas and asks Sunaina to pay the balance dues. Ranjeet Kukreja, who is about to leave from the house gets surprised when he overhears the conversation. Rishi handles the situation and secretly tells Sunaina not to react in front of Kukreja and reminds her about her role. Rishi refuses recognizing the delivery boy and claims that they have come from London. The delivery boy believes Rishi and apologizes to Sunaina. Inder visits the Income Tax office but panics as the office was closing. When the peon asks Inder to visit the office the following day, Inder informs him about the call wherein the officer had summoned him immediately. Inder is unaware that Rishi had called him up posing as the Income Tax officer only to prevent him from entering Sharma Niwas. Inder rushes to Kukreja’s bungalow to meet him. When Kukreja arrives, he confronts Inder for not being present at Sharma Niwas. Inder says that he was unaware that Kukreja had called him up to inform him about his visit. A furious Kukreja asserts that he would have cancelled the deal with Inder had the NRI Kapoor family not been interested in buying the house. When Kukreja expresses desire to meet Indira, Inder asks him to accompany him to Sharma Niwas. On their way to Sharma Niwas, Inder enquires with Kukreja about the client, who wants to buy his house. Inder gets surprised on learning that a NRI family was interested in buying the house. When Inder and Kukreja arrive at Sharma Niwas, Indira opens the door. She gets shocked on seeing Kukreja. Rishi and Sumer, who are inside the house hear Kukreja’s voice and realize that they had visited them. Before Kukreja enters the house, Rishi and Sumer along with the rest of the Sharma family hide. Indira tries to stop Kukreja from entering the house but fails. However, she gets relieved on not finding anyone in the living room. On the other hand, Inder gets puzzled and asks Indira to call the family to meet Kukreja. Indira tells him that the family had gone out. Kukreja questions Indira whether she managed Rs 1 crore to buy Sharma Niwas from him. He tells Indira that he would finalize the deal with Inder, if she failed to pay him in next two days. Kukreja is about to leave when Seher starts crying. He comments that Mr Kapoor’s daughter too looked similar. Indira smartly handles the situation and states that all kids looked alike when they were infants. Indira gets furious when Kukreja threatens to throw her out of Sharma Niwas along with her family, if she failed to pay him Rs 1 crore.

Ishaan wears the wig and a sari, which had Indira worn while posing as Mr Kapoor’s grandmother. Munna gets surprised when he sees Ishaan and realizes that Indira was posing as Mr Kapoor’s grandmother. A furious Munna calls out to Indira. Indira and the family get shocked when they see Ishaan. When Munna confronts Indira, Rishi intervenes and lies to him. Indira stops Rishi and reveals about her plan to trick Ranjeet Kukreja in order to save Sharma Niwas. Meanwhile, Sumer arrives and informs Indira that Kukreja had called them to finalize the deal of the bungalow in Gurgaon. He adds that Kukreja had asked him to come with the entire family to collect the advance payment. Munna gets furious and refuses to help Indira. A furious Indira is determined to save Sharma Niwas. Indira, Rishi and Sumer lock up the family in a room and decide to rush to Gurgaon. Rishi asks Sumer and Indira to go ahead and assures to join them later. After Sumer and Indira leave, Rishi tells the Sharma family about Inder’s plan to cheat them after selling the house. The family, however, does not believe Rishi. To prove himself, Rishi calls up Inder, posing as the Income Tax Officer and puts the phone on loudspeaker. Rishi questions Inder about his plan to sell Sharma Niwas. He further questions Inder with who would he share the money after selling the house. Kutumb gets happy when Inder states that he has planned to transfer fifty percent amount on his wife’s account. However, Kutumb’s happiness is short lived when Inder states Jhumpa’s name as his wife. The Sharma family gets shocked. Munna is disturbed as he feels cheated. When Munna goes to a local shop, Kukreja passes by him and gets puzzled. Kukreja tells his manager about it. Meanwhile Munna leaves. The manager, who was traveling along with Kukreja fails to see Munna. Munna returns home and tells Rishi that he would help Indira only if she agreed to pay him Rs 10 lakh after the deal. Rishi promises to pay Munna. At Gurgaon, Kukreja tells Indira, who is posing as Mr Kapoor’s grandmother, that he had brought Rs 50 lakh. Kukreja assures to finalize the deal in front of Rohit. Munna was posing as Mr Kapoor’s elder brother, Rohit. Indira lies to Kukreja that Rohit was unwell and so was resting in his room. Meanwhile, Rishi, Munna and Sunaina arrive to help Indira. Indira is left surprised on seeing Munna and Sunaina