Tuesday Update on Iron Lady 18th December 2018

Rishi receiving a call from Indira while Indira is standing beside him. He thinks how can this be possible?
He answers back and Zara tries to convince him she’s Indira and is in Sharma Nivas at present so he hold Indira arm and put his phone on loudspeaker and Zara continues to act as Indira. She asks whether she got the letter she left for him before leaving.
Rishi asks Indira who’s she she must be Zara as the phone number is indicating… Indira is perplexed and says how can it be possible. She checks on her phone and Rishi takes it from her to check her number, Indira has flashback how could the phone changed… When she was fighting with Jamuna.

Indira says it to Rishi but to no avail as he slaps him. Indira is shocked and asks Rishi to call to Sharma Nivas but Zara answers the phone (In India when a call is diverted a voice does not indicate it?) Indira understands what Zara did and explains that she was once a cop and is using the same techniques to play all these games.
Indira decides to leave as Rishi doesn’t believe her and Rishi holds his hand asking where she’s going she says to SN and not to follow her.

She says a person can’t be in two places at the same time so she’s leaving for Sharma Nivas. This really frightens Zara… She thinks what will she do now?
Rishi decides to take Indira to Sharma Nivas and Ammo asks Rishi where’s he going he says if he would have said all about Zara today he would not have got to search for the truth.
They leave Ammo house and arrive at SN.

Rishi calls for his Shreematiji and no one answers. He goes upstairs follows by Indira and the latter is shocked to see Zara sleeping sleeping in her room. (I must say Zara is really a jet) Rishi calls for her she acts as if she was deeply sleeping and on seeing Rishi she’s extremely happy. She shows him her tummy saying that her pregnancy is bloating. Rishi is happy and she makes as if she’s not happy on seeing Indira.They both fight for Rishi both says to each to leave Rishi hand.
Indira goes to remove the fake tummy Zara put on her to show she’s pregnant and Zara just hit her head by herself to show Rishi that Zara(aka Indira) is still mad and suggests to send her to the mental asylum.Both ladies are fighting to prove Rishi who’s Zara…

Indira is following Zara downstairs and she feels lots of pain in her tummy Zara also acts as if she’s in pain and says that Indira to prove herself is taking help of Chikkoo…
Rishi is confused.
Indu comes in the hall and Indira asks her to decide who’s her true mom and to tell it to Rishi. Zara says finally she proved herself to be Zara and asks a child to choose. Zara asks Indu to come to her . Indu points Zara as her true mom and Indira is shattered. Zara calls Indu who runs and hugs her. Zara shows the thumb down to Indira.

at Sharma Niwas.
The sonography of Indira and Zara is taking place. Indira is very confident because she knows she is real. Zara is quite worried. RK asks the doctor to start the test. She asks Indira her name and she says Indira Rishi Kumar, she asks Zara she also says Indira RK. The doctor is boggled as to why the two share the same name, Indu comes in with papers with number 1 & 2,she places 1 on Indira ‘s bench and says she is she is Indira RK 1 and the other on Zara ‘s and says she is IRK 2 (Indu is a very smart kid )

Meher is messing up with the sockets, Inder comes and sends her away from there as he wants to iron his clothes, she leaves from there sad!
Indira ‘s sonography is done and everyone is elated to see the foetus in Indira ‘s womb. Then its Zara ‘s turn, Indira asks the doctor to hurry with the Indira RK ‘s test.
Inder is dancing as he irons his shirt little did he know that the iron is not connected to the socket.

Zara is worried, Meher comes near the pardha and signals Zara that she couldn’t do anything and this make Zara more worried.

Seher sees Inder ironing while the plug is not connected to the socket and informs him, the doctor is about to do Zara ‘s test and Inder places the plug in the socket and he gets shocked by the electric current. There is an electric cut and everyone is shocked. Zara and Meher are happy. Indu says she will go and check what is wrong, perhaps is a power cut. RK asks her to be careful. Indu comes back running and is about to fall. Indira stands up and hurriedly tells her to be careful . Rk is a bit surprised seeing Zara (Indira) worried about Indira and Indira (Zara) has no idea as to what is happening. A mob enters SN claiming that the shock in their house has affected the whole neighborhood. Indira tells Rk, see I told you as soon as her test was to be conducted, power went off and now this!!! Doctor comes and tells them she has an appointment and asks them to come with her to the hospital. Meher calls Indira Zara and informs her and the people this is Munna ‘s fault . Indira asks her to keep quiet. Munna and Sugandha enters the house in english wear. Everyone are surprised to see him. A man attacks Munna for his mistake and RK asks them to stop and gives them some money for solving the problem.


Munna tells everyone this is Sugandha, his new wife. Everyone is shocked, Zara comes in hitler manner and scolds Munna, Kutumb says that Zara is her daughter. Indira is hurt and Zara smirks. Munna asks Rk who is the real Indira? Seher asks Munna why he didn’t inform her or ishan about his marriage, Indira wants to go and comfort her but Zara does that, RK sees Indira backing up. Zara taunts Indira and everyone leaving a hurt Indira there who is comforted by RK and he tells her he will support her in exposing Zara, InShi hug as Indira is happy that RK is on her side. They hear foot steps and they break loose. Zara comes and scolds RK for standing with that woman. She tells RK to follow her and he does. Indira says that she now has a reason to smile and fight with Zara for her identity.

ZaShi are told to wait in the lounge as her bed is prepared. They both sit, the nurse comes and informs them to come in. Zara lies on the bed, suddenly there is a loud (tray) bang outside the ward. Rk goes out and helps the nurse to pick up some equipments . A strange woman (looks like Meher) dressed as a nurse runs inside the ward. Rk goes back and he tells Zara lets see your truth, she says our baby and smiles. The sonography is done and Rk is stunned to see a foetus on the screen and episode ends on his stunned face